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OPD Easy
What is OPD Easy? OPD Easy is one of the best clinic management software in India. It covers all the workflow of a clinic, such as, patient registration, appointment scheduling, outpatient management, token announcement, prescription management, etc. This clinic management software offers an integrated module for managing important tasks like pharmacy and pathology reports and receipts. OPD Easy clinic management system allows doctors to maintain a proper medical record of all their patients in an organized way. Doctors can create a patient profile and keep adding the patients’ medical data to create their medical history for the future reference. Further, it also helps in monitoring the expenses of your clinic with a single click. Benefits of using OPD Easy clinic management system Here are some benefits of using OPD Easy Clinic Management Software: Centralized visibility of all the appointments for all the doctors working in the clinic. Single page reports constituting all the details of revenue and expenses along with the financial performance of the clinic. Improvement in physician practicing. Detailed history of all the patient visits. Improved and automated functions to store the information for pharmacy and pathological reports, including X-Ray, USG with rich formatting. Doctors/Clinic owners can set rates for quick billing. What are the features offered by OPD Easy clinic management software? Here is a list of features offered by OPD Easy software for clinics: Patient Registration Scheduling appointment Token announcement Prescription writing through doctor Day care management Billing and invoicing Pharmacy management Pathology report handling Financial Accounting File security What is the price of OPD Easy Clinic Management System? OPD Easy clinic management software price depends on the customization requirements for your clinic. We recommend you to please request a call from Techjockey. Our sales personnel will contact you with all the details. OPD Easy is one of the best clinic management software in India. It covers all the workflow of a clinic, such as, pati... Read More About OPD Easy
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Last Updated on : 23 Jun, 2021