Best Medical Billing Software in 2023

What is Medical Billing Software?

Medical billing software helps in automating the billing process in the healthcare sector and improves the accuracy in managing insurance claims. All this results in higher revenue and better patient care. Now one can optimize revenue while delivering faster service and quick diagnosis. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best Medical Billing Software

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Brand: FloBiz


4.8 out of 5

(23 user reviews)

myBillBook Billing and Accounting Software will simplify your billing and financial management with a user-friendly platform, streamlining invoicing, expen... Read More About myBillBook read review arrow


Vyapar Billing Software

Vyapar Billing Software

Brand: Vyapar


4.7 out of 5

(48 user reviews)

A complete billing & invoicing solution to streamline business operations & boost productivity with multi-user access, inventory management, invoic... Read More About Vyapar Billing Software read review arrow

₹799 /Year

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Brand: C-Square


2.0 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

Ecogreen C Square is a pharmacy software for managing pharma retail chain businesses. The software is suitable for handling multi-store operations in term... Read More About Ecogreen img

Price On Request

Medicin Pharmacy Management Software

Medicin Pharmacy Management Software

Brand: Medicin Consultancy


4.2 out of 5

(5 user reviews)

Medicin is a web-based pharmacy software in complete compliance with multiple GST rules and regulations. The software is compatible with the e-way billing... Read More About Medicin Pharmacy Management Software img

₹9,000 /Year

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Brand: Equality Healthcare


4.8 out of 5

(10 user reviews)

eVitalRx is a one-stop cloud-based pharmacy management software designed for pharmacies, medical stores, and e-pharma businesses. It helps pharmacies hand... Read More About eVitalRx img

₹3,500 /Year

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Brand: BbniSys


4.7 out of 5

(2 user reviews)

eHMS is a web-based medical billing software for small and medium-sized hospitals, helping them to streamline their administration and management processe... Read More About eHMS img

Price On Request

My ERP Medi Plus

My ERP Medi Plus

Brand: MY ERP Software

Be the first to review

My ERP Medi Plus is one of the best hospital erp software that keeps a comprehensive record of all your financial transactions, billing, GST invoicing, pur... Read More About My ERP Medi Plus img


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Viva Medical Billing Software

Viva Medical Billing Software

Brand: Viva ERP


4.5 out of 5

(2 user reviews)

Make your clinic a force to be reckoned with Viva Medical Billing Software. It makes billing faster and more efficient and reduces the effort in bill gener... Read More About Viva Medical Billing Software img

Price On Request

Vanuston Medeil

Vanuston Medeil

Brand: Vanuston Intelliigence


4.7 out of 5

(2 user reviews)

Medeil is a leading edge software solution for healthcare industry that enables effective management of the pharmacy operations. This easy to use and quick... Read More About Vanuston Medeil img

₹6,500 /User

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JP H-Care

JP H-Care

Brand: JP Software

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H-Care software is a hospital database management system, which is devised for hospitals, nursing homes and clinics, to assist them manage patients’ data... Read More About JP H-Care img

Price On Request

Last Updated on : 27 Nov, 2023

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Best Medical Billing Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Viva Medical Billing Software, DrChrono, Kareo Billing and CureMD software systems are used for medical billing in hospitals.

An electronic health record(EHR) is an electronic database of a patient's medical history, lab reports, diagnosis, treatment and procedures.

Medical billing systems can be divided into three different systems that include closed system, isolated system and open system.

SAP offers a wide range of billing facilities that can be used for numerous business functions like billing, financial management, accounting, inventory management and more.

Medical Billing Software Reviews




“This software helped me flourish my business online. I can collect payments swiftly and send customized business cards to prospective clients.”

- Nitya Sehgal

See all myBillBook reviewsimg

Vyapar Billing Software


“Easy for the users to manage inventory and create GST reports.”

- Amol

See all Vyapar Billing Software reviewsimg



“This software I am using from the last 3 years, it is really useful and great. Made my work easy.”

- healthfirstpharma

See all eVitalRx reviewsimg

Viva Medical Billing Software


“extremely helpful team who did everything they could to help solve our issues”

- Anju Devi

See all Viva Medical Billing Software reviewsimg

Medical Billing Software Price List In India

Medical Billing Software Cost
Top Medical Billing Software Starting Price Rating
Vyapar Billing Software₹799.00 /Year4.7
Medicin Pharmacy Management Software₹9000.00 /Year4.2
eVitalRx₹3500.00 /Year4.8
Vanuston Medeil₹6500.00 /User4.7

Buyer's Guide for Top Medical Billing Software

Found our list of Medical Billing Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What Is Medical Billing Software?
  • Benefits of Using Medical Billing Software
  • Key Features of Medical Billing Software
  • Why Use Medical Billing Software?
  • Type of Medical Billing Software
  • Cost & ROI on Medical Billing Software
  • Trends Related to Medical Billing Software (New Subhead)
  • Top Medical Billing Software Comparisons

What Is Medical Billing Software?

