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About VMware Fusion 11 Pro

What is VMware Fusion 11 Pro? 

VMware Fusion 11 Pro is a virtual machine monitoring solution for mac users. It enables intel-based Mac systems to run on different types of operating systems, such as NetWare, Linux, Solaris. VMware Fusion 11 Pro Mac also helps run Windows on Mac. For performing such a complex task, this virtual machine monitoring software uses a combination of different procedures such as, hardware virtualization, paravirtualization, and dynamic recompilation. The software is suitable for managing your home-based and office systems. 
VMware Fusion 11 Pro key is known to help an organization with:

  1. Productivity
  2. Agility 
  3. Security

IT professionals can use this software for data center design, testing, and management, along with network design and testing. Application developers can make use of the highly flexible environments from multi-OS which includes specialized DevOps support and an agile workflow management. 

Why companies use VMware Fusion 11 Pro? 

VMware Fusion 11 Pro is developed to accelerate user productivity and acceptance by supporting more than 200 operating systems. It assists in simplifying the transmission of data from corporate desktops to employee’s laptops and supports BYOC policy with protection for confidential user data. In addition to that, the virtual machine solution boosts the life of legacy applications on contemporary hardware while reducing the shipping and downtime charges associated with the deployment of new laptops. Companies can deploy mission-critical applications with complete compliance and security at the current host operating system’s disposal. 

What are the features offered by VMware Fusion 11 Pro?

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by VMware Fusion 11 Pro: 

  1. Built for Mac OS Catalina
  2. Powerful graphics for complex and GPU intensive applications
  3. Enhanced vSphere connectivity
  4. Snapshots and clone assistance
  5. Complementary to boot camp
  6. Deployment of clones for instant duplication
  7. Accessibility
  8. Windows 10 support
  9. Virtual hardware platform is updated
  10. Unity view mode

What is the price of VMware Fusion 11 Pro Mac & Other Versions? 

The price of VMware Fusion 11 Pro is ₹ 11,199.3/-

Sold By : VMware

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VMware Fusion 11 Pro Features

VMware Fusion 11 Pro provides real-time support for users to get help in case they encounter any issues while using the software.
This virtual machine software can run complex and GPU intensive applications and video games with enhanced hardware for 3D graphics engine. It also provides Open GL 3.3 and Direct X 10.1 capabilities.
The software uses REST API technique to ensure seamless automation and third-party solution integration.
VMware Fusion 11 Pro Mac uses vSphere technology to connect with vCenter, Workstation Pro, ESXi. It can also connect with servers for the control, and configuration of the physical hosts and virtual machines.
The software can take snapshots to make a rollback point for easy reverting at any given time. It is useful for software testing or creation of repeatable demos.
VMware Fusion 11 Pro supports a wide range of operating systems including those that are in sequence with the section 508 regulations. It utilizes the Mac’s technical edge to interact with the core elements of Windows for accessibility controls.
The software helps run virtual machines based on the Mac PC’s configuration to boost its working capacity for IT professionals, businesses, and developers.
The unity view mode enables users to hide the Windows desktop so that users can run Windows application directly from Dock, launchpad, or spotlight.
Users can save time and effort while creating virtual machines by using “linked clones” to instantly duplicate virtual machines while significantly decreasing the usage of physical disk space.
VMware Fusion 11 Pro allows users to isolate the Mac OS from Windows by disabling the integration function to protect their operating systems.
This feature allows users to run Mac applications right next to the Windows applications without any prior booting.
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VMware Fusion 11 Pro Specifications

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VMware Fusion 11 Pro FAQs

VMware Fusion 11 Pro is available for a demo at Techjockey. Please request a call to get your demo scheduled.
No, VMware Fusion 11 Pro offers an in-built vSphere service.
This virtual machine software supports 5K iMac display for both retina and non-retina setup.
Yes, VMware Fusion 11 Pro allows users to directly migrate an existing PC to your current Mac device.
VMware Fusion 11 Pro provides side-by-side access to Linux along with 200 other operating systems.
VMware Fusion 11 Pro system requirements are: 1. All Mac products launched after 2011 2. RAM: 4 GB (minimum), 8 GB (recommended) 3. Hard Disk Space: 750 MB for VMware Fusion 11 Pro, 5 GB for each virtual machine

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