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Best Application Performance Monitoring Software in 2024

What is APM Monitoring Tool?

APM tools help organizations maintain high performance and availability of critical applications. They measure performance, alert administrators, provide visibility into the root causes of issues, and automatically resolve many performance issues before they impact users or the business. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Best Application Performance Monitoring Tools

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Salesforce Platform

Salesforce Platform

Brand: Salesforce

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Salesforce Platform enables developers to build custom cloud-based applications. It provides powerful tools that let organizations quickly develop and dep... Read More About Salesforce Platform img

Price On Request



Brand: Cisco Systems

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AppDynamics is an application performance management software with which enterprises can monitor the performance of business-specific apps in an accurate... Read More About AppDynamics img

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SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

Brand: SolarWinds

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SolarWinds Network Performance Manager is a network monitoring solution with offline working capabilities. The software helps IT enterprises to reduce ne... Read More About SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor img

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4.5 out of 5

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Teramind is an advanced employee monitoring software which is suitable for small and medium enterprises, multinational organisations, governmental entitie... Read More About Teramind img

₹1,233 /Month

New Relic Apm

New Relic Apm

Brand: Symantec

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New Relic APM is a cloud-based application performance management software for enterprises using which they can find out error rates, monitor performance... Read More About New Relic Apm img

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PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor

Brand: Paessler AG


4.3 out of 5

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The accurate and real-time maps provided by the software enables its users to get a detailed view of their network. The software features 300+ map objects... Read More About PRTG Network Monitor img


WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold

Brand: ipSwitch

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discovery results provided by the software. Users can click on any device synced with WhatsUp Gold and instantly get access to a wealth of related network... Read More About WhatsUp Gold img

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Brand: Spiceworks

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Spiceworks helps you run a ship-shape help desk, at the office and on the road. It acts as a customer service software and helps you manage user tickets. I... Read More About Spiceworks img

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Accedian Skylight Pvx

Accedian Skylight Pvx


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Accedian Skylight Pvx is a complete Application Performance Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Application Perfo... Read More About Accedian Skylight Pvx img

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Magic Xpa Application Platform

Magic Xpa Application Platform

Brand: MAGIC

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Magic Xpa Application Platform is a complete Application Performance Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Applicat... Read More About Magic Xpa Application Platform img

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Last Updated on : 12 Jun, 2024

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Software listed

Best Application Performance Monitoring Tools FAQ’s

Software questions,

APM tools, or application monitoring software, track and analyze performance metrics for both users and computational resources. They gather data from IT infrastructure to identify and address performance issues and application errors effectively.

Some of the best application monitoring tools in the market include New Relic, Dynatrace, AppDynamics, SolarWinds, and Datadog.   

To choose the best application monitoring tools for your organization involves a thorough evaluation of various factors. Consider aspects such as pricing, ease of use, deployment preferences (SaaS or on-premise), compatibility with major cloud platforms like AWS and Microsoft Azure, as well as the range of supported technologies including Java, Apache, Python, SAP ABAP, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, among others. By carefully assessing these criteria, you can make a well-informed decision to choose the most suitable APM solution for your specific requirements.  

Application Performance Monitoring Tools Price List In India

Application Performance Monitoring Tools Cost
Top Application Performance Monitoring Tools Starting Price Rating
Teramind ₹1233.00 /Month4.5
PRTG Network Monitor$2149.00 4.3

Buyer's Guide for Top Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Found our list of Application Performance Monitoring Tools helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What are Application Performance Monitoring Tools?
  • Who Uses Application Performance Monitoring Tools?
  • Why You Should Be Using an APM Tool
  • APM Tools Vs APM Platforms
  • APM Tools
  • APM Platforms
  • Common Features of Application Performance Monitoring Tools
  • Benefits of Application Performance Monitoring Tools
  • Top Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tools Examples
  • Factors to Consider When Buying APM Tools
  • 1. Range of Supported Tech Stacks and Scalability
  • 2. Provision of Root Cause Analysis
  • 3. Ease of Set-up
  • 4. Range of Third-Party Integrations & Collaboration Techniques
  • 5. Product Maintenance & Customer Support

What are Application Performance Monitoring Tools?

APM application performance monitoring tools are essential for tracking the real-time performance metrics of mobile, web-based, and desktop applications. This software helps users to customize baseline performance metrics so that the applications can meet the minimum requirements for uptime and efficiency. 

