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Best Mind Mapping Software in 2024

What is Mind Mapping Software?

Mind mapping software for students and professionals is increasingly being used as this helps convert long paragraphs into short, easy-to-understand flowcharts. What's even better is you can store them, share these and password encrypt them for data security. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Top 5 Mind Mapping Software in 2024

  • top product arrowConceptDraw MINDMAP
  • top product arrowXMind 8
  • top product arrowMindManager
  • top product arrowLucidchart
  • top product arrowiMindQ

Best Mind Mapping Software

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ConceptDraw MINDMAP

ConceptDraw MINDMAP

Brand: Conceptdraw


4.5 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

ConceptDraw MINDMAPis a complete Mind Mapping Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Mind Mapping Software for has a simple int... Read More About ConceptDraw MINDMAP img

Price On Request

XMind 8

XMind 8

Brand: Xmind


4 out of 5

(1 user reviews)

XMind 8 is a dynamic mind mapping solution that helps elite businesses streamline their organizational structure and makes them function with ease. The sy... Read More About XMind 8 img

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Brand: Mindmanager

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MindManager is a mind mapping software that gives your mind a little rest from going hocus pocus with the workload and acts a helping hand to manage your... Read More About MindManager img

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Brand: Lucid Software


4.4 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

Lucidchart is a Cloud-based visual mind mapping software that helps you with diagramming or designing your presentations. It has a responsive interface wh... Read More About Lucidchart img




Brand: Seavus

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iMindQ is a complete Mind Mapping Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Mind Mapping Software for has a simple interface and i... Read More About iMindQ img

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Mind Mapping Software Product List Top Banner - 2


Brand: Coggle

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Coggle is a comprehensive online mind mapping software that assists users to create and share mind maps and flow charts. An easy to use the system, it doe... Read More About Coggle img

Price On Request



Brand: S.C Evercoder Software

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Moqups is an online mind mapping software that is designed to help you create and collaborate on diagrams, mock-ups, wireframes and even prototypes. It i... Read More About Moqups img

Price On Request



Brand: Expert Software Applications srl.

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Mindomo is an online mind mapping software that allows you to make intellectual diagrams to execute a plan. It additionally offers you to work together wi... Read More About Mindomo img




Brand: Nulab

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An online mind mapping software, Cacoo comes with an elaborate library of formats and icons. It offers the features you require to create flowcharts, wire... Read More About Cacoo img

Price On Request



Brand: OpenGenius

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iMindMap is a complete Mind Mapping Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Mind Mapping Software for Web-Based has a simple int... Read More About iMindMap img

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Last Updated on : 25 May, 2024

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Best Mind Mapping Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Some of the key benefits of using mind mapping software free open source and paid are: Storing files Structuring the content Zooming in on topics Multiple file exporting/importing option Retrieving information Integration with MS Office

Some of the best mind mapping software to develop stunning presentations on Windows 10 are: Coggle MindMapp Freeplane Lucidchart Mindmup

The best mind mapping software available for free that you can use for brainstorming ideas as well as drawing flowcharts out of those are: FreeMind Edraw Mind Map Xmind Wise Mapping Mind42 3D Topicscape Docear VUE

The best mind mapping software of 2020 are: Mindly Scapple Stormboard Ayoa MindNode

To ensure that the solution you buy performs well, make sure that it supports the following modules: Option for attaching files Export and import section Unlimited canvas Mobile support Offline mode Templates library Quick collaboration

Mind Mapping Software Reviews


ConceptDraw MINDMAP


“Project planning and management software with built-in themes. Allows you to customize themes accordingly.”

- Ishita Gaur

See all ConceptDraw MINDMAP reviewsimg

XMind 8


“Xmind has been my go to tool for mind mapping and brain storming. It allows me to map customer journey in a very efficient way.”

- Sarthak Gupta

See all XMind 8 reviewsimg

Articles for Mind Mapping Software

Buyer's Guide for Top Mind Mapping Software

Found our list of Mind Mapping Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • Mind Mapping Software Overview 
  • Why Using a Mind Mapping Software Is Important?
  • How to Create a Mind Map
  • Features of Mind Mapping Software
  • Benefits Offered by Mind Mapping Software
  • Which are the Best Mind Mapping Software Free & Paid

Mind Mapping Software Overview 

A mind mapping software is a presentation tool that allows you to explain facts in a more presentable manner. The tools, in mind mapping software, are used for drawing diagrams that help highlight the relationship between concepts and ideas. The purpose of each tool is built-in into the application.

Why Using a Mind Mapping Software Is Important?

Mind mapping tools are deployed because of their ability to present and communicate information visually. Drawing a mind map on paper is quick but what are the important reasons that make the software so advantageous. Let us find out:

  • Size is no limit: Paper has a limited size but the software doesn't.
  • Flexible: The software is highly flexible for the simple reason that software has options to drag text/images, save history and perform quick editing.
  • Collaboration: Collaboration is easy as you can share files using mind mapping software. The changes can be viewed by others in real-time.
  • Formatting tools: Such tools enable text highlighting, font changes, line options and more.
  • Project planning: Those working on projects can use the mind map software for comparing all the maps and charts drawn so far.
  • Organizing concepts: A mind mapping software is the best tool for organizing concepts so that information is always crisp and self-explanatory.

