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AnyDesk is a state-of-the-art remote desktop software that helps users access computer system along with files on any device remotely. It helps users to collaborate with other project members on individual projects from remote locations, share files and documents, access user interface and troubleshoot problems and much more.

Configured to cater all kinds of businesses, AnyDesk software also provides the facility to save contact details of collaborators in a project. It provides the ability to monitor the task status of other members of the project.

Moreover, it also helps businesses to work seamlessly in locations where there is low connectivity, as AnyDesk can function in low bandwidth.

How AnyDesk Remote Control Software Helps Businesses

AnyDesk remote desktop software is a one-stop solution for all remote desktop requirements for any individual or business. It comes with several useful functions. Let’s have a look at some of its main uses.

  • Tool for Remote Access

AnyDesk provides a multipurpose admin tool which helps in carrying out various tasks such as remote reboot, sessions reporting, analysis reports and much more. Its admin tool also helps in carrying out other troubleshooting tasks to fix any problems in the remote desktop.

  • Communication with Contacts

Its address-book feature not only keeps a list of contacts but also lets users see which contact is using AnyDesk online. You can collaborate with the online contacts with the help of in-built voice/chat interface.

  • Easy Transfer of Files

It provides users, the ability to copy the clipboard of the host system to the client system. It also provides drag-and-drop facility with the help of which users can simply drag files/folders and documents from remote system to the local machine and vice-versa.

  • Remote Hardware Access

AnyDesk enables users to gain access of hardware elements such as cursors, CD/DVD reader and even the power button functions. One can shut down or restart a computer remotely, even when it is being access through a browser in the portable mode.

  • Remote Printing and Scanning

AnyDesk provides easy remote printing and scanning solutions. With the help of this, users can print and scan documents from the remote desktop to their local printer or vice versa. This saves the time taken to send documents over the mail.

Any Desk Pricing

AnyDesk comes with three plans; Lite, Professional and Power. Here are the details of each of AnyDesk’s plan:

  • AnyDesk Lite for Startups

It comes with features such as commercial use, unlimited endpoints, remote printing, file transfer, and mobile to PC remote control.

Who Can Use AnyDesk Lite

Best for any individual user, be it freelancers, IT specialists, editors, graphic designers, programmers, architects, developers and small businesses.  

What Does the AnyDesk Lite Plan Offer

  • On-screen whiteboard 
  • Mobile to PC remote control 
  • Unlimited endpoints 
  • File transfer 
  • Remote printing 
  • Auto-discovery of devices 
  • Free updates for the latest version 
  • Compatible with older AnyDesk versions 

AnyDesk Lite Pricing

AnyDesk Lite pricing starts at ₹766 per month, billed annually. 

Ideal For Single user & startups 
Features Offered One device One session Unlimited endpoints 
Price/month ₹ 766 per month  

AnyDesk Professional

The Professional plan provides all the features of AnyDesk Lite along with address book, session logging, custom client and unlimited device sharing. 

Who Can Use AnyDesk Professional 

IT department of mid and small sized companies, programmers, architects and developers, etc. prefer AnyDesk Professional plan for its remote access capabilities.  

What Does AnyDesk Professional Offer 

  • Session logging 
  • Custom alias 
  • REST interface 
  • Auto-discovery 
  • On-screen whiteboard 
  • Address book 
  • Commercial use 

AnyDesk Professional Pricing

AnyDesk Professional monthly price starts at ₹1478. 

Ideal For Small & mid-sized businesses with high volume requirements 
Features Offered Multiple devices Unlimited endpoints One or more sessions 
Monthly Price ₹ 1478 per month 

AnyDesk Power

The Power plan costs ₹3735 and comes with all the features of Professional plan and unlimited sessions. 

Who Can Use AnyDesk Power

AnyDesk Power is especially designed for large businesses and organizations, with large IT teams, hundreds of employees and a huge customer base.  

