10 Simple & Best Invoice Apps for Businesses in 2023 [Paid & Free]

10 Simple & Best Invoice Apps for Businesses in 2023 [Paid & Free]-feature image

Whether you are a booming startup, freelancer, or an established enterprise, invoicing is one of your most crucial activities. You need to efficiently create and share invoices for payments on time to keep your business running. All you need to know about the best invoice apps for your organization is presented in depth.

When you work with multiple clients from multiple locations, managing invoices and currency conversion can be a pain. The best invoice apps can streamline invoice generation, sharing, payment collection, tax calculation, etc.

Let’s check out some of the best invoice apps available that you can choose from.

Comparison of 10 Best Invoicing Apps for Small Business

Products Best For Features
PayPalBest for creating professional invoicesCustomizable templates Send recurring invoices Automatic payment reminders
Zoho InvoiceBest free invoicing app for small businessesConvert estimates to invoices Track billable hours Client portal
StripeBest for creating online invoicesAccept global payments Access Stripe API Multiple integration available
myBillBookBest GST invoicing toolInstant invoice sharing via SMS, email, WhatsApp, etc. Automatic payment reminders
FreshBooksBest invoicing tool to save timeAccept ACH & other credit cards Automate payment reminders Generate summary reports
Wave InvoicingBest invoicing software for small businessesGenerate instant invoices Create recurring invoices Sync invoicing with bookkeeping
Invoice SimpleBest for creating invoices on the goProfessional invoice templates Generate instant receipts
InvoicelyBest free invoicing for small businessesTrack billable hours Manage multiple business invoices Multiple currencies and languages
xeroBest for sending free online invoicesAutomatic payment reminders Share invoices via app Invoice branding
Invoice NinjaBest for generating invoice for freeInvoice brand customization Multiple online payment gateways Free invoice templates
  • PayPal


PayPal invoice app allows users to generate and share invoices with clients for quicker payments. After receiving the invoice, your clients have the option to accept the invoice or even request changes. Moreover, businesses and individuals can also track the number of pending and cleared invoices using this invoice making app.

PayPal Pros

  • Instant invoice conversion from estimates
  • Share invoices via email or shared link
  • Invoice customization available for branding
  • Automatically create and deliver recurring invoices
  • Send payment reminders to customer for unpaid invoices

PayPal Cons

  • Instantly freezes payment if there even a small mistake while login
  • Long payment hold time up to 21 days

PayPal Rating on Google Play Store: 4.0/ 5

PayPal Download Link for Android

PayPal Rating on App Store: 4.1/ 5

PayPal Download Link for iOS

PayPal Pricing: 3.49% commercial transaction fees + ₹39.87 per transaction onwards

  • Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice enables users to share billing estimates with clients before starting the billing process. Upon client approval, these estimates can directly be converted into invoices and shared further for payments. Moreover, this free invoice maker app comes with time tracking feature, allowing freelancers to charge for billable hours.

Zoho Invoice Pros

  • Access multiple templates to generate professional invoices
  • Personalized branding features
  • Schedule and share invoices via email, SMS, and client portal
  • Track invoice status including paid, due, late penalties, etc.
  • Accept payments through credit & debit cards, cash, UPI, net banking, etc.

Zoho Invoice Cons

  • Requires a strong internet connection

Zoho Invoice Rating on Google Play Store: 4.7/ 5

Zoho Invoice Download Link for Android

Zoho Invoice Rating on App Store: 4.8/ 5

Zoho Invoice Download Link for iOS

Zoho Invoice Pricing: Free invoice app

  • Stripe


Stripe helps businesses to generate and share invoices with clients within a few minutes. This bill making app also comes with a customer portal that allows your clients to manage their invoices, payments, and other subscriptions. In addition to this, Stripe automatically reconciles ACH credit payments by keeping the company’s bank account details private.

Stripe Pros

  • Share invoices with a unique link separately hosted on a Stripe page
  • Accept global payments in 135+ currencies and 25+ languages
  • Manually set or automate sales tax on invoices
  • Prioritize collections by monitoring outstanding invoices with AR aging reports
  • Integrate using Stripe Connector with ERP and accounting solutions

Stripe Cons

  • Long payment holds ranging from 3-7 business days
  • High commission charges even for payments within the same country. Therefore, you can check-out the best alternatives to stripe.