APM tools identify failures or slowdowns within the entire application topology and also reveal weak components that need strengthening for optimal function. The root-cause analysis process becomes more straightforward with APM software, as it precisely pinpoints failure points, leading to a quicker return to normal function.

Who Uses Application Performance Monitoring Tools?

In digital infrastructure management, Application Performance Monitoring tools contribute significantly to the seamless functioning of applications. Here is who employ these tools to enhance overall system health and performance;

  1. IT Administrators: IT administrators employ APM software to vigilantly monitor their company's applications. A crucial tool in their toolkit, app performance monitoring software assists IT professionals in managing digital assets. By promptly addressing performance issues as they emerge, IT administrators ensure the consistency and efficiency of their company's digital landscape.
  2. Developers: Developers utilize application monitoring software to stay updated on the performance of their created applications. Employing APM tools empowers developers to evaluate and contrast performance with predefined benchmarks. This proactive strategy allows for prompt initiation of the remediation process when performance issues arise. This guarantees an experience for end users that is both consistent and of high quality.

Why You Should Be Using an APM Tool

Undoubtedly, the significance of APM monitoring tools cannot be overstated. These tools help companies in identifying and addressing issues before they escalate. For enterprises aiming for growth or consolidation, a thorough assessing processes, identifying system flaws, and understanding user experience is important. APM tools help navigate through the complexity of multiple locations and diverse technologies to locate potential issues. Here's why integrating an APM tool into your infrastructure is not just beneficial but essential;

  • APM tools break down operational silos and offer a unified view for seamless collaboration
  • Simulate user interactions to identify issues before impacting real users with synthetic transactions
  • Receive immediate notifications for deviations, ensuring swift responses with real-time alerts
  • Proactively identify and troubleshoot issues for a stable environment through automatic abnormality detection
  • Evaluate the impact of changes before deployment so that your application runs smoothly in testing environments
  • Visualize interconnected components for simplified troubleshooting with service maps
  • Ensure consistent performance for enhanced customer satisfaction and excellent customer service.

APM Tools Vs APM Platforms

Organizations commonly initiate their APM journey by incorporating APM tools but gradually advance to APM platforms. Now, explore the distinctions between the two;

APM Tools

Initially, organizations often implement APM tools, which are designed to focus on specific aspects of application performance. These tools serve as point solutions, helping identify specialized issues. However, as businesses progress, they might adopt various APM monitoring tools that lack integration, making it difficult to see the whole picture of how their applications operate. This fragmentation can lead to challenges in identifying root causes and resolving performance issues, impacting user experience and revenue generation.

APM Platforms

On the other hand, APM platforms represent a more advanced stage in the APM journey. These solutions integrate AI and automation to offer a unified approach which helps in accurate, context-aware analysis of the application environment.

Specifically designed for cloud-native environments, a modern APM platform offers coverage across the entire hybrid multi-cloud network. Through constant monitoring of the entire system stack for performance issues and abnormalities, businesses employing APM platforms can accurately and swiftly pinpoint the root cause of problems.

In essence, APM platforms offer a holistic and streamlined approach to application performance management, addressing the limitations often associated with using multiple standalone APM testing tools.

Common Features of Application Performance Monitoring Tools

  • Metric Dashboard: A fundamental feature within APM software is the metric dashboard, providing users with a visually intuitive representation of current functionality data. This graphical interface includes  important metrics such as response time meters and usage load charting. It serves as a centralized hub for quick and easy interpretation of key performance indicators.
  • Alerting: The alerting feature in app performance monitoring software is a proactive mechanism that issues immediate warnings when performance falls below established levels. This functionality ensures timely responses to potential issues by automatically notifying teams through email, heads-up desktop notifications, or even text notifications to key engineers and management.
  • Comprehensive Tracking: Application performance management tools allow users to monitor all applications regardless of their hosting location by offering real-time tracking. This tracking covers both cloud-based and local infrastructure and provides a unified view for optimized decision-making.
  • Transaction and Topology Analysis: For a detailed understanding of each transaction step, APM testing tools offer transaction and topology analysis. This end-to-end visibility eliminates any uncertainties about application functionality at each step. Armed with comprehensive data, users can make informed decisions to optimize functionality based.

