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Saral TDS

by : Relyon Softech


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Saral TDS logo
Saral TDS
Saral TDS
Saral TDS
Saral TDS
Saral TDS
Saral TDS
Saral TDS

Saral TDS

by : Relyon Softech

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Brand: Relyon Softech

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows

Free Trial Available: No

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Saral TDS Software Overview

What is Saral TDS? 

Saral TDS is a comprehensive TDS management software. It is developed with a built-in state of the art technology that improves the speed of tax calculation and filing. The TDS management software strictly adheres to TDS/TCS guidelines established by the Income Tax Laws of India. Saral TDS software provides firmness to tax-related workflows.

Saral TDS management software offers timely updates on changes made in the TDS system currently. It is one of the best software for the Indian market. This TDS management software offers business-specific solutions for Indian companies. One of the critical factors contributing to Saral TDS’s efficiency is the TRACES integration module. TRACES (TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System) cross-checks the income tax software for tax calculations made on the user end.  

What tax forms does Saral TDS cover?

Saral TDS covers the following tax forms: 

  1. Form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q and 27EQ (TDS/TCS statements) 
  2. Form 16, 12BA, 16A and 27D (TDS/TCS Certificates) 
  3. Form 27A and ITNS 281 
  4. ITR 1 (SAHAJ) form 
  5. Form 49B, 13, 15C, 15D, 15G and 15H (Blank formats)

What are the benefits of Using Saral TDS? 

Saral TDS is a hugely beneficial software for the organizations that use it. Here are few benefits listed below for interested buyers:

  1. Organizations receive quarterly statements of TDS and TCS.
  2. The TDS software comes with a built-in FVU system. 
  3.  Saral TDS generates a certificate for form 16, 16A, and 27D, including data import from the TIN website. 
  4. It automatically calculates electronic returns.
  5. The software imports data from TIN website. 

What is the price of Saral TDS? 

Saral TDS software is available in three different plans; they are: 

  1. Saral TDS Pro – Rs. 4,950/- for a single user
  2. Saral TDS Pro – Rs. 8,525/- for multi-user
  3. Saral TDS Corporate – Rs. 8,525/- for a single user
  4. Saral TDS Corporate – Rs. 15,400/- for multi-user
  5. Saral TDS Institutional – Rs. 15,400/- for a single user
  6. Saral TDS Institutional – Rs. 27,500/- for multi-user

For plan renewal, features, and other price related queries, please request a call. Our sales team will get in touch with you shortly. 

Saral TDS Features

  • checkbox Complete Solutions For TDS A single solution that meets all your needs for eTDS/eTCS filing with validation of details at required stages.
  • checkbox Fully Integrated With Traces Easily port the details from Saral TDS to TRACES for various Request and Download options provided by TRACES.
  • checkbox Comprehensive Corrections A very efficient correction module which will enable to prepare the correction return with ease.
  • checkbox Consolidated Form 16 & Form 16A Form 16 and Form 16A can be directly downloaded to Saral TDS and generate into the required format in bulk with option to
  • checkbox Data Quality Report A complete Report on the Data Quality of the Data entered and a report on the defaults that may arise after to filing the
  • checkbox Online Verification Verify the PAN of the deductees & TAN of deductor against the ITD information, verify the Challan paid details against the
  • checkbox Detailed Tax Computation Estimate the correct tax applicable for the employee and automatically deduct the TDS from the salary, every month on month,
  • checkbox MIS Reports Business owners can get comprehensive management information reports on all their expense and tax-related workflows. 
  • checkbox For Business Saral TDS offers its services to any kind of business. It consists a very business-centric approach. 
  • checkbox File e-TDS The income tax software can provide access to GST portal directly from the software to file TDS online. 
  • checkbox Generate Form-16s The software can generate form-16 and several other tax-related documents for the employees and organization.
  • checkbox PAN Verification Saral TDS offers online PAN card verification for better GST practices. 

Saral TDS Plans & Pricing

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Saral TDS Specifications

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  • Windows
  • Desktop
  • Perpetual
  • All Industries
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  • English

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We love to hear from our buyers! If you have used the solution already, why not share your thoughts and help others make the right purchase.
Gangireddy srinivasareddy
28, Aug 2019
star star star star star
What every you need in TDS that will be their
Likely to recommend : 10/10
Rahul Kumar
14, Jan 2019
star star star star star
Saral TDS comes with a user friendly UI with all easily navigable format. For technical difficulty the live support is available to solve it.
SBS Chauhan
07, Oct 2016
star star star star star
I worked with John Sterle to identify a software system for our recruitment. John was courteous, professional and knowledgeable and we did sign up with his recommended company.

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Q. Do we require showing the record of Zero TDS Deduction in RelyonSoft Saral TDS, in case of Transporters & Deductee having NO DEDUCTION CERTIFICATE? arrow

A. Yes, if the Deductor is required to provide the TDS Certificate, then it is mandatory to show the details of ZERO TDS deduction of return filing with relevant Deduction remarks.

Q. Can excess TAX Paid in previous year be adjusted to current year? arrow

A. Yes, only one previous year excess Challan paid can be adjusted for subsequent year i.e. Excess TDS Paid in the FY 2014-15 can be adjusted for TDS Deducted in FY 2015-16

Q. How to show a Zero TDS Deduction? What are the consequences, if these records are not shown? arrow

A. If there are records with ZERO TDS Deduction amount, then it’s required to show these Deduction records in Deductions entry screen with proper ‘No Deduction’ Remark (Like Transporter with Valid PAN or NO Deduction Certification u/s 197). Also it’s advised to link those deductions with a valid Challan. (If there is no Challan for the whole year, Deductor can make use of any subsequent previous year or subsequent next year paid Challan). If these NIL Deductions are not linked to any paid Challan, a NIL Challan record will be considered for return generation, but TRACES will later on ask Deductor to tag these NIL Challans with valid paid Challan through Online Correction. To avoid these inconveniences later on its advised to link all NIL Deduction records to any valid paid Challan. If the ZERO Deductions were not reported then the RelyonSoft Saral TDS Certificates for the same will not available from TRACES.

Q. What is the process to enter a Deduction record having Lower Deduction Certificate? arrow

A. The steps to be followed to enter Deduction record having Lower Deduction Certificate are as below: i. Goto the required Quarter -> Deduction Details screen ii. Enter the details in RelyonSoft Saral TDS, i.e Name, Section, Payment Amount, Payment Date and the rate of Income Tax for deduction. iii. Next, in Remarks for Deduction, select “LOWER DEDUCTION/NO DEDUCTION U/S 197” and provide the certificate number in U/s 197 Cert. No. Field. iv. Save the entry.

Q. When there are NIL Deduction records for filing in a particular Quarter in RelyonSoft Saral TDS? arrow

A. If there are records with ZERO Deduction amount, then it’s required to show those Deduction records in Deductions entry screen with proper ‘No Deduction’ Remark (Like Transporter with Valid PAN or NO Deduction Certification u/s 197). Also it’s advised to link these deductions with a valid Challan. (If there is no Challan for the whole year, Deductor can make use of any subsequent previous year or subsequent next year paid Challan).

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