Stripe Rating on Google Play Store: 4.6/ 5

Stripe Download Link for Android

Stripe Rating on App Store: 4.8/ 5

Stripe Download Link for iOS

Stripe Pricing: Commission starting from 0.4% Per Paid Invoice

  • myBillBook

mybillbook Best Invoice Apps

myBillBook creates GST compliant invoices within a few seconds. It automatically calculates and displays the centre and statewide taxes that include SGST, CGST, or IGST on invoices. Further, the bill making app allows users to share quotations or estimates with clients, and then convert them directly into proforma or sales invoices post the client’s approval.

myBillBook Pros

  • Speed up collections by sending automatic payment reminders
  • Brand customization features for creating customized invoices
  • Generate additional sales documents including sales return vouchers, debit notes, delivery challans, etc.
  • Automated payment reminders for timely collections
  • Accept digital payments via UPI, NEFT, IMPS, etc.

myBillBook Cons

  • Login is possible only via OTP, which means even if someone in another location has to log in, they will require the OTP received on the main number
  • No free plan available

myBillBook Rating on Google Play Store: 4.6/ 5

myBillBook Download Link for Android

myBillBook Rating on App Store: 3.7/ 5

myBillBook Download Link for iOS

myBillBook Pricing: 14 Days Free Trial | Price on Request

  • FreshBooks

FreshBooks enables organizations to put their businesses on auto pilot by managing cash flow with speedy invoice collections. It allows users to charge for every effort they put into any project in terms of billable hours, changed deliverables, and more. Moreover, businesses can also generate quick summary reports to identify pending, sent, and cleared invoices.

FreshBooks Pros

  • Generate professional looking invoices with a personalized thank you email
  • Accept payments via credit cards, ACH, or any other client preferred method
  • Automate payment chasing with automatic payment reminders
  • Requests deposits or advance payments through invoices
  • Automate tax calculation and add it in your invoice

FreshBooks Cons

  • Limited accounting features

FreshBooks Rating on Google Play Store: 4.0/ 5

FreshBooks Download Link for Android

FreshBooks Rating on App Store: 4.7/ 5

FreshBooks Download Link for iOS

FreshBooks Pricing: 30 Days Free Trial | ₹485.63 per month onwards

  • Wave Invoicing

Users can generate, customize, and share invoices even when they are on the go, using the Wave Invoicing app. In fact, it also allows you to record cash transactions manually. Users can even check the individual history of a customer to know their paid and pending invoices and prioritize the collections process accordingly.

Wave Invoicing Pros

  • Offers a Wave Money Business Banking Account to keep business and personal finances separate
  • Comprehensive dashboard to understand your business finances and pending invoices
  • Receive notifications for viewed, due, and paid invoices to always stay updated
  • Chase payments with automatic reminders for overdue invoices

Wave Invoicing Cons

  • Users might face some glitches
  • Not scalable enough for large enterprises

Wave Invoicing Rating on Google Play Store: 4.7/ 5

Wave Invoicing Download Link for Android

Wave Invoicing Rating on App Store: 4.5/ 5

Wave Invoicing Download Link for iOS

Wave Invoicing Pricing: Free invoice maker app

  • Invoice Simple

Invoice Simple helps businesses to keep their finances organized by enabling them to track received and due payments on generated invoices. It offers flexibility to organizations to accept payments from different digital modes that include debit cards, credit cards, UPI, etc. In fact, users can also connect their PayPal account to receive payments using the payment link provided in the invoice.

Invoice Simple Pros

  • Generate your first two invoices for free
  • Choose from multiple professional invoice templates
  • Receive notifications when invoices are read and due
  • Saved client details and invoice items to quickly generate recurring invoices

Invoice Simple Cons

  • Invoice serial numbers get duplicated, creating confusion
  • Slow customer support

Invoice Simple Rating on Google Play Store: 4.7/ 5

Invoice Simple Download Link for Android

Invoice Simple Rating on App Store: 4.9/ 5

Invoice Simple Download Link for iOS

Invoice Simple Pricing: ₹403.09 onwards

  • Invoicely

Invoicely assists clients in creating personalized invoices that resemble with their brand with customized logos, control panel, icons, color schemes, etc. In addition to this, the bill generator app also ensures that you are always updated with the payments received or pending from a specific client.

