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Create a GST Tax Invoice in Sleek Bill Offline (for Desktop)

Sleek Bill

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Brand: Sleek Bill

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, iOS, Android

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Sleek Bill Software Overview

What is Sleek Bill?

Sleek bill India is an efficient billing software which is used to create invoices. This software is specially designed for the Indian market. With a sleek interface, Sleek Bill helps to design and create invoices and also offers advanced billing features with GST integration. Sleek Bill helps to bring efficiency in various operations. It can do GST calculations, and backup your data too. Sleek Bill saves a lot of time and adapts to user’s needs. You can also generate detailed reports and print invoices as well. Sleek bill is suitable for all businesses; small, medium or large. It is used by organizations like startups, MNCs, PSUs, etc. 

Features of Sleek Bill:

  1. Sleek Bill for India helps you with the design of a document which no other software offers.
  2. You can boost your customer’s trust with its easy-to-read invoice templates.
  3. Create unlimited purchase orders which can be easily converted to bills as and when needed.
  4. You have the freedom to make GST compliant invoices, bill of supply, quote and much more.
  5. The bills are optimized and compliant with Indian law as well.
  6. Sleek Bill provides you smart filters that can help you get detailed reports on clients, their payment history, stock in hand, etc.
  7. Sleek Bill lets you store your data safely your PC. Protect your database from unfortunate incidents with Sleek Bill’s backup and restore feature.
  8. Sleek Bill also comes with Printing and Emailing features integrated within it. You can email your invoice, save or print it with Sleek Bill software. 

Sleek Bill Price in India:

Sleek Bill is available for free and it has various premium versions available as well. Let’s have a look at them at Sleek Bill’s paid versions:

  1. Sleek billing Offline Premium at INR 1, 999
  2. Sleek billing Offline Premium + Inventory at INR 3, 199
  3. Sleek billing Online Premium at INR 1, 999

Sleek Bill also has various discounts and offers running around the year. Therefore, we request you to kindly get in touch with us. Sleek Bill license key will be given to you then. Sleek Bill download will also be available.

Sleek Bill Latest Version:

The latest version of Sleek Bill online includes the ability to show the amount in words as well. It can show the signatory field and round off the total amount.

Sleek Bill System Requirement:

Sleek Bill Online login is web-based, you can access it on any system wherever and whenever you want. All you have to do is log in at https://app.sleekbill.in/login and access your data. Sleek Bill Premium & Inventory version is only for windows.

Sleek Bill Features

Analytics & Reporting

 This invoice generation software provides detailed insights regarding the billing and operational procedures that helps in

Backup & Restore

Users can create physical data backups of their data and use it for reinstallation and other work.

Online Banking

Sleek Bill facilitates online banking with its API integration module. 

Manage Quotations

Business owners can manage their business quotations efficiently. 

Document Management

Sleek Bill saves all your relevant documents related to billing. It helps access all the documents when audits or filings are

Email Support

You can integrate your email with Sleek Bill and start working efficiently in real-time. 

Import & Export

The invoice billing software allows users to import data from excel sheets in bulk and export data in various formats like MS

GST Compliances

Sleekbill creates invoices in tandem with GST regulations. It automizes your entire accounting process with respect to GST.

Billing & Invoicing

Work with complete GST compliant software and process your bills without any issues. The billing software also allows you to

Multi User Access

Sleekbill lets you work with your team across multiple devices and keep track of your business from any location. It makes your

Purchase Invoice

Sleek Bill enables you to create invoices for all the purchases your customer makes. It gives them all the details regarding

Expense Management

Oversee your regular expenses such as electricity bills, water bills, etc. with Sleek Bill invoicing software. 

Inventory Management

Sleekbill system can generate purchase orders and turn them into bills for users who are dealing in goods. It can also keep a

Support Team

The invoice billing software provides in-built support system for users to get help during operation in real-time. 

Invoice Generation

Sleek Bill generates invoices for all the transactions automatically on checkout. The invoices generated by this invoice billing

GST Report

Users can get access to GST compliant financial reports. It generates all the tax statements, balance sheets, cash flow

Purchase Management

Business owners can generate numerous purchase orders and track them on the fly. 

Password Protection

Sleek Bill doesn’t just help you manage your inventory, but also offers detailed reports on your clients, payment history,

Back Order Management

The software prioritizes and manages backlogging orders and assists in quicker closure. 

