14 Best Virtual Classroom Software for Live Classes Online

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January 17, 2024 14 Min read

In a changing learning setup where staying ahead of this competition is a challenge, learning institutions have to be geared towards smarter educational practices. Virtual classroom software is one such effort in the direction to facilitate learning in the most dynamic, systematized and enriching ways.

Smart classrooms and digital learning solutions are not only convenient or cost effective but also quite interactive.

Why Virtual Learning is Getting Popular?

Virtual learning is popular these days because firstly, it is engaging in nature. In the sense that so often educators resorting to gamification or demo sessions help knowledge seekers retain the lessons well. Further, online classrooms are more accessible, and anyone can participate from any part of the world.

Multiple learning tools that gel well with the requirements of a lesson put online learning platforms much more demand. The main crux being the series of opportunities and unique ways to overcome learning challenges that the smart classroom solutions offer.

What is Virtual Classroom Software for Online Teaching? 

Virtual classroom software ensures access to digital resources for an enriching learning experience. The diverse nature of learning tools offered by the platform has provided scope for meaningful interactions between students or knowledge seekers and trainers, instructors, educators, etc.

Virtual classroom platforms with their efficient learning management systems lets you create presentations, screen sharing files, assessments, automated learner enrollment, video/audio files, etc. for teaching purposes.

How to Run Online Classroom with Online Live Class Platform

Online live class platform is preferred by educational institutes to manage on-demand lectures and live sessions. In the time when online teaching and collaboration is getting popular, online live classroom platforms come as a saviour.

An online live class platform is used by tutors and educational institutes to live-stream classes and upload on-demand lectures. Live online class platforms have become even popular in difficult times like COVId-19 and are an important tool to share video content with students worldwide.

Professional video solutions like online live class platforms serve the specific needs of educators to host and broadcast videos with crystal-clear audio, HD video and better control over content sharing.

14 Best Virtual Classroom Software in 2024 India

Virtual classroom platforms are the need of the hour when an increasing number of remote students are eager to join the best classes online. Live classes help expand the horizon of learning and is providing institutes an opportunity to grow exponentially.

  • ezTalks

virtual classroom software

ezTalks Webinar virtual classroom software is a web and video conferencing tool for creating slideshows, presentations, whiteboard and other video/audio files.

Use the virtual classroom platform for quick file and screen sharing in order to keep the entire team aligned with current as well as upcoming tasks.

Key features of ezTalks Webinar:

  • Instant messaging
  • Audio conferencing
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Video webinar
  • Meeting control
  • Room calendar sync

Free trial: Free trial available for hundred minutes.  

Demo support: Available with the Techjockey team. 

Pricing: ezTalks virtual classroom software pricing starts at around ₹755 per host per month.

  • Moodle

Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is utilized for developing for learners customized lesson plans. The learning management system is used by educators for taking online classes in live mode.

You can also use this software for multimedia integration as well as sending automatic alerts and notifications. All in one calendar and plugin management are this virtual classroom software’s additional advantages. 

Key features of Moodle:

  • Easy to manage permissions and user roles
  • Detailed reporting with complete logs
  • Multilingual support
  • Outcomes and rubrics
  • Secured authentication with mass enrolment
  • Text editor
  • Self-assessment and peer review

Free trial: The best online class software offers free trial support. 

Demo support: Demo support is available on the vendor’s website. 

Pricing: The price of this virtual classroom software India is available on the official website on request.

  • Udemy

Udemy educational tool is a virtual classroom software for live online classes. The virtual classroom software in India offers tutorials from experts in relevant subject areas and offers online lessons on designated subjects.

Take advantage of lessons from subject matter experts from around the world through Udemy online teaching software.

Key features of Udemy:

  • Retargeting ads
  • Course catalogue
  • Action based email campaigns
  • External partnership promotions
  • As hoc email campaigns
  • Training videos
  • Teach hub

Free trial: The free online classes software, Udemy offers 7-day free trial 

Demo support: Free demo support available with us. 

Pricing: Udemy Team pricing plan starts at ₹27k per month, and includes branded dashboard, custom URL, iOS and Android app, etc.

  • Vedamo

live online classes software

Vedamo live online classes software provides highly interactive live online teaching experience. Online whiteboard, screen sharing options and breakout rooms make the teaching-learning sessions constructive and enriching.

This software used for creating in virtual classroom is used widely amongst educators in schools, universities and teaching organisations, the software is web-based and doesn’t require any additional hardware installation. 

Key features of Vedamo:

  • Blended learning services
  • Live face to face and virtual sessions
  • Records for both traditional and online training 
  • Course management
  • Screen sharing capabilities Breakout rooms

Free trial: The online classroom software offers a free thirty-day trial 

Demo support: Live demo support available on the vendor’s website 

Pricing: Vedamo online teaching software pricing starts at around ₹1890 per month and includes unlimited virtual classroom sessions.

  • LearnCube

LearnCube platform

LearnCube platform for corporate trainers, language institutes and tutoring organisations is used for uploading lesson material and multimedia content on website for courses and classes.