Medical billing software is a cutting-edge application used by billing companies, hospitals, and practitioners to automate the billing process, improve their reimbursement procedure and streamline the complex billing landscape. Some of the best billing software address every aspect of medical billing, starting from appointment scheduling to workflow management, and the evaluation of patient's insurance eligibility.

The payment trend & collection report functionality shows you the amount you have to collect from your patients to pay off their claims. As data is instantly entered into the management system, it avoids cumbersome, time-consuming reconciliations and expensive errors. Moreover, patients may easily pay for their medical expenses from the comfort of their homes which helps in maximizing the revenue streams. Moreover, this software can automatically sync patients' treatment information with electronic health records (EHR) and medical billing records to keep the medical team and office staff on the same page.

Benefits of Using Medical Billing Software

Medical billing software has revolutionized the medical practice and claim tracking process. It offers major benefits for all types of medical practitioners, hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. Let’s discuss them in detail.

  • Mitigate errors and minimize manual work: As most medical companies are becoming paper free, they are looking for an efficient and better way of handling billing and claims while focusing on reducing the paperwork. The usage of medical billing software facilitates paperless operations and reduces the errors that are caused due to manual documentation. When this system is in place, you can virtually eliminate the usage of paper from your medical practice.
  • Speed up the claims process: Medical billing software helps you in checking patients' medical coverage and any inconsistencies in their files that could lead to rejection. It empowers you to submit the claim document within the specified time frame and you also get automated alerts for denied claims.
  • Improved financial reporting: A comprehensive reporting system helps users to measure the major profitable areas along with all the non-performing areas. Medical billing software can help you in analyzing patients' records and improve their overall experience. Plus, it also increases your staff's efficiency by automating record-keeping, reimbursement, and billing procedure.
  • Streamline medical coding: Currently, the 10th revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) coding is being followed as the standard system for coding by medical professionals and physicians in India. They use these medical codes in medical billing software to avoid any errors in the claim process and increase their practice efficiency. This classification system empowers you to create a robust database of medical codes that help you in signifying various diseases and the course of treatment.
  • Provide the best patient care: The software makes billing more efficient by taking electronic payments at lightning-fast speed. You can record and keep patient data in an organized manner, and use medical codes to track their documents, services, and treatments. The software also allows you to file large volumes of claims with perfection plus it can be integrated with existing operations to boost profitability and faster claim processing. All in all, this software allows you to provide much better patient care at lightning-fast speed.

Key Features of Medical Billing Software

Here are some noteworthy features of medical billing software:

  • Pre-registration: It is one of the most crucial features of medical billing systems as it saves patients valuable time and increases information accuracy. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, your patients can enter, review and edit the required information for the doctor's consultation. Whether choosing specialties or doctors, downloading diagnostic reports, uploading insurance card or ID, paying via debit/credit card, UPI, etc. or claiming to track, everything can be done effortlessly with the help of a mobile phone, tablet, or PC.
  • Patient Database: Doctors or other staff can use software’s centralized database to verify a patient's past records, medicines, diagnostics, or any surgical procedures. With the help of a patient database, your claim management staff can check the patient's medical coverage and insurance eligibility. Moreover, this database is also useful for doctors while providing online consultations to patients.
  • Payment Reminders: When patients delay paying their medical bills, it puts an additional financial burden on everyone involved. Thus, with medical billing software, you can send timely, automated, and personalized payment reminders to your patients. As soon as the billing department creates an invoice, the customer gets the information via SMS or email. You can use the set due date to create further payment reminders.
  • Compliance: You can call this feature, the lifeline of the healthcare sector as without compliance there is a high risk of getting into a lawsuit. This can impact your brand value and also cause repercussions on the revenue cycle management. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to keep up with the latest medical laws, but owing to this feature in your medical billing software, you can easily stay abreast with the new updates in the healthcare sector.
  • Automated accounting: You can do automated accounting with the help of coding analysis, medical billing codes, insurance claims management, medicaid and medicare coverage, and medical document management. The entire billing process is simplified when all of these procedures are automated through interoperability in healthcare. You'll also see a drastic reduction in denied claims due to error-free billing and invoice generation. Automated payment reminders, coding, and electronic bills, all these attributes of automated accounting help in enhancing revenue management.
  • Business Intelligence: Other than the important branch of healthcare, medical billing is a critical aspect that generates revenue. Moreover, Intelligent medical billing software is capable of providing useful business insights for revenue production and growth. Therefore, to maximize your profit, medical billing software is a must-have solution in repertoire.

Why Use Medical Billing Software?