Invoicely Pros

  • Accept payments from multiple gateways like Stripe, PayPal, WePay, etc.
  • Generate comprehensive business reports
  • Create invoices based on billable hours, travel, food, and other expenses
  • Save time by automating payment reminders and recurring invoices
  • Automated calculation related to discounts, taxes, shipping charges, etc.

Invoicely Cons

  • Limited support for different languages
  • Limited features in the free plan

Invoicely Rating on Google Play Store: 4.8/ 5

Invoicely Download Link for Android

Invoicely Rating on App Store: 4.7/ 5

Invoicely Download Link for iOS

Invoicely Pricing: Free Plan Available | ₹807.77 per month onwards

  • Xero


Xero allows users to share invoices from any device, even when they are on the go using the app with complete brand customization. Your customers can instantly pay from their preferred payment mode in more than 160 currencies from all over the world. You can also automatically calculate sales tax and incorporate them in invoices.

Xero Pros

  • Connect to platforms like GoCardless, Stripe, etc., to accept payments
  • Track your profitability with invoice reports
  • View and manage your customers’ invoices and sales, all in one place
  • Track finances with accurate reporting to know your received and pending payments

Xero Cons

  • Slow support team’s response

Xero Rating on Google Play Store: 3.4/ 5

Xero Download Link for Android

Xero Rating on App Store: 4.6/ 5

Xero Download Link for iOS

Xero Pricing: 30 Days Free Trial | ₹888.36 onwards

  • Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is an all-in-one app for small businesses that helps them to share quotations, convert them into invoices, share and accept payments against them. Users can even track different tasks, projects, and billable hours spent on a project and charge accordingly. Moreover, Invoice Ninja enables users to auto-sync bank transactions, which helps them in matching expenses and incomes.

Invoice Ninja Pros

  • Create and email invoices in real time with PDF preview
  • Offers invoice template customization available for branding purposes
  • Access dashboard to view consolidated revenue, shared invoices, paid, and due invoices
  • Receive notifications for when you run out of inventory with new placed orders
  • Client portal for customers to track their payment history

Invoice Ninja Cons

  • Limited features in the free plan

Invoice Ninja Rating on Google Play Store: 3/ 5

Invoice Ninja Download Link for Android

Invoice Ninja Rating on App Store: 4.6/ 5

Invoice Ninja Download Link for iOS

Invoice Ninja Pricing: Free Plan Available | ₹8080.10 per year onwards

Verdict: Which Free Invoicing App is Best

There are end number of invoice apps available in the market, which caters to different business needs. In order to choose from the best invoice apps for your startup, small business, or even freelancing, scan the app and its features. For example, you need an app that allows you to add extra billable hours, or an invoice app that allows you to accept payments globally.

In addition to this, also consider the cost of invoice app, if it fit well in your budget or not. To understand how it works for your business, you can start by implementing a free invoice app, or an app that offers a free trial.

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  1. What are the best invoice apps for iPhone?

    The best invoice apps for iPhone are Xero, Invoice Simple, FreshBooks, and more. They allow users to share invoices, accept payments via multiple modes, generate reports, and do a lot more

  2. What are invoicing apps for small business?

    Some of the popular invoicing apps for small businesses are Wave Invoicing, myBillBook, Invoicely, etc.

  3. Name free invoicing apps for iPhone?

    Some of the best free invoicing apps for iPhone include Wave Invoicing and Zoho Invoice. They offer a completely free package that allows users to quickly generate and share invoices.

  4. What are the best apps for invoicing clients?

    A few popular apps for invoicing the clients are Xero, PayPal, Stripe, etc. They enable users to directly share invoices with the clients and accept payments in their preferred mode.

  5. What are the best invoicing apps for freelancers?

    Best invoicing apps for freelancers are Zoho Invoice, Invoicely, FreshBooks, etc. These invoicing apps allow freelancers to charge according to their billable hours as well.

  6. Why invoices are important?

    Invoices are important for businesses to make sure that they get paid by their customers or clients. It is an official document that shows the services provided by a business.

Published On: November 21, 2022

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