How to Create a Mind Map

Layout a simple plan is the best possible way of charting a mind map. Create neat and presentable charts with images attached, graphics and coloring option inbuilt in the best mind mapping software be it an open-source and paid software. Here is how you can start preparing for drawing a mind map.

Step 1: What’s the focus idea?

Focus idea is the key point around which the entire mind map is based. So make sure you are clear on this focus idea.

Step 2: Add branches to the focus idea

Start explaining the focus idea with the help of images, text, graphics, etc. Develop one-line explanations. Such explanations would be added as branches as there are ways more than one to explain a concept.

Step 3: Attach sub-branches

To the branches so prepared, start attaching sub-branches. These are important for explaining the facts in greater detail.

Step 4: Post colors and images

Post colours and images as such visuals make a mind map more informative in nature.

Features of Mind Mapping Software

Creating mind maps ease planning. It helps you prioritize work and streamline operations. Sharing ideas and collaboration with other collaborators becomes easy. The software serves several other purposes that are given below:

  • Predefined themes

Mind mapping software supports a range of themes that gives the end-users an option for selecting the right style, structure, and color. You can customize each of these as per your requirements.

  • Detailed graphics

Graphics help simplify complex information so that all-important information gets covered. Mind mapping tools support options for drawing detailed graphics using the vector animation graphics technology.

  • Filter tasks

The best mind mapping software lets you filter tasks to facilitate easy task management. Tracking progress of such tasks is easy too and so is conducting group discussions and chat sessions using this tool.

  • Topic notes

Add notes related to your work without giving out too many details. Write notes in a few short sentences or a small paragraph to evade complexity.

  • Attachments & links

Post links and attachments to a mind map in the form of files, webpages and folders. Similar to topic notes, this option too is critical for adding more information without making a mind map look too complicated.

  • Keyboard shortcuts

Mind mapping software supports keyboard shortcuts for adding content to the map. This is unlike going through the toolbar button every time you need to add more content. The keyboard shortcuts thus very conveniently lets you attach topics/sub-topics into a mind map.

  • Revision history

Revision histories are meant to highlight the changes made so far. This is important especially if you have accidentally deleted any data or have forgotten to save the changes made.

  • Dynamic views

Dynamic views are best for switching easily in-between tasks, planning, and Gantt charts. Such views are also critical for identifying milestones and discrepancies.

Benefits Offered by Mind Mapping Software

Mind mapping software enables you to structure all the information and content. You can even add images here to make them look more presentable.

  • Interesting clip art

As you customize a mind map with diverse structure and colors, add easily clip art of your choice. Some of the interesting clipart options provided by the software are circle, treemap, timeline, bubble, sector and fishbone.

  • Export formats

Create a mind with mind mapping software for Windows or macOS and export it to a file format of your choice. It can be PowerPoint, MS Word, webpage or a PDF.

  • Easy editing

Information added to a mind map can be easily designed and edited. The best mind mapping software free and paid allow for quick editing along with multiple fonts and color formatting options.

  • Quick formatting

Mind mapping software free open source and paid supports module for doing quick formatting. Maps or charts so made can be thus annotated, layered and analyzed for further sharing.

  • Additional security

Data security is never an issue in mind mapping software on Windows 10 and its other versions. You can develop restrictions on user access as well as create a backup for all the information to keep the data safe.

  • No limit to image uploading

Images go a long way in explaining any concept. With mind mapping software for Windows and macOS there is no limit as such to the number of images that you can attach.

Which are the Best Mind Mapping Software Free & Paid

Mind mapping software is the best tool for not just organizing the information but also managing tasks and projects. Let us go through a list of best such solutions that offer the best flowchart drawing capabilities.


Organize all your data/ideas to create stunning mind maps using ConceptDraw. It lets you export your charts or mind maps into any format of your choice. You can even create live presentations here.

Key Features:

  1. Tracking
  2. Reporting
  3. Presenting
  4. Export and import
  5. Diagramming
  6. Brainstorming


The best part about using Textografo mind mapping software is that it can convert texts into diagrams real quick. In just one click, you can edit the graphics and highlight the key pointers. You can even add animated and static diagrams through keywords/hashtags.

Key Features:

  1. Decision trees
  2. Customizable themes
  3. Organizational charts
  4. Revision history
  5. Feedback integration
  6. White label
  7. Cloud collaboration


NovaMind mind mapping software for students and professionals is primarily used for organizing information for effective communication as well as sharing. The built-in presentation mode is the best part about using the software as you can effortlessly create elegant presentations with it.

Key Features:

  1. Quartz animation
  2. Themes and templates
  3. Graphics library
  4. Task management

Open Mind

Use Open Mind mind mapping software for creating stunning mind maps. The best part about using the software is different types of multimedia can be integrated into the mind maps that you can share easily later on. Along with fast-import/export options, also available is this chart and list wizard.

Key Features:

  1. Line styles
  2. Themes and support for over fifty shapes
  3. Password encryption
  4. Spell check
  5. Flowchart shapes

Mind Mapping Software Solution Cost

Mind Mapping System Software Price
Standard Starting Price ₹376.00
Advanced Starting Price ₹3,500.00
Premium Starting Price Price On Request


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