The virtual classroom software free trial is also available to familiarise users with online teaching, training and tutoring courses. 

Key features of LearnCube:

  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Quality audio/video services
  • Custom branding options
  • Conversation mode
  • Private/group classes
  • Class review
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Content marketplace

Free trial: 14-day free trial is available 

Demo support: All details regarding free demo and customization requirements are available with us. 

Pricing: You can avail the features of this virtual classroom software free with Basic plan.

  • Adobe Connect

virtual classroom software

Adobe Connect Learning is online class software used by trainers and educators for engaging content delivery. Use the best online class software platform to host, on-demand or live online classes from any location.

Teachers can use interactive whiteboards and annotations along with an integrated system of records for tracking the progress of the training sessions.

Key features of Adobe Connect:

  • Screen sharing
  • Meeting recording
  • Central content library
  • Polling
  • Multiple meeting rooms per user
  • VoIP
  • Collaboration builder SDK
  • User management and reporting

Free trial: AdobeConnect offers a 30-day free trial version. 

Demo support: Available on AdobeConnect’s website

Pricing: Adobe Connect pricing starts at around ₹3775 per month and includes features like immersive live and on-demand classes and content delivery options.

  • Electa Live

online teaching platform

Electa Live is a cross-platform online teaching platform used by educators/instructors for taking live courses and by students for attending online classes.

The virtual teaching software has a host of online teaching tools such as grade books, ebooks, homework assignments, etc. to make the entire learning process rich and fulfilling. 

Key Features of Electa Live:

  • Live sessions
  • Resource libraries
  • Recorded sessions
  • Integration
  • Testing and assessment
  • Flexible licensing models
  • Centralised management
  • Homework A quizzing

Free trial: Available 

Demo support: Electa virtual classroom software demo is available with the Techjockey team.  

Pricing: Electa virtual classroom platform’s plan starts at ₹2265 per month for one teacher and 25 attendees in a class.

  • BigBlueButton

open source content management system

BigBlueButton is an open source content management system providing web conferencing facilities to instructors and education professionals. The platform’s smart classroom solutions provide digital classroom features, such as presentations with whiteboard capabilities, and API access for easy integration into the existing systems.

Key features of BigBlueButton:

  • Commercial hosting
  • WCAG 2.0 AA and Section 508
  • Polling
  • Breakout rooms
  • Emojis
  • Webcam
  • Video/audio sharing
  • Private/public messages/Chats

Free trial: Free trial version for BigBlueButton is available.  

Demo support: Available with us. 

Pricing: BigBlueButton pricing details are available after the demo at the official website.

  • WizIQ

digital classroom solutions

WizIQ digital classroom solutions provide end to end learning mechanisms, such as polling, online whiteboard and live teaching sessions. The software for virtual classroom or smart class enabled software offers such e-learning tools that make the entire process available in high resolution format and a 5-way audio layout.

The online class software used for creating in virtual classroom can also be easily integrated with existing LMS such as Canvas, WordPress, Moodle, Blackboard, Joomla, Drupal, Sakai and Efront.

Key features of WizIQ:

  • Shared coding
  • Integrated development environment
  • Application sharing
  • Feature-rich multi-tabbed online whiteboard
  • Instructor led live classes

Free trial: Free trial offered for fourteen days. 

Demo support: Free demo support available with us. 

Pricing: WizIQ virtual classroom platform pricing starts at around ₹1890 per month and is billed annually.

  • TutorRoom

TutorRoom is an online teaching software for organising virtual classrooms with scheduling, live demos, updated courses, etc. You can take advantage of the software for the virtual classroom management system by utilising its bright homepage that further help receives a short glance at upcoming classes.

Key features of Tutor Room:

  • Credit cost for each class
  • Booking button
  • Backend resource upload
  • PDF samples
  • Tutor profile
  • Backend scheduling
  • Credit weight
  • ABC credit system
  • Backend management system

Free trial: TutorRoom online classroom software offers free trial support. 

Demo support: You can connect with us for a free demo. 

Pricing: The price of this virtual classroom software is available on request at their official website.

  • BrainCert

It’s a cloud-based e-learning platform to provide online classes on diverse subjects and course curriculum to your students. With live video conferences, whiteboards and chats, live classroom sessions become quite interesting. 

BrainCert is a unified training application used for teaching and collaborating online. The free online classes software helps with real-time collaboration as well as doing online custom training.

The best online class software also supports access controls, tools for social networking and easy content management. 

Key Features of BrainCert Free Online Classes Software 

  • Web conferencing in real-time 
  • Integration with LMS and CMS apps 
  • Real-time videos for proctored exams 
  • Attendance reports & multiple whiteboards 
  • Group screen sharing 
  • Customized meeting rooms 

Free trial: Available 

Demo support: Free demo support for this free online classes software is available with Techjockey. 

Pricing: Paid plans start from ₹ 2827. Host videos and content and integrate eCommerce applications with this platform. 

PeopleLink online live class platform is widely used by teachers to organize e-tutoring for their students even beyond the traditional classroom setup. One of its prominent features is rich content sharing, video and audio customization.  

