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What is Kanban Software?

The Kanban software’s organizational capabilities can be gauged from its wide application in multiple industries like IT, health, construction and more. So in a nutshell, Kanban is a visual medium platform that helps you organize workflows and see their growth. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

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Brand: Atlassian


4.6 out of 5

(8 user reviews)

Trello is a project management software, offering project-specific boards, lists and cards to its users. It enables project managers and team members to p... Read More About Trello img

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Brand: Asana


4.5 out of 5

(11 user reviews)

Asana is a cloud-based project management solution for enterprises. This SAAS program is capable of streamlining team collaboration and workflow managemen... Read More About Asana img




Brand: Atlassian


4.4 out of 5

(9 user reviews)

Project management tool designed to streamline workflows & boost collaboration amongst teams by enabling them to plan and track the development process... Read More About Jira read review arrow




Brand: ClickUp


4.6 out of 5

(7 user reviews)

ClickUp is one of the best productivity management software for organizations. It enables organizations to manage their daily task efficiently. The task... Read More About Clickup img






4.9 out of 5

(4 user reviews)

Smartsheet is a web-based collaboration and strategic planning solution for enterprises. It can be used to unify three relevant elements of a business i.e... Read More About Smartsheet img


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Brand: monday


4.7 out of 5

(6 user reviews) will streamline product management with collaborative boards, timelines, and customizable workflows for efficient team coordination and project... Read More About read review arrow




Brand: Wrike


4.8 out of 5

(2 user reviews)

Wrike is an all in one project management Sofware and collaboration software used primarily for facilitating easy communication between multiple teams so... Read More About Wrike img




Brand: ProofHub

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ProofHub’s work management system brings your projects, remote teams and clients under one roof, empowering you to keep things always under your ulti... Read More About ProofHub img

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Brand: Flying Donut Software

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FlyingDonut is an all-in-one Scrum Tools designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Web-Based Scrum Tools has a simple interface and is easy... Read More About FlyingDonut img

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Brand: Proactive Software

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Proworkflowis a complete Project Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Project Management Software for Web-Based ha... Read More About Proworkflow img

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Last Updated on : 24 Nov, 2023

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Best Kanban Tools FAQ’s

Software questions,

It is based on your organization’s requirements that you would select either of the two- desktop kanban software or online kanban tool. However, you also need to be aware of the key differences between the two to make the right choice. Some such differences have been discussed here. One, online version of kanban software doesn’t require any installation whereas a desktop kanban tool would require proper installation and setup. Two, an online kanban app may not be very expensive whereas its desktop version would definitely cost extra bucks. Three, it is easy to customize desktop kanban software. The same is not possible with the online kanban board software. Finally, you get access to all data in real-time with the desktop kanban app, something that may not be accessed with kanban board online.  

Kanban systems are lean manufacturing mechanisms deployed for controlling the supply chain operations of a production process. These systems are thus most primarily deployed for managing the entire value chain of products to make sure that services are delivered right on time. Kanban systems are important because they help with reducing costs, managing efficiently all resources and improving efficiency at work.  

The best kanban apps offer key project management features like adding distinct custom labels, setting start/due dates, breaking down tasks into small manageable task columns/rows and doing milestone tracking. Some of the best such kanban apps are: VivifyScrum USP: Option for integrating boards and configuring team members Taskworld USP: Milestone tracking LeanKit USP: WIP limits and custom fields Taiga USP: Support for custom fields Pipefy USP: Multiple filters and automation features Blossom USP: easy to manage taskflows Kanbanchi USP: SCRUM support for agile deliveries

Let us have a look at the best free kanban apps for software developers that can be used for project tracking, creating content, task labeling and sharing updates/feedback are: Flow-e Asana open-source kanban app Zoho Projects MesiterTask KanbanFlow Teamwork YouTrack

Kanban Tools Reviews




“I really recommend it. It is easy to use, the interface is very friendly and there are a lot of options for everything you want to do.”

- Vijay Kishor

See all Trello reviewsimg



“This is quite an easy-to-use tool compared to other tools. They provide app as well and the app is very user friendly and fast.”

- Aditya Ghosh

See all Asana reviewsimg



“Easy drag and drop feature as once the task is completed you can move it to the next stage which helps you to keep track on your task accomplished and pending work y...”

- Arpit Gupta

See all Clickup reviewsimg



“It's simple to configure, has a lot of possibilities, and it's simple to share with others without having to provide masterdata.”

- Surendra Charde

See all Smartsheet reviewsimg


“Best feature of is it allows you to integrate your task into your work calendar, which further helps in not to miss any tasks and meet your timelines.”

