Work from Home Collaboration Tools for Effective Business Communication

Collaboration Tools


Communication is the key to any business functioning. Planning, strategizing, budgeting, customer service and all other processes demand a joined-up approach. However, in-person communication is not always possible, especially when your employees are working remotely from home.

Collaboration Tools

In today’s digital era, there are many collaboration tools which are bridging distances and ensuring an effective business communication.

What are Online Collaboration Tools?

Online collaboration tools are web-based platforms and mobile applications, which allow teams to collaborate through virtual meetings, video conferencing, screen sharing, online file sharing, etc.

What’s the Importance of Collaboration Tools for Business?

As per a study, around 85 percent of employees believe that the lack of communication is one of the major reasons for missed project deadlines or project failure.

Is the lack of business communication impacting your work-related projects too? 

Online collaboration tools can help in improving the process of business communication in your organization and ensure uninterrupted audio and video conversations.

In this blog, we have listed the 15 top collaboration tools that can help improve team collaboration and the communication with your clients.

Collaboration Tools Examples: 16 Best Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams

We have created an exhaustive list of team collaboration tools and platforms, which you can use to explore new business opportunities together.

  • Office 365

Office 365

There are many Office 365 collaboration tools for project managers, which can make collaboration super easy in the time of lockdown and new business ideas during lockdown . Office Online allows teams to work together on presentations through PowerPoint and Excel reports. And there are other tools like OneDrive, Calendar, Planner, Teams and Skype for Business to share content, documents and ensure a hassle-free workflow.

Why Choose Office 365

  • Advanced set of capabilities
  • Robust security measures
  • Compliance leadership
  • Promotes teamwork & productivity
  • Supports third-party integrations
  • Slack

Collaboration Tools

Slack collaboration tool for business helps people across silos through conversations and file sharing. It creates a shared channel, allowing businesses to collaborate with people from other companies through messages, voice and video calls.

Slack can be easily integrated with popular platforms like Office 365 and Google Drive to streamline the work. Also, it comes with a Workflow Builder to automate routine tasks.

Why Choose Slack

  • No incidence of security compromises
  • Ensures higher scalability
  • Provides manageability & extensibility
  • Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a smart messaging app that assist in faster and effective team communication. This office chat app is used by small businesses and big enterprises for instant messaging, audio & video calling, screen sharing, audio messaging, and more. From one-on-one instant messaging to unlimited group conversations, Troop Messenger never lets the communication flow break. You can also add external parties like your clients and vendors to your communication channels as Orange members for hassle-free collaboration.

Why Choose Troop Messenger Collaboration Tool

  • Supports instant messaging with the options for message recall, copying single or multiple chat conversations, forwarding messages to multiple groups, etc.
  • Uninterrupted video calls to discuss about projects and deadlines with your team.
  • You can customize your chat background with interactive themes and wallpapers.
  • It helps receive and share crystal clear audio messages.
  • You will get private chat windows where messages will not be saved.
  • Also helps in live location tracking of your teammates.
  • Supports file sharing & screen sharing during one-on-one and group chats.
  • Asana

Business communication

Asana is an effective project management tool, which allows tracking the work in progress by individual team members and task deadlines. Using Asana, you can manage all details of your work and map out every step for your team members.

Asana further assists with cross-team work management through request forms. Asana forms help define the task clearly for everyone to be on the same page.

Why Choose Asana

  • Helps increase team accountability
  • Better communication about work
  • Helps define clear team goals
  • You can strategize on meeting deadlines
  • Loom

Process of business communication

Loom is a screen recorder software, which allows users to record audio and video on their desktop and mobile screen and share interactive messages across. So, instead of attending in-person meetings, you can record your messages with expressions and share with your clients and customers.

Loom ensures faster recording and instant sharing. If required, you can also trim your video and add call to actions.

Why Choose Loom

  • It’s one of the best free collaboration tools
  • Makes easy to demonstrate product details
  • Easier to explain the proof of concepts
  • Free unlimited cloud storage
  • GoToMeeting

Collaboration software

Now, your employees can work remotely and still stay connected with GoToMeeting video conferencing software. It supports up to 250 participants and facilitates digital meetings through video to slides, unlimited recording, meeting transcriptions and call me features. It also supports screen sharing, conference calling, meeting recording and transcription.

Why Choose GoToMeeting

  • One-click meetings
  • HDFaces video conferencing
  • Desktop/application sharing
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Drawing boards
  • Cisco WebEx

Enterprise collaboration system

Online meetings and video conferencing become much simpler with Cisco WebEx. With this online collaboration tool, you can connect with people across your company and hold events, webinars, meetings, etc.

Also, you can connect with your customers and prospects remotely to provide remote support and online product demonstrations.

