Chartered TaxPro TDS Professional Return Filing Software (Single User)

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TaxPro e-TDS is a e-TDS filing software that help professionals prepare and file their TDS online. The software has all the required provisions/functionalities which are to be taken care of while managing TDS returns. The software aims at making user’s life easier by making it the simplest process of generating quarterly e-TDS returns. Other than TDS returns, users can generate all types of certificates, file various forms like Form 61A, make payments of challans like 280/281, etc., apply for new PAN/TAN and raise correction forms.
Product Features
  • Assessee Index with innovative presentation & unlimited assessee support
  • Auto form filling with assessee master data
  • Challans 280, 281, 282 with e-Payment option
  • Challan cum Return for TDS on Immovable Property Form 26QB
  • Quarterly TDS Return Form 24Q, 26Q, 27EQ & 27Q with inbuilt validation of data
  • Import Excel Sheets in TDS Return with ready Excel Templates with inbuilt validation
  • Generate Original Return FVU File directly from Excel Template
  • All TDS Return with Revised Return Support
  • Form 24G with FVU File Generation & Revised Facility for Form 24G
  • Online TAN Registration for requesting consolidate file for Revised Return
  • Auto Generation of TDS Certificate (16/16A/27D) from Quarterly TDS/TCS Return
  • Generation of TDS Certificate from TRACES text file
  • Register to Maintain the Record of Return Filed and Return Pending for Quarterly e-TDS & e-TCS return
  • PAN Wise Quarterly TDS Summary Report on the basis of Data present in s/w
  • Short Deduction Register to maintain the record for Deductee having short/no deduction with certificate number
  • TDS Mail Manager to receive all communication from using Outlook & POP3
  • View generated file through e-TDS File Viewer
  • Inbuilt Validation cut of your hour’s process of manual validating and verifying data with NSDL's error document
  • Quick Links to NSDL/TRACES Online Services
  • PAN Verification
  • Bulk PAN Verification – Verify Bulk PAN numbers with NAME by single click of a button
  • Annual Information Return (AIR) with e-Filing
  • User-friendly interface and self-hinting environment with context sensitive help
  • Automatic calculations like totalling, percentage, etc., while filling forms
  • Auto Download of Consolidated Files, Form 16, Form 16A from TRACES
  • TDS Return Filing Register with Return Date and Ack. No
  • Assessee Information Report
  • Automatic Backup
  • TDS/ TCS Rate Chart
  • Dedicated Support Desk
About The Company
Chartered Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a software products and services company specializing in Taxation Products, Payroll, Attendance System, Digital Signature Certificates, PKI Products, and Bulk SMS Gateway Services. A fast growing, dynamic and professionally managed company catering to specialized needs of Corporates, Banks, Chartered Accountants and Income Tax Consultants across the country, is also providing consultancy to some of the Government departments for e-filing of returns. The Company develops and markets the software products under the brand name of TaxPro.

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