7 Best Invoicing Software for Hassle-free Billing

| Created on July 14, 2018

Updated on February 17, 2020

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Operating an Accounts Payable department automatically costs 20 times less as compared to operating it manually. A lot of time is consumed in sorting documents before even actual data entry task begins, all because of the manual accounting system. And let’s not talk about the long paper trails which can intimate anyone looking for a file or a record. Also, security, confidentiality and compliance are at risk as these can be accessed by anyone.

All these and many other accounts related problems now have an easy and inexpensive solution, an accounting software. A tool that provides advanced features to scale your business effortlessly.

Another area that needs the boost of an accounting software is invoicing. The invoice management feature of an accounting software gives you the freedom of generating the invoice from anywhere, anytime. You can instantly send them via mail to your client, thereby, saving paper and the cost of printing. Also, it will ensure faster payment.

Online billing is the place you can start from in order to scale your business. Some of the best invoicing software are listed here to simplify complex billing process.

List of Best Invoicing Software for Hassle Free Billing

1. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is one of the best invoicing software to meet the demand of SMEs. The tool is quick, on-point and facilitates time tracking. It also helps by sending automatic notifications to customers to make payment along with generating detailed reports. Also, it assists in accepting payments online in a secure manner .

It can be integrated with multiple Zoho and other third-party software for impeccable data migration.

2. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a cloud-based accounting software with all the features of billing & invoicing and more. Being an online invoicing software, it saves data automatically in the cloud and syncs it with other devices. Also, it lets you manage your business not only from office but home or while you are on the wheels.

In the capacity of an invoicing software, you can generate professional invoices and sale receipts. You can also schedule recurring payment, send invoices online and track them. It makes the whole task of invoicing hassle-free.

On the broader view, it brings the ease of tracking expenses and generating insightful reports via multiple devices such as mobile, laptop and tablet.

3. ProfitBooks

ProfitBooks is a user-friendly online accounting software simplifying the task of billing, invoicing and payments. You can create professional, time-based invoices using this invoicing software. It also facilitates creating invoice for cash transactions. You can track invoices and receivables and identify customers who owe the company and then follow up with them.

Its ‘recurring invoices’ feature can save a lot of time of users by automating your invoices for upcoming (weekly, monthly, yearly, etc) bills.

4. ZipBooks

 Zipbooks is the accounting and online invoicing software, which rules the world of freelancers, contractors, small and developing businesses. Its users enjoy real-time visibility of sale, purchase, and finance in a safe manner. All core invoice and billing related functions are performed with it, such as sending professional invoices instantly, accepting payments seamlessly via PayPal and credit card, auto-billing, auto payment reminders.

On the accounting front, it lets you view the movement of your cash and create accounting reports bank.

5. Giddh Accounting

Giddh Accounting is an online, GST-ready accounting software with multiple features, and invoicing being one of them. The invoice can be generated directly from the journal entry and mailed instantly to the concerned party. The mail will contain a button, clicking on which payment can be made directly by the customer. Also, invoices can be marked as paid, unpaid or partially paid.

Sending bulk SMS, emails, advanced analysis, groups and ledger wise reports are other benefits for Giddh users.

6. AlignBooks

 It is another ointment for the pain you get from manual invoicing. AlignBooks provides plenty of options to choose from its pre-defined templates for invoice. For recurring payments, you need not remember the due date anymore as you can automate them. If you have a globalized business, no worries, as invoice can be raised in multiple currencies as well. The best invoicing software is available on both, online and on-premise basis. It also gives a real-time view of error-free accounting and financial reports.

7. Tally ERP 9

Tally swear by its tagline ‘Power of Simplicity’. Tally ERP 9 invoicing software eases your work not only in terms of invoicing but billing, accounts management, bank reconciliation, inventory management, GST compliance, etc. One of its distinctive features is budget and control. Usually, businesses allocate budget to different departments and check expenses incurred by each unit. However, with the help of this, the budget can be defined to track expenses against it. In other words, credit limit can be set and if any department crosses that limit, warning can be issued.

With so many best invoicing software and their benefits at your disposal, your decision to invest in the one which bet fits your business needs is likely to become easier.




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