- Khemesh Thakur

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Kanban Tools Price List In India

Kanban Tools Cost
Top Kanban Tools Starting Price Rating
Smartsheet $7.004.9₹20858.004.7

Buyer's Guide for Top Kanban Tools

Found our list of Kanban Tools helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What are Kanban Tools?
  • What Constitutes a Kanban Board Online
  • What Core Practices are Followed in a Kanban Online Tool Method
  • Features& Functionalities of Kanban Board Online
  • Benefits of Using Kanban Tools
  • Application of Kanban Tools Across Different Industries
  • Evaluation Criteria for Selecting the Best Kanban Software
  • The Best Kanban Software

What are Kanban Tools?

Kanban is a method that enables teams and organizations to visualize their work and help them achieve dramatic improvements in terms of throughput, lead time and quality, in almost any business function. Kanban uses tools that are used for managing tasks as well as tracking their progress.

Originally, it was created as a simple planning system, with the aim of controlling and managing work and inventory at every stage of production optimally. Today, Kanban tool powers over 25,000 small and large businesses across the world. Kanban software solutions are deployed for their ability to manage project lifecycle and development. They help teams in preventing the overloading of tasks that may not be high on priority and ensure timely delivery of products/services to clients or customers.

To understand how the software functions, is to find out what key components make up the entire application. First and foremost, Kanban board provides an overview of all tasks that are in progress, or nearing completion or have been completed. The entire overview of the process is available in the form of columns and rows. While every column has Kanban cards attached to them, the horizontal lanes are comprised of swimlanes.

What Constitutes a Kanban Board Online

Kanban board online is the key component of Kanban apps that are especially designed for helping organisations visualize their workflows besides breaking up these very workflows into different parts- to do list, in progress section and tasks completed column. These boards have key components attached to them so that one can track a task’s progress to know who is working on what.

  • Kanban Cards

Kanban cards are attached to every Kanban board. These cards contain all information regarding a task along with the name of the task and a short description.

  • Kanban columns

Kanban columns are also available on the board and its main function is to divide different phases or stages of a project's/task's workflow. Each column has a head where Kanban cards are posted into such columns. You can drag cards from one column to another based on the project's stage.

  • Kanban Swimlanes

Kanban swimlanes are horizontal lanes that separate one activity from the other, based on services, users, and teams. Besides using for organizing tasks and streamlining other business processes, you can also use Kanban tools for optimizing the efficiency of all your workflows. With this option, you can put limits to the number of tasks that can be included in a column so that you or your team can focus on the most important and high-priority tasks.

What Core Practices are Followed in a Kanban Online Tool Method

Whenever you add a task to a Kanban board, always try to not overdo it or rush into it, for the simple reason that the software would automatically do such changes for you based on your present workflow and soon use all historical logs. The software’s functioning is based on practices that make task management automated and convenient. What does Kanban involve:

  • Visualizing workflows using the physical board built-in into the software.
  • Adding high-priority tasks to the work in progress section.
  • Improving all workflows by resolving bottlenecks related to who is doing what and the basis used for segregating tasks. There are other parameters as well like labels, users, services and more.
  • Clear cut process policies, which are shared on the board itself.
  • Feedback loops in the form of review stages to deliver high-quality services to clients and customers.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with team leads, members, and colleagues.

Features& Functionalities of Kanban Board Online

  • WIP limits

WIP or work-in-progress limits are assigned to columns on a Kanban board for avoiding congestion in workflows. The feature lets you put a limit to the number of tasks in a column. This way, the work-in-progress tasks completed on time so that you can proceed further without being bothered about the old incomplete tasks.

  • Swimlanes

Swimlanes in Kanban software are horizontal columns that are attached to a task for getting a better overview of all the pending files. Swimlanes are important for easy task management as you can divide your work here based on the business area, product, or teams.

  • Subtasks

Kanban tools can be used for adding subtasks into an already defined pre-set task to avoid missing out on any important details or information. There are checkboxes next to every sub-task. This way you can put a tick on every sub task once it gets completed.

  • Filters

In case you want to view a task based on a particular parameter, then you can avoid all the other activities by filtering out all the other activities. Filtering process can be implemented by introducing parameters like due dates, labels, colours or users.

  • Collapse columns

Use Kanban tools to collapse the columns you don't use to get a much better view of tasks that are of high priority for you. Just click on the title to collapse the task to make your workflows more simplified.

  • Portfolio board

Portfolio board in Kanban tools are meant to connect tasks mentioned on different boards. The module is most important for marking relations between different tasks mentioned in multiple boards in order to highlight to the team which files are related.

  • Task grouping

You save time as the task grouping feature saves you from the trouble of manually archiving the completed tasks. All you got to do is move the completed tasks to the done section and all the tasks would come together on basis of their completion date.

