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RelyonSoft Saral Billing
RelyonSoft Saral Billing
RelyonSoft Saral Billing
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Saral Billing

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About Saral Billing

What is a Saral Billing? 

Saral Billing is a GST-compliant invoicing and accounting software that requires a single entry to generate bills in bulk and keep a track of all service transactions. It automatically calculates the reverse charges for URD ingoing supplies. It has a user-friendly interface that efficiently handles the billing requirements of businesses and files GST submissions. In other words, Saral Billing software makes the transition from VAT to GST effortless for users.

Saral Billing is an accounting and billing software by Relyon Softech and covers all the billing and accounting needs of businesses along with full compliance of the Goods and Services Tax. The software provides the user with a single solution to cater to all their needs of accounting such as voucher entries, report generation, maintaining the books of accounts and the creation of ledgers. The user can either use the accounting module alongside the billing module or use both the modules separately as per their requirements. Further, it comes with push mail and SMS integration, which enables you to make promotional or transactional communications. 

How does Saral Billing Increase the Efficiency of a Business?

Businesses or startups can use this billing software to manage accounts books, create voucher entries and prepare financial statements. There are a wide variety of inbuilt invoice formats in this application, which enables users to handle all sales and purchase transactions, including the proforma invoice, returns, and rejection. The application creates bulk invoices and generates multi-service invoices as well. The dashboard gives users an overall idea of the stock report.

One can migrate data from any source while working with Saral Billing. It also allows users to coincide data with the help of any online merchant. For each item in the inventory, the software generates unique barcodes for easy identification. Further, there are options that allow separate login for auditors to log in independently and make remarks, which the accountants can see later.

How does Saral Billing help in Inventory Management?

Saral Billing is known as one of the best inventory invoice software as it assists the users to maintain business inventory and manage the sales and purchase transactions. At the same time, it keeps a check on the returns and rejections. The user is required to provide a unique number used to identify the stock or item as maintained by the business along with a description of the item for a better understanding. Next, the user is required to update the type of stock and hence provide the HSN Code of the item.

How does Saral Billing help in Communication?

There is a mobile app that helps review all the details from anywhere and anytime. One can place an order, manage inventory live and enter the collection report in real-time using the Saral Billing mobile application. To make transactional and promotional communications effortlessly, there is a feature to integrate push mail and SMS. Further, users can generate online bills with the Saral software and send invoices directly.

Saral Billing Software Price

The price of Saral Billing software varies depending on the user requirements and extent of usage. The software comes in fur main pricing options, including -

  1. Saral Bronze - This plan comes for Rs. 10,000 for a single user and for Rs. 15,000 for multiple users.
  2. Saral Silver - It comes at Rs. 15,000 for a single user and at Rs. 25,000 for multiple users.
  3. Saral Gold - This plan is available at Rs. 12,000 for a single user and Rs. 25,000 for multiple users.
  4. Saral Diamond - Users can buy this plan for Rs. 25,000 for a single user and for Rs. 35,000 for multi-users.

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Sold By : Relyon Softech

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Saral Billing Features

This software can generate bills and invoices within a fraction of second, thereby, making it easy to manage fast billing counter operations.
Dashboard of the software helps users to get an idea of the overall transactions. To maintain a smooth process flow, one can also easily generate other related reports.  
Saral Billing helps generate different barcodes for every product. Using the software, a business can easily manage their stock. Barcodes not only help to identify the products but also make inventory management easier.
This billing software can be integrated with a mobile app to view stock, manage inventory, enter new stock details and monitor stock changes. For transactional and promotional communications, it is integrated with push mail and SMS. One can also fetch their digital signature to generate automatically signed invoices.
This software handles GST billing efficiently. Hence, it reduces the cost of hiring an accountant or GST expert separately.
Saral Billing comes with several invoice formats to make purchases and sales transactions easier. You can even administer purchase transactions that include sales order, purchase order, proforma invoice, returns and rejections.

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Saral Billing Specifications

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Saral Billing FAQs

A. Yes, while generating invoices, one can easily make e-way bills. Using the push mail and SMS integration, you can also directly deliver these bills within a few clicks.
A. Saral Billing software uses barcode for easy identification of stock. Besides, the stock is maintained serial-wise to manage inventory easily.
A. Saral Billing is a complete GST-enabled software, which helps manage account books, voucher entry and financial statements.
A. With Saral Billing, users can get detailed reports on AMC or warranty via auto SMS notifications, thus enhancing customer management.
A. Users can generate the major GST forms, including GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 3, GSTR 2A and even GSTR 1A. Users also get e-ledgers from GSTN with this billing software.

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