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Static King Bulk SMS

Static King Bulk SMS

From Bulk SMS Software

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₹2,000.00/10000 SMS
What is Static King? Static King is a Bulk SMS gateway which is designed to cater to the needs of product/ service promotion by a business. Static King enables owners of the business to send promotional SMS in bulk and to a wider base of customers on short notice. Now, businesses and organisations do not need to rely on conventional measures for promotions, as they can appeal to a lot of customers without having to face too many hurdles. Static King provides flexibility in business by enabling users to send messages to their customer base from anywhere and anytime. Static King empowers users by providing the much-needed boost in any growing business. It provides promotional and bulk SMS services through a single platform. How Efficient is Static King? Having a user-friendly interface, businesses can easily adapt to this bulk SMS gateway for efficient business SMS marketing. The platform ensures guaranteed leads via SMS along with providing meaningful insights into the performance of promotional campaigns. With the feature of URL tracking, whenever bulk SMS is sent via Static King, the mobile application panel enables users to know about the Pin Code Country, ISP, Browser, Operator/Circle, IP Address, Delivered/Sent/failed, Location/City Report, etc. Pricing of Static King The pricing of this efficient bulk SMS sending platform depends upon the specific needs of users. The interested buyers are provided with an option to contact the company directly via email or phone calls, or you can simply fill up our contact form. Depending on your requirements, we will provide you with the best price in the market. How is Static King Different? Static King is beneficial for promoting the services and products of your business, thereby helping you connect with your potential customers and existing clients in an efficient manner. This enables a healthy relationship between the clients and the organization. The platform tends to increase a business’s reach and potential through the means of SMS marketing. When a business goes for the new age marketing, it generates efficiency by providing the freedom to send SMS from anywhere at any time with internet connection. The entire mechanism of Static King is designed by keeping in mind the benefits of the user as well as the brand image of your business. Static King is a Bulk SMS gateway which is designed to cater to the needs of product/ service promotion by a business.... Read More About Static King Bulk SMS
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Last Updated on : 15 Jun, 2021