  • Storing patient records: Store patient records using medical billing software and insurance companies can view or access them, as the need arises.
  • Workflow management: Medical billing and practise management solutions ensures timely reimbursements of insurance claims with better invoicing and billing workflow.
  • Re-Registration of Patients: Right after a patient books an appointment, all his insurance details can be pre-filled to save his or her time during the treatment.
  • Billing & Invoicing: Built-in invoicing and billing capabilities for all types of treatments.
  • Electronic prescribing: E-prescribing ensures that the online copy of prescription is sent directly to the pharmacist to ensure that patients get correct medicines on time.
  • Centralized documentation: Centralized documentation means easy storage & maintenance of medical bills for every patient.
  • Insurance management: This medical billing software makes it easy for hospital administrators to manage insurance verification, claims & policies for every patient.
  • Appointment scheduler: The scheduler in a billing software helps schedule appointments online with ease. You can also track cancellations and no shows based on a patient’s visits.
  • Automated coding: Automated coding through medical billing software ensures that a patient’s insurance details are auto-filled, preventing any chance of manual error.
  • Patient portal: This portal is used by patients for checking prescriptions, appointments, bills, insurance claims and more.
  • Medical coding: Healthcare coding software helps transform complex data and patient information into simple codes for easy storage so that it can be accessible by all.
  • Credit card payment: This software makes online payment through credit cards easy.
  • Reporting: Billing software provides reports for your revenue, no-shows by patients, patient re-visits, insurance claims, bills and more.

Type of Medical Billing Software

Medical billing software is classified into the following categories:

  • Closed System: The closed system mainly focuses on one single practice and it doesn't allow any type of transfer. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are the most prominent example of a closed billing system, and these are the digitized versions of paper-based charts. As the name suggests, EMRs are closed records, and they don't support any collaboration with other healthcare facilities like laboratories, urgent cares etc. and doctors.
  • Open System: In an open system, users can share information across departments, facilities and healthcare professionals and Electronic Health Records (EHR) is a primary example of this platform. It allows seamless access to patient data among all concerned departments of the hospital. Moreover, open billing software also allows effective communication and collaboration and collaboration between everyone.
  • Isolated System: The isolated medical billing system is solely maintained by patients instead of a healthcare facility or anyone else. These are only used by patients as the information recorded in an isolated system is not legally accepted, only EHRs and EMRs are legally recognized by healthcare and mediclaim facilities. Nevertheless, an isolated system is of great help to the billing team as it gives provides them the information about the patient's billing history, insurance information, personal details and existing or previous medical condition and its treatment.

Cost & ROI on Medical Billing Software

Pricing and cost of medical billing software solution is dependent on the deployment model so adapted. Cloud-based solutions or SaaS applications require lower monthly payment and upfront cost when it comes to licensing, upgrades and technical support. These are comparatively cheaper when compared to on premise applications. 

On-premise deployment of the software usually incurs higher upfront costs regarding setup, licenses, training, servers and the necessary hardware. Support fees and maintenance charges are also high here. 

Medical billing system ensures higher return on investment with accurate billing and insurance claims. It ensures complete security of electronic patient records, resulting in higher trust and patient satisfaction.

Trends Related to Medical Billing Software (New Subhead)

Here are some latest medical billing software trends that can be beneficial in the long run:

  • Cloud-based medical billing software: Most medical facilities across the world are now choosing cloud-based platforms. These systems make it much easier for users to store, maintain and extract data via any internet connected device. With the usage of encrypted technology, cloud-based software systems are much more secure than other platforms. Moreover, these programs are also far less expensive than the onsite options, as they don't require a dedicated IT team for repairs, upgrades and more.
  • Enhanced security: Owing to the increased requirement for medical billing facilities in the healthcare sector, the developers are pushing for foolproof security measures. Data breach and hacking is something that everyone wants to avoid at all costs. The fraudsters use patients' medical data to fraudulently get money from insurance companies, they use their account info for fraudulent transactions, or some even pose as patients for obtaining prescribed medicines, so they can sell them in the black market. Hence, nowadays, all high-tier software is loaded with the strictest of security standards like access control, multifactor authentication, encryption and more to safeguard customer info.
  • AI-based medical billing: Artificial intelligence has the power to change the whole scenario of medical billing. AI algorithms are being used to automate manual and repetitive tasks like data entry and coding so that the staff can concentrate on high-value services. It also plays a crucial role in fraud detection by analyzing large volumes of data and finding out the potential pattern for fraud. Additionally, by using AI healthcare providers wants to cut costs associated with the billing process, and they also want to ensure the transparency of the whole process.

Top Medical Billing Software Comparisons

Software Features Price
Viva Medical Billing Software Customized Reports / Billing & invoicing / Purchase Order Price On Request
AllegianceMD Appointment reminder / Patient portal / Online scheduling Rs 40,000/month (EHR and PM)
Kareo Medical Billing Intuitive Billing Analytics / Insurance enrollments Rs 10,000/month (starting price for 1 provider)
Logic ERP Cashier/Shift System / Prescription Reminder / Multiple Payment Modes Price On Request
PracticeSuite Patient engagement portal / Configurable reporting dashboard / Revenue monitoring Price On Request

Author: Kalpana Arya

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