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Brand: AnyDesk

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, iOS, Android, Linux

Free Trial Available: Yes

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AnyDesk Software Overview

What is AnyDesk Software?

AnyDesk is the fastest remote desktop software, which is used by IT professionals to connect with a remote device to fix issues if any. This way, AnyDesk software ensures that an employee can work uninterruptedly even from a remote location. With different versions of AnyDesk for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, FreeBSD, Raspberry Pi, and Chrome OS, users can collaborate and work together on a single file. To ensure data security this software provides military-grade TLS security, which prevents unauthorized access.

AnyDesk remote support software further helps employees collaborate remotely and work a document simultaneously. These files can also be shared online with AnyDesk online software. You can use its ‘transfer tab’ to ensure seamless file transfer. It is one of the most trusted, secure and reliable remote desktop applications to help your employees collaborate and communicate with ease. 

How does AnyDesk Remote Control Software help with Online Collaboration?

AnyDesk remote desktop software is used by professionals to collaborate remotely over meetings and presentations. AnyDesk for Windows 10 & Mac can also be used to record online meetings. With the help of AnyDesk remote desktop protocol or RDP software, you can bring as many users as you want on the same platform for collaboration.

How to use AnyDesk app? 

Go to the Google Play Store/ iOS store and install AnyDesk app. Go to security settings and untick all permissions. Share the number under ‘Your Address’ on the home screen of the app with the person with whose device you want to connect. After the person enters the number into AnyDesk app, you will be connected. To end the session and stop AnyDesk screen sharing, tap on the little X next to the guest’s name on home screen.

AnyDesk Review: How AnyDesk Ensures Seamless Remote Desktop Functioning

With AnyDesk remote desktop software, you can transfer data at the speed of 60 fps. Anydesk for Windows 10 & Mac works uninterruptedly even when the internet bandwidth is low. It further ensures remote support service and complete data security of critical files. 

AnyDesk Features

AnyDesk remote desktop software is used by IT professionals majorly for handling these functions:  

  1. Remote Support- AnyDesk tool is a computer access software that provides remote service and efficient customer solutions no matter where you are located. 
  2. Performance- AnyDesk is fast enough to access remote desktops at bandwidth as low as 100kB/s to high screen resolutions devices. 
  3. Security- AnyDesk for Windows 10 and Mac uses TLS 1.2 technology to avoid any unauthorized access. It also uses RSA 2048 asymmetric encryption. 
  4. Administration- With the help of an inbuilt address book in AnyDesk for Windows 10, you can know which contacts are online. 
  5. Flexibility- AnyDesk software can be run on any platform be it Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, FreeBSD, Raspberry Pi and Chrome OS.. 
  6. Licensing- AnyDesk licenses are designed in such a manner so that all program versions are compatible with each other. 

AnyDesk Pricing

AnyDesk remote desktop software is available in three different plans, keeping in mind different business requirements: 

  1. AnyDesk Lite Pricing at Rs 9192/-. It is an ideal plan for freelancers and small business owners and allows one user to access one device with multiple endpoints. 
  2. AnyDesk Professional Price at Rs 17736/-. This plan is for mid-sized businesses, and allows multiple users access to multiple endpoints at a time. 
  3. AnyDesk Power Pricing at Rs 44820/- This plan is ideal for organizations and ensure more concurrent sessions.
  4. The basic plan of AnyDesk remote support software starts only at Rs 765 per user per month.

To discuss about AnyDesk price plans and devise the plan for AnyDesk installation, you can request a call back. 

AnyDesk App for Your Mobile Workforce

Anydesk mobile version download for Android & iOS helps remote teams collaborate and work together. Whether you are AnyDesk for iPhone or AnyDesk for Android user, remote desktop performance can be managed easily.

AnyDesk for Windows

AnyDesk for PC is available in different versions for Windows users:

  1. AnyDesk for Windows 10
  2. AnyDesk for Windows 7 (32 bit & 64 bit)
  3. AnyDesk for Windows XP 

AnyDesk for Mac

AnyDEsk for Mac is quite a popular version among its users. You can also opt for AnyDesk for iPad, AnyDEsk for Ubuntu and AnyDesk for Linux depending on your existing operating system. 

AnyDesk Latest Version

AnyDesk's new version is the sixth major update of this remote desktop software. AnyDesk online is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, Vista and Windows XP. AnyDesk 3.5 is another popular version of AnyDesk remote desktop software.   

