7 Best Free & Paid Mind Map Software For 2023

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Highlight connection between ideas and present them with visual diagrams using mind mapping software. Deployed for simplifying the most complex of information, popular mind mapping tools help organize information for easy analysis and recall.

Use the mind map software to draw maps that showcase relationships between ideas, information and concepts.

What is a Mind Map Software?

Presenting information using the visual route would be the best way to describe what a mind map software is. Creating a mind map means drawing visual diagrams to show connection between one key concept and its various subbranches.

Such sub-branches help describe the key concept using all information available so far. Paid and free mind map software solutions help present information in a graphical format.

Mind map online editors thus help present information on all types of topics in a manner that is easy enough to understand and simple enough to remember.

You will find both beginners as well as professionals using mind map software for Windows 10 and macOS for multiple purposes. Some such purposes the software is being used for include designing technical implementations, building test strategies, writing user documentation, planning themes and curriculum development.

Core Support Features of Mind Mapping Tools

You would find a good deal of interesting features built-in within the best paid and free mind map tools so that the entire process of creating a mind map is a breeze.

The following are the core support functionalities offered by best mind map software solutions that make the entire mind map making process a hassle-free experience.

  • Interactive interface with varied centre points

Best mind map apps provide support for easy working in a single interface through varied centre points. Besides the interface is interactive as a result of which you can work on a screen with minimal distractions.

What makes the interface further interactive is the available functionality to select the right kind of background using multiple fonts and theme option.

  • Presentation and chart mode
Mind Map Software Solution

Presentations are appealing and easy to understand when done through paid or free mind map tools. Such maps are great for both educational purposes as well as project management.

Aside from customizable backgrounds, you would also find in mind mapping software options for making charts in different formats.

  • Tools library with built-in templates

Clipart, images and designs or prebuilt templates library, mind map software helps you decorate your mind maps with ease. What is even better is these are processes that don’t take much of your time.

  • Map history and other tools
mind mapping software

In case you want to undo a recent addition but not sure how was its appearance previously then worry not. Both paid and free mind map software provide a map history option that let you view the previous format in which a mind map was designed. There are miscellaneous tools too that you would find here for defining concepts.

Steps to Creating the Perfect Mind Map with a Mind Map Tool

Present information through mind map online editors and plan their layout the smart way. The more organized branches of a layout are, the better is the presentation of all your mind map ideas. The following are the steps you need to follow while planning the concept of a mind map.

Step 1: Identify the central idea

You need to be fully aware about the topic you are going to talk about. It is around this topic, which is also its central idea that the entire mind map is going to be based.

Step 2: Attach branches to this key idea

Next ensure that there are well-connected sub-categories and sub-branches for this central idea.

Step 3: Add further subtopics

To all the subcategories and subbranches, it is important that you add the relevant subtopics. Such subtopics provide good description in pointer form to branches as well as its sub-branches.

Step 4: Paste images & colours

This is the final part where you add images and colours. Such visuals assist not just with making the entire mind map appealing but also helps readers/learners retain well the knowledge so provided.

List of 7 Best Free and Paid Mind Map Software 

  • Coggle Mind Map Software

Select images from your desktop and drag to drop them directly into a mind map with Coggle.

mind map online

Draw collaborative flowcharts and mind maps using Coggle mindmap software. Visualize your ideas and represent them creatively with the software’s loop creating and branch development tools.

You can further use Coggle for creating a mind map to which can be added multiple starting items and points. Further inbuilt into Coogle mind mapping software are a good number of diagrams, process maps and shapes to help its end users make the perfect mind map.

Key features of Coggle free plan:

  1. Three private diagrams
  2. Unlimited public diagrams
  3. Hundreds of beautiful icons
  4. No limit to image uploads
  5. Shared folders along with a mind map embedding option

Key features of Coggle paid plan:

  1. Control line styles with item shapes
  2. Option for changing text alignment
  3. Bulk export and data management
  4. Consolidated billing

Pricing structure: Free plan available along with the following two paid versions:

  1. Awesome for ₹ 366
  2. Organization at ₹ 586

Web-based: Yes


Industries that use Coggle: Enterprises of all types use Coogle for its core support features such as instances for on-premise use as well as active directory authentications.

