7 Best POS Software for Spa Salon Management in india

A spa or a salon is a place where people go to unwind and relax. Services at these places help you get groomed and walk out as the best version of themselves. However, a customer can’t expect satisfactory service when the salon/spa isn’t at the top of their game.

A Retail POS software empowers spas and salons to improve their salon billing and CRM requirements by leaps and bounds. Through automated service and modules that cater to inventory, accounting, feedback and more, spas and salons can improve their operations and maintain a reliable salon billing system. With a POS solution at hand, spa and salon owners can focus their efforts on serving customers, leaving the rest up to the software.

This gives rise to the question: Which Salon POS System to go with?

To help you decide, we have listed not one, not two, but seven of the best salon pos software for spas and salons.

Let’s dig in:

1. Zopper  Salon POS Software

Zopper’s Salon POS Software and Salon Billing Software is an end-to-end billing solution with amazing features and functionalities. It is a cloud-based solution which assists spa and salon owners with quick-and-easy appointment scheduling and management.

Zopper POS comes with an integrated CRM module which helps spas and salons build long-term relationships with their customers. It can record details like a customer’s phone number (even if they give a missed call), name, purchase history, etc. It can also be used to communicate with customers and inform them about offers and such.

Additionally, Zopper POS comes with modules for employee performance management, loyalty programmes, franchise management, report management and feedback management, among others. It is a GST-compliant solution which can be operated with an android and iOS device.

2. LOGIC Wellness Salon Pos Software

Logic Wellness is a comprehensive salon POS software for businesses in the wellness and grooming segment. Logic Wellness assists with the effective management of spas and salons and helps the staff take inventive measures to enhance profitability and branding. Aside from spas and salons, it can also be used in other wellness-related businesses like yoga centres, beauty centres, gyms, slimming centres, aerobics classes, etc.

Its different features include appointment scheduling, feedback management and reporting, inventory handling, performance analyser, etc. It is also capable of sending SMS and emails to customers for marketing and promotions. Lastly, the solution also helps businesses in dealing with rare inventories, perishable stocks to ensure quality services at profitable prices.

3. Ahead SoftPro Salon & Spa Management Software

Ahead SoftPro Salon & Spa Management Software is an easy to deploy salon POS software which helps businesses focus on customer service for increased profitability. It comes with an easy to use interface and does not require extensive infrastructure to operate. A business can purchase this solution once and can use it for a longer period seamlessly.

Ahead SoftPro consists of various modules which incorporate the primary requirements of any business such as appointment scheduling, retail billing, purchasing, barcode reader, accounting, inventory control, CRM, SMS and email integration.

4. Prime Spa & Beauty Salon POS Software

Prime Spa & Beauty Salon helps businesses in the grooming and wellness industry operate better, smarter and faster. It is a detailed salon POS software which can help in making appointments, managing memberships and handling transactions. It also assists in generating and maintaining stock reports, performing payroll for employees along with bookkeeping and generating SMSs for promotions and marketing.

It’s a user-friendly solution which comes with multi-user support, automatic backup, data security and the ability to track usage history.

5. e SALON Pos Software

JHD – e Salon Spa pos Software is an online salon and spa management software. The software has been designed for spas and salons, keeping in mind their need to manage clients, employees, inventory and expenses, effectively & timely. JHD – e Salon Spa Software is cloud-hosted and comes with training and support modules for new users. This software helps in making your beauty business (hair salon, nail salon, beauty parlour) or spa (day spa, massage spa, nail spa, medi-spa) better organised and capable of providing enhanced customer service.

This salon billing software can help you make appointments, perform billing, track loyalty and membership programmes, record feedback, handle inventory, generate reports and do much more. It is also capable of sending reminders to employees about upcoming tasks/appointments.

6. Zenoti Spa Management Software

Zenoti Spa Management Software is an all-in-one POS software which delivers everything a spa requires to manage and grow its business. It’s a highly scalable solution and is also mobile-enabled. This means that you can use it on the go, to access its various features.

From appointment to billing and, reporting to inventory, Zenoti offers advanced features which make it more than just an average POS software. No matter the nature of your spa, it can certainly perform and improve your business operations.

7. Brainpower Spa Salon POS Software

Brainpower POS Salon & Spa software is a user-friendly POS solution that enables a business to streamline and grow. Brainpower is available as an on-premise solution as well as a cloud-based software.

It can manage appointment and walk-ins, remind about appointments, categorise clients based on different criteria, maintain and manage a loyalty programme, record customer information, provide multi-location management, generate invoices, perform employee management and more. It also comes with a detailed inventory management module that handles the a to z of any salon’s or spa’s inventory.

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