AnyDesk Features

  • Remote Support You can fix any problem in a system and ensure outstanding customer service with AnyDesk software. 
  • Cross-Compatibility AnyDesk is compatible with all types of operating systems, be it Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux or Chrome OS. 
  • High Frame Rates  It ensures faster data transmission with low latency at 60 frames per second. 
  • Low Latency At 16 milliseconds, AnyDesk’s latency is quite low and non-perceptible. 
  • Efficient Bandwidth Use You can perform uninterruptedly with AnyDesk when the bandwidth is low. It works even at bandwidth around 100kB/sec. 
  • Highly Innovative Technology AnyDesk works with an innovative codec termed as DeskRT. It helps in transferring data between systems quickly and
  • Quickstart You just have to download AnyDesk and start using it right away. It doesn’t ask for any administrative privileges.
  • Fail-Safe Erlang Network With Erlang communication technology, it ensures higher uptime at low latency. 
  • Demanding Applications Higher bandwidth efficiency and the lower dependency on data-intensive applications make this remote desktop software
  • Encryption Technology  It works on the next level encryption technology - Banking-standard TLS 1.2 technology, which prevents any unauthorized
  • Verified Connections Every connection is verified with RSA 2048 asymmetric key exchange. 
  • Access Restrictions You can whitelist trusted desks and control access to any system. 
  • Use Own Network  You can use your own enterprise network to operate uninterruptedly even with low internet bandwidth. 
  • Work From Anywhere You can access your computer from anywhere to perform important tasks. 
  • Maximum compatibility It works even on older versions of operating systems, such as, Windows 7.
  • Lightweight  The size of AnyDesk is just 3MB and can be downloaded on the go. 
  • International AnyDesk supports more than 28 languages with different keyboards. 
  • File Transfer  It provides the ‘new transfer tab’ to share files between different systems. 
  • Remote printing This feature ensures speed and convenience in getting documents printed from any location. 
  • Manage Contacts It comes with a built-in address book, which helps track contacts and connections seamlessly. 
  • Online Administration Panel This remote desktop software allows users to access licenses, settings and session logs. 
  • Detailed Session Reporting Get detailed billing information and session reports with AnyDesk remote access software. 
  • Customization You can add your own logo, so that the software sync with your brand identity. 
  • Remote Reboot  It makes rebooting simple and straightforward, so that no obstruction comes in your way. 
  • Automated Roll Out AnyDesk can be rolled out on multiple systems and configured accordingly. 
  • Scalable Licensing AnyDesk provides different plans for teams of all sizes to support their efforts to access systems remotely. 
  • Multi-Seat AnyDesk supports multi-seat sessions and charges only for the active ones. 
  • Always up to Date  AnyDesk license includes charges for any future updates to enhance performance. 
  • Power Option The Power tariff option allows opening as many sessions as you want and share the screen with multiple attendees at a

AnyDesk Plans & Pricing

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Remote Support
High Frame Rates
Low Latency
Efficient Bandwidth Use
Highly Innovative Technology
Fail-Safe Erlang Network
Demanding Applications
Encryption Technology
Verified Connections
Access Restrictions
Use Own Network

AnyDesk Specifications

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  • Windows iOS Android Linux
  • DesktopMobileTabletiPad
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  • ITES
  • All Businesses
  • English

AnyDesk Reviews


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Ease of Use 4.7/5
Customer Support 4.6/5
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ravinder nath


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“Easy Accessible”

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Posted - Nov 10, 2018


Vivek Jha


Value for Money
Ease of use
Customer Support

“Quick Utilization”

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Posted - Mar 26, 2019


Binod Gupta


Value for Money
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“top class service”

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Posted - Sep 1, 2018

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AnyDesk FAQ

Q. Do I need to be physically present for establishing a remote session? arrow

A. No, you can utilise the Unattended Access feature and then set ‘password for unattended access’ for establishing remote access.

Q. Will it be possible to run AnyDesk simultaneously with other remote tools? arrow

A. Yes, you can easily run sessions of AnyDesk and other remote apps simultaneously.

Q. Do updates come as a part of AnyDesk Licenses? arrow

A. You can always access updates as a part of AnyDesk license.

Q. How to connect automatically using AnyDesk? arrow

A. AnyDesk has a speed dial feature where you can choose the contact you want to connect with. AnyDesk removes the need to add the ID every time.

Q. Is it possible to lock the remote device with AnyDesk software? arrow

A. Yes, you can lock the remote device based on permissions.

Q. What is the use of Anydesk? arrow

A. Anydesk remote support software provides independent remote access to computers and other devices running the host application. The mobile app also allows remote desktop connectivity. Users can control remote device, transfer files, and more.

Q. What is Anydesk ID? arrow

A. The AnyDesk ID is a series of digits (number) or an Alias like workstation@ad. When the ID is forward to a session partner, they can enter the ID and request control for the other side.

Q. How to install Anydesk in Ubuntu using terminal? arrow

A. To install Anydesk in Ubuntu using terminal, ensure your Ubuntu system is updated. Use terminal commands to import AnyDesk GPG key for signing APT packages and add repo content. Then, update apt cache and install the latest release of the software.

Q. How to run Anydesk in Ubuntu? arrow

A. After installation of Anydesk in Linux Ubuntu, use the Desktop Applications launcher to start the software. Enter AnyDesk Address of remote server to connect to another machine. You can instead share your address with another remote user too.

Q. How to update Anydesk? arrow

A. Go to the official website www.anydesk.com Choose the latest version for download on your device. Updation can be done manually on top of the existing installation. After update is done, the client installs and restarts the service.

Q. How to connect Anydesk without accept connect? arrow

A. Install Anydesk in the remote device. Set a name and password for the remote computer in the Security tab. When you connect, enter the password in the password dialog. Check “Log in automatically from now on” if you don’t want to enter password again for future connections to the remote machine and press OK.

Q. How to control mobile from PC using Anydesk? arrow

A. AnyDesk should be downloaded for both devices. Once you open the app, you'll see your device already has an?AnyDesk?ID assigned to it. Below, enter the ID or Alias of your co-worker's?PC. Tap on the red arrow and get started!

Q. Is Anydesk free for commercial use? arrow

A. While Anydesk is free for personal use, you need a paid Anydesk license for commercial use. For pricing details, please contact our sales team.

Q. Can I connect multiple desktops in Anydesk? arrow

A. Yes, you can have multiple sessions simultaneously depending on your license.

Q. Why do I get could not connect to Anydesk network error? arrow

A. The error message is usually due to either shown due to an improperly configured firewall, slow?Internet, or a general?network?problem. To fix this, check your firewall configuration settings or shift closer to the router depending on the issue. Add Anydesk to the whitelist using?*.net.anydesk.com to allows incoming connections if there is an improperly configured firewall in Windows.

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