  • Lead & cycle time charts

Lead and cycle time charts in Kanban board software are a graphical representation of how long a team or an individual is taking to complete a task. The feature highlights in the chart the time taken to move tasks from start to finish. This module is mostly used for improving the delivery of services to clients and customers.

Benefits of Using Kanban Tools

  • Easy search option

Always, there would be multiple tasks awaiting completion or approval. Popular Kanban apps come with an inbuilt easy to search option to make the entire file searching process a hassle-free experience for everyone. You can use options like the name of the file/assignee, comments, subtasks, description, and labels to search for the exact file type.

  • Cumulative flow diagrams

Cumulative flow diagrams in Kanban tools are used for identifying bottlenecks and analysing workflows. The diagram shows how many tasks are there in all the columns so that organizations can assess the progress of projects and the efficiency of the teams working on the projects.

  • Burndown charts for pending tasks

All the pending tasks can be analysed with the support from built-in burndown charts in Kanban tools. You can use these charts for tracking progress and accordingly can predict when a task would get completed.

  • Calendar for better task overview

Kanban board online solutions support calendar views to help end users get a better overview of the pending tasks. It also provides filters like colours, user, labels, etc., to make work tracking an easy experience for everyone.

  • Accurate estimates with the forecasting system

The solution offers a forecasting option that lets you predict when exactly a pending task would reach its completion stage. The module works by taking into account all historical data for estimating when a worker would get completed.

  • History logs

History logs in Kanban apps provide an overview of changes made in the files. You can view history logs based on changes or name mentioned on it. The logs are highly detailed and can even be used for comparing the before and after values of a field.

  • Stopwatch timer

Stopwatch timer within Kanban board software is used for improving productivity at work. You can set timers to see how long every assignment is taking for completion.

Application of Kanban Tools Across Different Industries

Assign tasks and check backlog with Kanban software solutions. You can use Kanban tools for both small and large teams with ease and simplicity. They are easy-to-use collaboration tools that make it convenient for teams to communicate with each other well, add comments, and share feedback in real-time.

  • Project management
  • Software developers
  • Marketing professionals
  • Sales department
  • HR team
  • Agile teams
  • Construction companies
  • Creative production
  • Healthcare service providers

Kanban apps have inbuilt analytics, Gantt charts, and workflows that help in managing projects and tracking task progress. You can also take advantage of tools like bug tracking and production for organizing all workflows. Kanban software solutions help companies sync their development processes with existing organizational goals.

Evaluation Criteria for Selecting the Best Kanban Software

Kanban tools not only give you the best collaborative experience, but also quality workflow and task management capabilities. Here is a list of all important modules that need to be taken into consideration for choosing the right Kanban tool:

  • Assigning tasks, attaching files, and creating links in between cards
  • Automated processes for setting task and project deadlines
  • Easy integration with other tools available in a device
  • Scaling capabilities for creating multiple Kanban boards and visualizing workflows
  • Option for easily adding swimlanes along with editable columns

The Best Kanban Software


Track and organize tasks with Trello Kanban board software. Use the application for customizing workflows based on your specific requirements in real-time and create task dependencies with ease. Additionally, available are collaborative tools like calendars, task schedulers, and reminders. All in all, Trello is one such kanban tool that is best for handling multiple processes in a project lifecycle.

Key features of Trello Kanban App:

  • Drag & drop editing
  • Progress meter checklist
  • Archive for card records
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Information backup and activity log
  • Data filters along with an information retrieval system

Looking for an efficient project development tool that would organize your workflows and help with updating tasks. might be the answer for you. The project management tool lets you add tasks into different columns and assign different members to each column. The software lets you manage every stage of the workflow besides adding custom labels for differentiating and prioritizing tasks.

Key features of

  • Customizable fields
  • Execution board and email updates
  • Time tracking
  • SSL data encryption
  • Keywords labels and tags
  • Timeline column


The one feature that really makes Kanbanize software unique is its robust analytics that can be used extensively for project tracking and managing. Aside from supporting kanban board features, the software also offers business automation capabilities for organizing workflows. You can thus use Kanbanize for not just project management but also portfolio and program management.

Key features of Kanbanize:

  • Multiple workflows for managing multiple processes
  • Timeline for updating project plans
  • Team workspace for increased visibility
  • Card links
  • Workflow analytics
  • Time tracking and email integration


Track tasks and create custom workflows with ProofHub kanban board software. Companies and organizations depend on the software for complete transparency and best project delivery services. Plan tasks, organize projects and collaborate in real-time with ProofHub kanban board online. The best part about using the software is that you can set as many custom workflows as you may require for easy task management.

Key features of ProofHub Kanban Software:

  • Custom roles and advanced search option
  • Gantt charts
  • Table views along with detailed activity logs
  • Task prioritization based on labels and time estimates
  • Integration with third-party applications

Author: Kalpana Arya

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