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What is BigID? BigID is a data security and privacy assessment system. The software allows users to leverage state of the art machine learning and identity intelligence system for better diagnosis, comprehension, and protection of the data at a petabyte scale. This solution offers a balanced privacy compliance requirement along with the cloud computing benefits for enterprises. It is an economical, scalable and functional solution that is also equipped with the stage migration facility. The data management software is also capable of managing, safeguarding, and monitoring of personal information in the cloud. BigID is used by enterprises to fulfill their privacy mandate such as duplication-free data flow mapping and subject rights request. Enterprises can enhance the measures to safeguard their critical data and assure a heavy reduction in breach risks, while simultaneously enabling compliance with major data protection regulations. Three major branches of BigID BigID’s functionalities are divided into three main categories, these are: Privacy: It allows companies and enterprises to move past the policy & process systems to data-oriented privacy compliance and automation. Protection: BigID renovates the data security and remediation with in-depth dark data discovery. It enables a broad coverage of all types of data across different data centres. Perspective: Enterprises can centralize data and AI governance with profound data intelligence. What are the features offered by BigID? Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by BigID: Data catalog Unified inventory Metadata exchange Data quality Metadata management Data labelling 360 visibility Dark data discovery ML Classification Data access rights Third party data sharing Data flow mapping What is the price of BigID? The price of the software varies based on your business requirements. Please request a call for more information. BigID is a data security and privacy assessment system. The software allows users to leverage state of the art machine... Read More About BigID
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Last Updated on : 16 May, 2021