Benefits of Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Application performance monitoring tools play a crucial role in not only improving application performance but also enhancing consumer satisfaction and saving valuable resources. Here are some of its benefits;

  • Improve Application Performance: At the core of application monitoring tools is the ability to elevate application performance. These solutions provide immediate alerts when performance levels dip below the optimal threshold. Taking a proactive stance enables businesses to promptly tackle any issues that arise.
  • Increase Consumer Satisfaction: A swift resolution to functionality issues is a key driver of consumer satisfaction. APM tools are essential for identifying areas of strain and bottlenecks in the application structure. By honing in on these areas, companies can troubleshoot precisely where it is needed and can have happy consumers.
  • Save Money: Application downtime can have significant financial implications, affecting both productivity and resources. APM solutions create an environment conducive to optimal application performance, thereby reducing downtime, improving reliability, and ultimately driving customer acquisition and retention. The cost savings are twofold – minimizing losses in service provision time and streamlining the resources required for issue resolution.

Top Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tools Examples

Some of the top APM tools include;

Top Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tools
Softwares Features Prices
Salesforce Platform Increase Productivity, APIs integration, Deployment, Management, Drag & Drop, Data Modeling Price On Request
SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor Performance Tools, Network Monitoring, Network Monitoring Alert, Lan Monitoring, Fault Management Price On Request
Teramind User Activity Monitoring, Data Loss Prevention, User Behavior Analytics, Policy Management, Audit & Forensics Price On Request
New Relic APM Application Monitoring, Database Monitoring, Availability & Error Monitoring, Reports, Team collaboration Price On Request
PRTG Network Monitor Configuration, Reporting, Flexible Alerting, Multi User, Failover Solution Price On Request
WhatsUp Gold Application Performance Monitoring, Network Traffic & Bandwidth Monitoring, Configuration Management, Virtualization, Cloud Monitoring Price On Request
Spiceworks Ticket Management, Custom Reports Management, Organization Management, Help Desk Management, Inventory Management Price On Request
Accedian Skylight Pvx Network Monitor, Network Management Price On Request
Pulseway Mobile App, Server Modules, Automation, Patch Management, Remote Control Price On Request
Germain APM Business insights, Analytics & Reporting, Process Automations, Plugins and Widgets, Progress Tracking Price On Request

Factors to Consider When Buying APM Tools

Finding the right server and application monitoring tools for your specific needs requires a careful evaluation of several key factors. When considering the purchase of an APM tool, keep the following aspects in mind;

1. Range of Supported Tech Stacks and Scalability

The first crucial step is verifying whether an APM tool supports your application's tech stack. A tool should align with the programming languages and frameworks your app operates on. It becomes imperative, especially in complex setups, to seek a platform covering all components, be it web and mobile front ends or containerized backends like Kubernetes. Additionally, choose an APM testing tool that not only handles your app's tech stack but can also adapt to it, especially if you're using a Kubernetes-based monitoring platform. It should seamlessly scale its operations across your entire workload.

Ensure your application performance management tool delivers real-time data for effective performance monitoring. The quicker it reports incidents, the faster you can resolve them, reducing the Mean Time to Response (MTTR).

2. Provision of Root Cause Analysis

APM tools excel in their capability for root cause analysis. It offers critical insights that expedite incident resolution. Choosing a tool with support for this feature reduces the time required to address incidents. During the evaluation phase, it's recommended to test this capability with your live application through free trials commonly offered by APM tools.

3. Ease of Set-up

The initial set-up experience profoundly influences a user's perception of any software product. Opt for an application monitoring system with a user-friendly installation process to avoid potential challenges later on. Look for tools with required documentation, quick data collection initiation from setup, and a smooth process without unexplained gaps.

4. Range of Third-Party Integrations & Collaboration Techniques

The interoperability of an APM tool is crucial, and a diverse range of third-party integrations enhances its functionality. Effective collaboration features, such as seamless communication and task assignment within the tool's interface, are valuable. Consider tools that support webhooks for prompt alerting and collaborating natively.

5. Product Maintenance & Customer Support

After the purchase, ongoing maintenance and customer support become critical factors. Reviews and case studies provide insights into a vendor's past performance. A long-term relationship with an APM platform necessitates a vendor who acknowledges the evolving nature of this partnership. Regular maintenance is vital for the growth of any application monitoring tools, ensuring it keeps pace with industry trends, advancements, and security threats.

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