SMS & Email Support

Sleek Bill invoice billing software generates alerts and reminders for transactions, workflows, payment collection, etc through

GST Auto Calculation

 The software performs GST compliant taxation. It automatically changes the rate of tax whenever government rolls out new

Sleek Bill Plans & Pricing

Offline Premium
  • Support Team
  • Invoice Generation
  • GST Report
  • SMS & Email Support
  • GST Auto Calculation
  • Document Management
  • Email Support
  • Manage GST
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • GST Compliances
    • Quantity
    • Yearly (Year(s))
Offline Premium + Inventory
  • Inventory & Control Management
  • Support Team
  • Invoice Generation
  • Purchase Management
  • Password Protection
  • Back Order Management
  • SMS & Email Support
  • GST Auto Calculation
  • Document Management
  • Email Support
  • Manage GST
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Support
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Inventory Management
  • GST Compliances
  • Multi User Access
    • Quantity
    • Yearly (Year(s))
Online Premium
  • Support Team
  • Invoice Generation
  • Purchase Management
  • SMS & Email Support
  • GST Auto Calculation
  • Document Management
  • Email Support
  • Manage GST
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Support
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Expense Management
  • GST Compliances
  • Multi User Access
    • Quantity
    • Yearly (Year(s))
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Free Movement of goods

Eliminating CST(Central Sales Tax) plus other state entrance taxes, free movement of products across the country will be allowed with the help of IGST. This means that company will be able to sell more in more states, helping the logistics sector save around $250 billion annually.


Reduced costs

By applying a single tax, the price of goods will go down. Company will benefit from reduction this tax load and consumers will enjoy more cheaply products. GST tax is profitable because it only applies to value addition and removes the tax cascading.


Simplified tax collection

With less tax laws, there will be lower interference from tax authorities. GST will merge all current tax departments and authorities into one, fortunately bringing more transparency.


Easier tax compliance

Simple tax structure results in reduction the hassle filling tax forms by dealer. All aspects of registration for GSTIN of filing monthly tax returns and payments will be managing through the online GST portal.

One software can change your life

We make it happen! Get your hands on the best solution based on your needs.

Sleek Bill Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Language:
  • Windows iOS Android
  • Desktop
  • Web-Based, Perpetual
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

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“User friendly design, invoice with GST is available, high usability. ” Vishal Sharijay - Feb 24, 2019

“I had a good experience with this service. I found it very convenient to have a list of possibilities presented to me instead of searching all over the place. ” Ayush Kumar - Aug 31, 2018

“Techjockey provided 3-4 options based on my needs. They were also proactive in following up to ensure i had everything I needed to make a decision. ” Harendra Sisodiya - Jan 31, 2018


“Many features are not added like expenses, balance sheet report, cash flow I suggest Vypaar software that is cheaper and much more features then sleek bill” Vikalp Verma - Aug 1, 2020


Vikalp Verma

Decision Maker

Software user since: 1-2 years






“Expense option not added Waste of money dnt buy it”

Pros :

Cons :

Posted - Aug 1, 2020


Om Prakash







“Great economic software”

Pros :

Cons :

Posted - Apr 23, 2019


Vishal Sharijay







“Simple and effective”

Pros :

Cons :

Posted - Feb 24, 2019

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Billing And Invoicing Software

Sleek Bill

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Reviews (10 reviews)


Sleek Bill FAQ

A. Sleek Bill take your data’s security very seriously, so we use TSL security encryption, which is the industry standard for transmitting data safely over the internet. Your data is yours only and we never touch is without your explicit permission.
A. Sleek Bill online has been designed to work best for small and medium businesses, accountants that work within a company or with multiple clients and freelancers.
A. Yes! Because Sleek Bill Online is web-based, you can access it on any system you want with just one account. Whether you’re in office, at home or on the go, just log in at https://app.sleekbill.in/login and access all your data. Sleekbill Premium & Inventory version is only for windows.
A. Your license is directly related to your Company Name, so you can only use it for one company. If you wish to use Sleek Bill for multiple companies, you have to buy a license for each of them. Contact us to get the best prices for your 2nd or 3rd licenses.
A. Yes, every license is provided to work for a single company. If you want to use Sleekbill for another company, a new license must be requested. Requesting a new license does not require re-installing the software, software automatically updates it.
A. Sleekbill gives you the feature to add your company logo in your invoices. You can add it in your company details form.
A. You can customize your documents in Sleekbill, there are a wide range of customizations like paper format, color pattern, etc
A. You can add it by uploading a picture of your signature in your company details setting.
A. Sleekbill is an on-premise software, it stores all your inputs and data in your computer.

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