PeopleLink video conferencing solution is deployed for sharing videos, audios and such content. The best virtual classroom platform supports quick customization of video and audio meets for training & educational purposes.

The online classroom software also supports an interactive touch screen for the best display.  

Key Features of PeopleLink: 

  • Document and screen sharing 
  • Integrated digital whiteboard 
  • Video rotation & meeting recordings 
  • Access controls for managing trainees & attendees 

Free trial: 15-day free trial available 

Demo support: Free demo support for this virtual classroom software is available with us. 

Pricing: Pricing information available on request with team Techjockey.  

  • Smartometry

e-Gurukul is a virtual classroom software by Smartometry that utilizes interactive learning technologies to make online live classes possible. It’s a secure network with advanced features for content sharing, audio and video recording, etc.

Most importantly, this online live class platform supports up to 250 participant locations during any session. Smartometry is an interactive whiteboarding solution for hosting smart and virtual classrooms.

The virtual classroom software India provides an exam scheduler for efficient lesson planning and high-quality video display. You can also use this online classroom software for instant messaging and maintaining contact books. 

Key Features of Smartometry: 

  • Built-in content library 
  • Professional drawing modules for geometry and maps 
  • Smart handwriting recognition 
  • Optical finger touch sensors 

Free trial: NA 

Demo support: Techjockey offers free demo support and expert consulting. 

Pricing: Paid plans start from ₹2490. More details available with us. 

  • Easyclass

Easyclass live online class platform helps educators in not just taking online classes but also managing content sharing for course material, assignments, etc.

The software used for virtual classrooms can also monitor the performance of students through grades, quizzes and exams and provide timely feedback for improvement. Easyclass is an education technology app used for handling the data and running schools.

The best online class software is trusted for preparing open-ended and multi-choice exams using separate evaluation formulas. You can also assign due dates to assignments using Easyclass. 

Key Features of Easyclass: 

  • Customizable dashboard 
  • Monitoring exam due dates 
  • Flexible enrolment & assessment system 
  • Feedback and score management 
  • Notifications for assignments & evaluations 
  • Option for hosting quizzes/classes 

Free trial: Available with further details on a vendor website  

Demo support: NA  

Pricing: Details available on the vendor’s website.

How to choose the best virtual classroom software? 

The best virtual classroom software has to have the following requisites for conducting successful online training and teaching sessions. These are:

  • Video conferencing functionality:

    Video conferencing helps connect trainees with their instructors while also synchronizing with students from other departments.

  • Interactive features:

    Interactive features within online classroom software help students connect easily with their instructors for both pre-recorded and live sessions.

  • Timed tests:

    The best virtual classroom platform supports a timed test feature so that no manual intervention is required. Such tests get timed out automatically at the set time.

  • Instant messaging:

    Paid & free online classes software lets everyone connect immediately with their trainers/instructors for live Q&A sessions, learner evaluation, etc.

  • Reference modules:

    Reference modules in the form of indices, appendices and rich links provide references for getting answers to doubts or queries.

  • Progress metrics:

    Best online class software offers progress metrics like screen activity and tracking logins for understanding the progress made by a trainee or a learner.

How to Use Virtual Classroom Software for Online Teaching? 

Enlisted here are the steps to using virtual classroom software for online teaching.

Step 1- Create your account

You need to first create an account with online classroom software. Once the signing up is done, you can start setting up your virtual classroom immediately. 

Step 2- Enter all details

Virtual classroom software India lets you enter all details like the institute’s logo, school information, teachers’ details, etc. for creating the login links. Such links can be later on used by students and trainers for login in. 

Step 3- Check the dashboard

This step entails checking the dashboard for the number of students you have, total instructors available and the lessons that need to be taught.  

Step 4- Scheduling classes

The schedule section within online classroom software is important for creating classes that can be accessed using high-quality video streaming.  

Step 5- Set up is ready

The set up is now complete and you can build courses here, access resource libraries, record session, grade lessons and conduct live virtual sessions.

How to Find the Best Virtual Classroom Software for Live Online Classes

Education management tools depend upon sources such as smart classes, virtual lessons and such digital solutions to make interactive learning accessible to even the farthest of situated learners.

Learners and knowledge seekers on the other are free to select the best course available that matches their understanding levels and course requirements.

While selecting from the list of best virtual classroom software, look for some essential features like HD video, session recording, mobile connectivity and advanced sharing capabilities.

These features of online teaching software will help you connect with an increasing number of students online through virtual classroom platforms.

FAQs on Virtual Classroom Software

  1. What is the best way to teach virtually?

    The best online classroom software solutions are a good way to start teaching/training online. Inbuilt modules in the software support easy setting and conducting of virtual classes.

  2. Which free software is best for online teaching?

    Thinkific, TalentLMS, Blackboard Collaborate, Tovuti LMS and Airstack.

  3. How do you set up an online classroom?

    Log in to account > Create login links for teachers/ trainers > Add institue logo > Commence further

Check the dashboard now for details regarding the total number of registered students, trainers & lessons. Schedule classes accordingly and the set up for an online classroom software is now complete.

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