Why Choose CiscoWebEx

  • Support for multiple languages
  • Content storage integration
  • Meeting capacity
  • Personal rooms with advanced features
  • Video conferencing capabilities
  • AnyDesk

Task management tool

AnyDesk remote desktop software is an important tool for IT professionals to access a computer remotely. This helps in fixing issues, if any, to ensure uninterrupted workflow. Other employees can also use AnyDesk remote desktop software to hold online meetings, transfer files and record the sessions.

Why Choose AnyDesk

  • Home office
  • Remote support
  • Encryption technology
  • Multi-platform support
  • File transfer
  • Remote printing
  • TeamViewer 14

Online collaboration tools

TeamViewer 14 is another popular remote desktop software, which allows employers to set up connection between computers and access files, programs and networks. It further automates repetitive processes and ensures data transfer at a much faster speed.

TeamViewer is widening the scope of providing remote support to your customers and provide them visual guidance to fix issues faster.

Why Choose TeamViewer

  • Remote desktop
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote access
  • Secure unattended access
  • Online meetings & presentation
  • Online teamwork
  • Training session
  • MindMeister

Team collaboration tools

MindMeister online mind mapping tool is popularly used by remote employees to brainstorm and get the creative ideas flowing. This mind map editor provides exclusive features for project planning, note taking, presentations and mind map sharing.

Project managers can collaborate with as many members as they want and share mind maps with them to brainstorm together. Project managers can largely benefit from this tool to discuss ideas, share comments and take vote on ideas.

Why Choose MindMeister

  • Helps organize thoughts and ideas
  • Multi-platform support
  • Free option of MindMeister is available
  • Export feature is there
  • It’s easy to use
  • Wrike

Project management software

Wrike online project management software is already in demand among project managers working remotely. This work collaboration software is used by project managers to manage their resources better and track the work progress. It also helps analyse project barriers and take immediate steps to bring the team back on track.

Why Choose Wrike

  • Cross-project prioritization
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Professional project management
  • Provides task management tools & templates
  • Integration with Google Docs
  • Canva

Work management software

Canva is one of the best collaboration tools for designers, which is extremely simple to use with its drag and drop features. It provides in-built professional layouts, free filters, multiple fonts, and free icons and shapes to help your employees collaborate and share their ideas through interactive designs.

Why Choose Canva

  • You don’t need design expertise to use it
  • Designs can be shared with teams with edit access
  • Provides designs for different social media platforms
  • You can use the free account of Canva
  • Dropbox

Workflow management software

Dropbox is a productivity tool, which helps freelancers and employees working from home to stay focused and organized. This file storage and sharing platform keeps documents in customized files and folders. Thus, you team will spend less time on file searching and focus more on pushing projects forward.

Why Choose Dropbox

  • You can upload & save your files
  • File sharing options
  • Create folder to share multiple files in one go
  • You can share links with non-Dropbox users
  • Podio

Collaboration tools examples

Podio work management software is trusted by businesses and leaders across the world to manage their workflow smartly. It ensures tighter collaboration between remote teams and make conversations and content sharing easier.

You can clearly define roles of your team members to ensure faster communication and an improved delivery time.

Why Choose Podio Workflow Management Software

  • Helps with project planning & development
  • Workflow management & collaboration
  • Runs on both, web and mobile apps
  • Helps with expense reporting
  • Flowdock

Collaboration tools for remote teams

Flowdock promotes group chats for teams and helps bring all conversations on a single platform. Now, remote teams can come together virtually to brainstorm, prioritize work and remove any hurdle in project completion.

Why Choose Flowdock

  • Organized collaboration
  • Integration inbox
  • You can customize your tool belt
  • Flock

Flock collaboration software

Flock collaboration software makes communication effortless through video calls, powerful tools, powerful search and app integrations. Its not just a communication platform but also provides productivity tools to manage work from a central platform. Along with personal and group chats, you can also initiate video calls through Flock’s video conferencing tools.

Why Choose Flock

  • You can discuss projects
  • Achieve real-time project completion
  • Have a direct chat or connect with a group
  • Attend video calls with just a click

Popular Features of Collaboration Tools

Collaboration between an organization and its employees and clients is important to share ideas and achieve bigger goals. With the following features, collaboration tools speed up these processes:

  • Document Management
  • Task Management
  • Project Management
  • File Sharing
  • Content Creation
  • Internal Communication
  • Social Communication Management

How to Pick the Right Digital Collaboration Tool

Not all work management tool and enterprise collaboration system provide the same features. It’s important that you find the right collaboration tool that can be used seamlessly by your remote employees. To get an effective digital collaboration tool, you need to look for the following functions:

  • Check for security features, as your organizational data must not go in wrong hands.
  • See if a given collaboration tool is compatible with existing solutions in your organizational ecosystem.
  • Create a checklist of features, such as meeting schedules, shared calendar, project tracking and due dates, etc. 
  • Don’t go for the latest tool, see what’s popular among other users.

Summing Up

Even in the time of uncertainties, the business must go on! And with the help of these best collaboration tools, you don’t need to bother about managing remote employees. Just collaborate online and stay on the top of your game.


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