What Does AnyDesk Power Plan Offer

  • 3 active devices support (can be more than three devices also) 
  • Admin features 
  • Remote printing 
  • Unlimited endpoints 
  • REST interface 
  • Session logging 
  • Custom alias 

AnyDesk Power Pricing

AnyDesk Power remote access software is available for ₹3735 per month.  

Ideal For Large teams, Large organizations & enterprises 
Features Offered Multiple devices, Unlimited endpoints, Multiple concurrent sessions 
Price ₹ 3735 

Benefits of AnyDesk Remote Connection Tool

AnyDesk online
  • Seamless Performance in Low Internet Bandwidth

Any Desk consists of a codec that helps in compressing and transferring data between two computers seamlessly. It executes tasks without hassles even in areas with low connectivity.

  • Ensures Bank-standard Security

AnyDesk for Windows uses a robust TLS technology which is used by banks, to keep data safe and prevent unauthorized access. In addition, it also comes with the RSA 2048 key encryption so that all sessions are verified and encrypted. With the help of AnyDesk can also save authorised users so that they can connect without hassles.

  • AnyDesk Android Ensures Portability

Apart from AnyDesk for PC the software is compatible with smartphones, which means that with AnyDesk Android, you can use it anywhere and at any time.Its portability ensures that you can stay connected with a remote system and access important files whenever required.

  • Multiple Users on a Single License

AnyDesk provides lifetime license for its future versions and doesn’t charge anything extra for updates.  In addition to benefits of remote access software, it can accommodate more than one user in a single license.

Features of AnyDesk Remote Desktop Solution

AnyDesk is loaded with features that help users in executing tasks remotely. Apart from being completely secure, it also works when connectivity is limited.

Some of the best aspects which set AnyDesk online apart from other software solutions is that is compatible with multiple operating system such as AnyDesk for Windows (including Windows Server), Linux, macOS, etc. AnyDesk Android, iOS, and Raspberry Pi are also available as portable options.

Here are a few of the other unique features of Any Desk:

  1. Since AnyDesk provides cloud-based access as well, it can be run on any system, from any location, by logging-in with proper credentials.

  2. It provides a dynamic menu bar with all the optimum functions required during a session. The menu bar can be customized using an active remote connection, various settings are easily accessible from the menu bar.

  3. AnyDesk can adjust the connectivity to provide the optimum transfer rate, speed and video quality during an ongoing session. When the connectivity is good, it adjusts the rate of transfer or video resolution lower so that the connection doesn’t get interrupted.

  4. It also provides other customisable settings such as remote cursor visibility, sound transmission, access toggle to view-only, clipboard syncronising, screenshots, and much more.

  5. Users can create remote desktop shortcuts on their local machines for quickly accessing important files and commands.

  6. Any Desk allows premium users to customise their ID and insert company logo of their organization. This helps users to uphold their brand’s identity.

  7. Video of the entire sessions can be recorded with the help of video recorder add-ons integrated with this remote desktop application.

Pros and Cons of AnyDesk Remote Control

Every Software comes with some pros and cons. Given below are some of the Pros and Cons of AnyDesk:


  • Uninterrupted access
  • Automatic Updates
  • AnyDesk app for Android/iOS
  • Small AnyDesk download file
  • User-friendly interface
  • Quick and easy AnyDesk installation
  • Customisable IDs and logo
  • Drag-and-drop file transfers
  • Auto-discovers clients
  • Local Network and Address Book
  • Includes text/voice/video chat capabilities
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts
  • AnyDesk Mac / AnyDesk for PC


  • Can be confusing in the beginning because of multiple tools
  • The Copy/Paste function doesn’t work on rare occasions which can be remedied by using drag-and-drop
  • Some devices don’t support the video resolutions

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Final Thoughts

AnyDesk is one of the most comprehensive and ideal remote desktop software systems available in the market for a number of reasons. From unattended to fast transfer; it accumulates all the requirements expected from a remote desktop solution.

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