  • SmartDraw Mind Map Tool

SmartDraw is preferred not just for its robust formatting capabilities but also direct integration with word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel.

mindmap software

Robust formatting tools aside from powerful export and import capabilities make SmartDraw one of the available best mind mapping apps in the field.

To all your mind map ideas, attach perfect layouts and develop well-defined mind maps. You can use different types of diagram templates built-in within the software to add more visual appeal to your mind maps.

Key features of SmartDraw Mind Map Tool:

  1. Intelligent formatting for building as well as editing diagrams
  2. Automated alignment and spacing options
  3. Multiple templates and symbols
  4. Custom and inbuilt extensions
  5. Option for easy collaboration behind firewalls

Pricing Structure: There are two paid plans. Currently these are charged monthly but billed annually.

  1. Single user- ₹ 729
  2. Multiple users- ₹ 536

Web-based: Yes

OS: Mac and Windows

Industries that use SmartDraw: Medical sector, universities and multinational companies.

  • MindMup

MindMup is best known for options that let you attach multiple items to a mind map like videos, spreadsheets and lengthy texts.

mind mapping app

Used for developing both argument and concept maps, this app is super easy as you use it to add pictures/images to your mind map ideas as well as designs.

There is no limit to the number of mind maps you can prepare with this application. As a result, you can develop using the software unlimited number of mind maps and store those online for easy access.

Key features of MindMup free plan:

  1. No hassle of doing logins
  2. Export option for file size up to 100 KB
  3. Map publishing for duration of six months
  4. No limit to the. Number of sodium can create

Key features of MindMup paid plan:

  1. Quick collaboration with other users using this plan
  2. Option for publishing large mind maps
  3. Option for storing and export large maps
  4. Quick editing option

Pricing structure: MindMup is available as a free mind map tool. It also has the following two monthly plans:

  1. Personal Gold- ₹ 167/month
  2. Organizational Gold- ₹ 7329/year

Web-based: Yes

OS: Linux, macOS and Windows

Industries that use MindMup: Educators, small business owners, large enterprises and content writers

  • Freeplane Mind Mapping Software

Create amazing mind maps and let others analyze this neatly presented information with this free and open-source mind mapping software.

mind map open source

Communicate even the most complex of ideas with Freeplane mind mapping and chart creation tool. Used by both beginners and professionals, the software is used for project as well as knowledge management.

There are available multiple filters within the software to let you connect with ease the different ideas and highlight the relation between such ideas. The best part is you can save these directly in the directory itself for hassle free later viewing.

Key features of Freeplane Mind Mapping Software:

  1. Labels and connectors
  2. Node structuring and styling
  3. Grouping & classification for nodes
  4. Note taking
  5. Automated formatting

Pricing structure: Freeplane mind map open-source doesn’t charge any licensing fee.

Web-based: Yes

OS: Freeplan mind map software for Windows also supports Linux and macOS

Industries that use Freeplane: As the software has an easy to use interface, it is used by beginners, students, business owners, teachers and writers.

  • WiseMapping

An open-source online mind map editor, WiseMapping lets you embed your charts directly into blogs and articles.

WiseMapping is a reliable online mind map open source platform used for preparing presentable mind maps that can also be shared easily using the software’s quick collaboration features.

The drag and drop interface along with note inserting option makes this mind map for Mac and Windows ideal for drawing amazing charts as well as maps. The best part is you can display such maps using multiple categories.

Key features of WiseMapping:

  1. Invite others for viewing mind maps
  2. History recovery and auto saving
  3. Zoom in and zoom out option
  4. Easy to insert links and icons
  5. One click option for changing shape and colour of topics

Pricing structure: Free

Web-based: Yes

OS: Windows and Mac

Industries that use WiseMapping: Businesses, freelancers and schools

  • Compendium Mindmap Software

Illustrating links between concepts using labels is the best part about using Compendium mind map software.

mind map tool

Establishing connection between concepts using mind map is easy with Compendium free mind map software. Dragging icons from toolbar section for developing different types of nodes or adding annotations and notes to such nodes, all is easy with this free mind map tool.

