How Restaurant POS Billing Software Improves Food Delivery

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Food deliveries are all the rage right now in India. What used to be a niche segment a few years back is now a fast-growing industry and expected to increase at fever pitch. Today, more and more restaurants are adding home delivery as a feature to cater to growing customer needs and stay competitively viable.

But food delivery poses quite a few problems for restaurants. For an industry whose key USP is to get people to come and dine, food delivery isn’t usually a top priority for restaurant owners until it’s too late.

As people’s lives get more and more hectic and fast-paced, they are edging towards home delivery for the convenience it offers and the restaurants who don’t offer food delivery, miss out on a huge emerging market segment. Restaurants, especially new and/or small ones, tend to depend on manual systems for their daily operations (including food delivery).

Manual processes often cause accuracy errors like taking the wrong order, information missing in orders, wrong orders being delivered, etc. These inadvertently leads to financial loss and negative feedback.

So, How Can a Restaurant Improve its Food Delivery Operation?

A restaurant POS billing software can cause wonders for your restaurant’s food delivery arm. Restaurant POS billing software comes with different integrated modules that help make the processes from receiving an order to its delivery a lot smoother and easier.

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Modules like payment integration, promotions and rewards, membership management, franchise management, feedback system, etc. helps improving the different steps involved in faster and efficient food delivery.

A good example of such a restaurant POS billing software is BondPOS, which not only has these modules integrated, but comes with additional modules like inventory management and customer credit management, which enhances the food delivery process for any restaurant.

Ways to Improve Food Delivery with Restaurant POS Billing Software

1. Improved Order Accuracy and Efficiency

The traditional method of taking orders using pen and paper opens up the possibility of errors due to bad handwriting, missing information, etc. With a restaurant POS billing software, the need for writing down orders is completely eliminated.

Not only can a restaurant POS billing software record orders for delivery, it relays the same to the kitchen staff on their tablets and/or mobile devices. This reduces the likelihood of order screw-ups since instruction is relayed exactly as it was obtained and in a clear manner on a screen.

Additionally, restaurant POS billing software comes with online payment integration which allows customers to comfortably pay online. Integrated payment encourages customers to pay online which in turn reduces carbon-footprint, a fact that environment-conscious folks would appreciate.

2. Efficient Deployment

A restaurant POS billing software displays orders on the screen in ascending order i.e. order received first is displayed at top. This prompts the kitchen staff to prepare orders accordingly, as priority is given to the order at the top. As a result, orders are made as per sequence, ensuring timely deployment for delivery.

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3. Feedback System for Analysis

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Most Restaurant POS billing software (like BondPOS) come with feedback modules which can capture and record customer feedback. As a restaurant owner/manager, there’s always some room for improvement and you can use your customer’s feedback to enhance your delivery service.

For example, if customers frequently complain about the food delivered being cold, you can consider using packaging materials which can retain heat better to keep the order warm.

The changes and improvements you make to your delivery practice, based on reviews, will also help in customer retention in the long term.

4. Improved Customer Retention

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When a customer orders from a restaurant, their name, contact information and order details are automatically stored by the restaurant POS billing software.

You can use this data to encourage customers to place orders again by sending coupon codes and providing special delivery discounts on birthdays and other occasions. You can also send limited period offers to generate more orders for delivery.

A restaurant POS billing software can also be used to analyse the data to categorise customers according to different criteria. Customers who order under Rs 500, customers who only order on certain times of the month, customers who frequently order from your restaurant, new customers etc are different types of metrics that can be tracked.

This categorisation allows you to create marketing techniques accordingly like creating a special monthly plan for those who order regularly but spend less, handing out discounts to first timers, etc. Additionally, you can also use the POS software to identify the popular dishes and accordingly design special meals and combos that include these items.

5. Franchise Management

You can use your restaurant POS billing software to manage different outlets through one convenient dashboard. In the case of food delivery, you can use the software to find the outlet closest to the delivery address and dispatch the order from that location.

This will help in saving time, for the restaurant and the customer, leading to better service and more streamlined operation. And did we mention, BondPOS comes with a stellar franchise management module!

These are just the major benefits of using a POS system for food delivery. There are a whole bunch of advantages of using a POS software that a restaurant can leverage, to not only improve food delivery but overall restaurant operation.

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