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OpenIAM Access Manager
What is OpenIAM Access Manager? OpenIAM Access Manager is a robustly designed, scalable solution built with service-oriented architecture identity access management software. OpenIAM Access Manager integrates seamlessly with identity management solutions to offer users a comprehensive solution. It enables them to take control of not only who accesses the system, but what they can do once they have gained the got the permission. OpenIAM Access Manager enforces Corporate security policy across multiple points and centralizes all the activities to improve effectiveness and reduce administrative costs. In OpenIAM the strategies that are used for access control need to consider the cost of ownership in implementing a coarse-grained access control against the need for the high level of control available through fine-grained authorization. Features of OpenIAM Access Manager: Here are the features that OpenIAM Access Manager Adaptive Authentication Multifactor Authentication Flexible Authorization Access Gateway Device Registration Single Sign-on and Federation Social Sigh-on API Integration Benefits of OpenIAM Access Manager: Here are a few benefits of OpenIAM Access Manager listed for better comprehension of the software: OpenIAM Access Manager provides ‘enterprise password management’ which incorporates the features of secure management and auditing access to infrastructure. This software enhances end-user efficiency. The access management software provides secure access cross-platform through various methods such as single sign-on, user provisioning, and multi-factor authentication. OpenIAM Access Manager also offers automated account management so that users can create accounts and automate application requests with work procedures. What is the price of the OpenIAM Access Manager? The price of OpenIAM Access Manager varies based on consumer requests for customizations. To get a quote, please request a call. Our sales expert will contact you, get your requirements and provide you with the best estimate. OpenIAM Access Manager is a robustly designed, scalable solution built with service-oriented architecture identity acc... Read More About OpenIAM Access Manager
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Last Updated on : 15 Jun, 2021