Best used for presenting mind map ideas in a radial fashion, Compendium is deployed the most for its ability to make structures for mind maps with a large scale.

Key features of Compendium mindmap software:

  1. Argument maps for editing writing in a mind map
  2. Key tagging aside from option for arranging icons
  3. Dialogue maps for displaying links
  4. Collaborative modelling & meeting facilitation

Pricing structure: Compendium is a free mind map tool.

Web-based: NA

OS: Windows, Mac and Linux

Industries that use Compendium: Corporate, educational institutes, game designing industry and bloggers.

  • Mindmeister Mind Map App

Pre-built charts and templates for selecting map modes as well as chart layouts.

free mind map software

Create stunning mind maps for all your mind map ideas and easily convert them into appealing presentations using Mindmeister mind mapping app. What makes Mindmeister really unique is its ability to show history of map building so that changes can be made accordingly.

Not just adding notes, images, links and icons is easy but also importing/exporting text as well as images in different formats. Creating a mind map is fun with this mind map online editor.

Key features of Mindmeister Mind Map App:

  1. Templates and attachments for easy editing
  2. Embedding and publishing along with easy export and import
  3. Org chart and layout mode
  4. Multiple styles and colours for customizing maps
  5. Quick option for generating shareable links
  6. Task widget for highlighting task update

Key features of Mindmeister paid plan:

  1. PowerPoint & word export
  2. Custom boundaries and style
  3. Admin account and domain sign-ons
  4. Compliance backups and exports
  5. Customizable team domains

Pricing structure: Mindmeister mind map free plan offers support for up to three mind maps that you can also share for better collaboration.

The paid plans include:

  1. Personal- ₹ 182
  2. Pro- ₹ 307
  3. Business- ₹ 460

Web-based: Yes

OS: Windows/Linux/macOS

Industries that use Mindmeister: Small and large business enterprises, start-ups, agencies and freelancers

Role of Mind Map Software in Promoting Meaningful Learning

Did you know the best mind mapping apps let you generate links so that you can invite people for quick collaboration? Yes, you read that right. The best mindmap software help you not just with creating a mind map but also sharing all such mind map ideas.

As you share information with a larger audience, let us see how the software is critical for promoting meaningful learning.

  • Better memory retention

Mind maps create visual images for concepts as a result of which it is easier to remember the information made available through them. This is prime reason why mind mapping tools have been said to be promoting meaningful learning.

  • Improved understanding

Complex and topics difficult to understand are represented in mind maps in the form of images as well as diagrams. To such diagrams are added as well written texts so that all information regarding a topic is covered. As a result, the overall understanding for the topic represented in the mind map gets improved to a great extent.

  • Good for creativity

As you use a mind map software to represent ideas that you got inside your head, knowingly or unknowingly you get to express your creativity as well in its truest sense.

All this is because in a mind map, two-three words are used to provide information for lengthiest of lines. Then there are also images and diagrams that need to attached to make the description complete.

How Businesses Use Mind Maps?

Capturing, organizing, styling and sharing your mind map ideas is super-efficient with mind map software solutions. Let us look at how businesses have been using mind map tools

  • Project management

Project managers and supervisors use mind mapping tools to draw a visual picture for priorities at hand. Some such priorities include tasks at hand, available resources, upcoming deadlines, new tasks and steps taken so far to complete a project.

  • Strategic planning

Strategic planning involves techniques starting from mission/vision statements to PESTEL analysis and SWOT analysis. Important details regarding such analysis done can be easily presented using mind map tools.

  • Preparing client presentations

Using mind map for macOS/Linux/Windows is easy, quick and efficient. These tools make available information visually more appealing and descriptive at the same time.

  • Better time management

Professionals and team lead use mind map free and paid to manage time effectively. By charting information regarding secondary tasks, priority matters, approaching deadlines and work in-process, companies are better able to tackle their work schedules effectively.

Wrapping Up

The best mind mapping software solutions come with prebuilt charting tools for representing all information in the easiest manner possible. Select paid or free mind map tools to creatively express key facts, topics, important concepts, analysis and other types of information in the form of a mind map.

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