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OpenIAM Access Manager is a robust, scalable solution built with Service Oriented Architecture Identity Access Management Software. OpenIAM Access Manager integrates seamlessly with Identity Manager to provide users with a comprehensive solution that allows them to take control of not only who can access the systems, but what they can do once they are in there. Corporate security policy is enforced across multiple points and managed centrally to improve effectiveness and reduce administrative costs. In OpenIAM the strategies that are used for access control need to take into account the cost of ownership in implementing a coarse-grained access control against the need for the high level of control available through fine-grained authorization.

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About OpenIAM

OpenIAM has grown into the number one open standards Identity and Access Management company in the world. Our architecture is second to none. Our products have not been clobbered together from acquisitions but have been built from the ground up on a common platform. Provision a user through our Identity Management product, and control this user’s access rights with our Access Management product. OpenIAM is being used every day by thousands of users. We have large deployments in Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Education, Retail, Telecommunications, Tourism and other industries. OpenIAM has been built the old fashioned way with great products, satisfied customers and dedicated staff. We are not beholden to investors, VC’s or shareholders and do not have to look for the next round of funding for our existence. Early adopters put faith in our technology and helped fuel our growth. Our subscription based model ensures revenue streams several years into the future and a strong financial outlook.
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Features of OpenIAM Access Manager

Rich Web User Interface. User and Account Management. Group Management. Role Management. Resource Management. Policy Management.

Password Auth. Strong Authentication. Chained Authentication. Contextual Authentication (Risk Based Authentication). Windows Integrated Auth. Social Authentication (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc).

Coarse Grain. Fine Grain. Integration with Spring Security.

SSO to Cloud applications (Google, Salesforce.com, Box, Office365, Sharepoint, etc)


SAML 2, WS-Federation, OpenID. oAuth 2. WS-Security.

Application Server (Jboss 7, Tomcat 6.x, 7.x).`` Database (MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server). High Availability. Seamless Integration with IDM.

As organizations are tasked with becoming more responsive to market demands, a large number of them are adopting SOA. This architectural philosophy will allow companies to reuse existing services and deliver new business services to customers faster. SOA’s loosely coupled approach that allows accessing applications and services across domains has brought new challenges that complicate security.

OpenIAM federation helps controlling access to services in an SOA
While some vendors have a proprietary format that predates SAML, OpenIAM supports SAML 1.x as well as SAML 2 and standards such as WS-Security
Can enforce policies throughout SOA
Audit helps with governance issues.

The Access Gateway works well for providing coarse-grained authorization when protecting web applications. Requests go through a proxy, which applies authorization rules, and forwards the request to the underlying servers that provide the application. This model is simple to deploy and easy to maintain.User identity is checked and propagated through HTML header injections or query strings or authentication headers to applications hidden behind a proxy server. The real URL of these applications is hidden from the public view.

Each partner system, as well as your own application, may have its own set of new user id’s and passwords. Such applications move in and out of security domains. The user experience suffers when many login credentials have to be remembered.

The SSO feature can let your users login once and roam unchallenged through the security realm. For end users, it reduces the burden to remember an array of passwords and reduces the need to individually login to each application. Users may login once, and roam freely in secured domains without being challenged again. Participating domains are not required to give up their own logins and credentials. The ability to hold multiple identities, each with their own roles, permissions, access-levels and entitlements across multiple domains allows for a wide network of co-operating domains to communicate seamlessly. Authenticated subjects can access restricted resources requiring multiple logins and credentials without the need to login at each domain.

Unlike SSO solutions from many industry leaders, Open Access Manager’s solution is not based on a proprietary cookie. Instead it is based on SAML 2, a well-accepted industry standard.  Using SAML allows OpenIAM Access Manager to not only provide SSO capability at the web application tier, but also across other layers such as Web Services.  It also allows Open Access Manager to integrate easily with existing technologies that a company have.

Your business has partners, suppliers and other organizations. For them to collaborate effectively, identity information needs to be propagated. You need to know when a user at a partner site comes on board or leaves. You need Federation capabilities provided by the OpenIAM Access Manager. New revenue streams may be generated through enablement of trusted partnerships where authentication and authorization is carried out over federated business networks.

Federation refers to interoperation between entities in different security domains, either in different organizations, or in different tiers in the same organization.
A trust relationship must exist between the involved entities to federate identity and enable authentication across realms.
Each domain may rely on different technologies and mechanisms to authenticate and authorize.
Federation enables loose coupling at the IDM level separating the way each organization does its own security implementation while they adopt a common mechanism to propagate identity.
It is expensive for your partners to track user credentials and user attributes in your domain, as they do not have the same proximity to your users as you do. The OpenIAM Identity Manager integrates seamlessly with the OpenIAM Access Manager. OpenIAM can act as an identity provider and use Federation protocols to facilitate user provisioning and manage credentials and user attributes.

Rich Web User Interface

Windows Integrated Auth

OpenIAM Access Manager plans and pricing


Access Manager


  • Core Functionality
  • Rich Web User Interface
  • User and Account Management
  • Group Management
  • Role Management
  • Resource Management
  • Policy Management
  • Authentication
  • Password Auth
  • Strong Authentication
  • Chained Authentication
  • Contextual Authentication
  • Windows Integrated Auth
  • Social Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Coarse Grain
  • Fine Grain
  • Integration with Spring Security
  • Single Sign On Gateway
  • High Performance Reverse Proxy
  • Enable SSO to legacy applications
  • Enforces Authorization Rules
  • Integrated with Federation
  • Federation/Cloud SSO
  • SSO to Cloud applications
  • Integration APIs
  • SOAP
  • Standards Support
  • SAML 2
  • WS-Federation
  • OpenID
  • oAuth 2
  • WS-Security
  • Architecture
  • Application Server
  • Database
  • High Availability
  • Seamless Integration with IDM

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Overview of the OpenIAM Identity and Access Manager version 3.3

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Neeraj kumar

Techjockey has great operating model


17th January, 2017

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • I ordered a software from Techjockey. I expected it to come in the form of a CD to download. In fact, having queried this, I received a phone call explaining that I would simply have to download a code. Well I did and the downloading process was totally idiot proof. The customer service is excellent and I would recommend Techjockey to anyone.
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  • No Cons

vinay Patel

I can only recommend this service


10th January, 2017

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • They supplied me with keys for the software literally by return mail. After finding that my system was not compatible with the software after using their excellent communications (reply's to emails within the hour), they offered a full refund. that is what I call customer service and I highly recommend them. I will buy from them again should I need more software.
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