Troop Messenger logo - Instant Messeging App
Troop Messenger logo - Instant Messeging App
Troop Messenger logo - Instant Messeging App
Troop Messenger logo - Instant Messeging App
Troop Messenger logo - Instant Messeging App
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Troop Messenger

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About Troop Messenger

What is Troop Messenger?

Troop Messenger is a feature rich collaboration software used for the seamless one-on-one and group communication. The software helps improve inter and intra-team communications with an innovatively designed chat messenger. Troop Messenger facilitates high quality communication and allows team members to come together virtually and discuss projects, business ideas, work plan, etc. It has a scalable design that works for businesses of all sizes. One of the standout features of Troop Messenger is the self-hosting service. Companies/users can save all the communication in their preferred location. 

Troop Messenger  Founder & CEO Sudhir Naidu aim for Troop Messenger is designed with information security as a priority function. It offers a unique feature called “Burnout.” It allows teammates to set a timer to have a private chat. Once the timer stops it automatically deletes the chat from the storage. 

Why Choose Troop Messenger Collaboration Tool

  1. Instant messaging with the options for message recall, copying chat conversations, forwarding messages to groups, etc.
  2. Uninterrupted video calls to manage projects, deadlines, group discussions with your team.
  3. The chat background can be customized with interactive wallpaper themes.
  4. It ensures crystal clear audio messages.
  5. It provides a private chat window where messages don’t get saved.
  6. Helps with live location tracking of your employees.
  7. Provides features for file sharing & screen sharing at the time of instant and group chats.

Main Key Features of Troop Messenger:

  1. Instant Messaging:- one on one messaging, Recall, Copy, Info (Unique Feature), Reply, Forward, Delete
  2. Calling:- video call, Voice Call
  3. Groups:- Unlimited Group
  4. Wallpapers
  5. Help Tile
  6. Setting
  7. Audio Messaging (Unique Feature)
  8. Dashboard
  9. Profile
  10. Splashboard
  11. Troop Messenger Burnout (Unique Feature)
  12. ForKout
  13. Live Location Tracking
  14. Emoji Layout
  15. Sharing: File Sharing, Screen Sharing
  16. Read Receipts
  17. Edit (Unique Feature)
  18. Responds Later (Unique Feature)
  19. Flagging
  20. Search: Global Search, Text Search
  21. Search Filters:- Advanced Search Filters, Time Filters
  22. Unread Messages
  23. Mute Conversations (Unique Feature)
  24. Favourite Users
  25. Message History
  26. Live Chat Support
  27. Data Record
  28. Storage: 150GB, 1TB

What is the price of Troop Messenger?

Troop Messenger is available in two plans, these are:

  1. Premium Plan – ₹ 75 per month per user 
  2. Premium Plan – ₹ 900 per year per user 
  3. Enterprise Plan – ₹ 375 per month per user
  4. Enterprise Plan – ₹4500 per year per user

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Please request a call for further inquiries.

Sold By : Troop

Get Troop Messenger support 18 Chatting right now

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Troop Messenger Features

Users can forward messages and reply to their teammates through the Troop Messenger chat messenger.
The software facilitates creation of personal group chats and private “burnout” chats for effective communication.
Troop Messenger allows employees to share all types of files such as multimedia, documents, etc. via messenger.
Employees can search their entire chat history through an advanced search filter and sort the results based on users, groups, date, time, etc.
The chat messenger solution enables companies to apply search filters for the effective search of media files, messages, contacts, etc.
Splashboard allows users to identify all the features and get acquainted with the system in real-time.
Companies can use Troop Messenger to track the live location of their users too. It is effective for working with ground force teams.
Troop Messenger has a state-of-the-art dashboard that facilitates seamless reporting through a cohesive and simple administrative dashboard.
Employees can conduct video and audio calling through Troop Messenger with the help of an active internet connection.
Recall and delete is a one-on-one call function. Recall allows users to take back their audio messages while the delete feature allows users to remove the unwanted conversations.
Users can perform basic image editing such as highlighting, brightening, etc. 
Troop Messenger offers an in-app support system for users to get help whenever they require.
Users can mute notifications from the software or selected contacts as per their preference.
Employees can share their screens during live video calls.
Each detail is carefully recorded in the messenger’s storage, which can be easily accessed on the backend.
The business messenger software provides a dedicated account manager in case of an urgent help required from Troop Messenger team.
Troop Messenger instantly connects with public cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
The software generates an alert for the users every time they receive a message from someone.
Burnout is a timer-based private interaction mode. Employees can switch on the burnout mode timer and discuss private issues and the chats are deleted once the timer ends.
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Get Troop Messenger support18 Chatting right now

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Troop Messenger Specifications

Troop Messenger Reviews

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Customer Feedback


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Rajat Mathur

Position: User

Overall Rating

Ease of Use

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Effective live location tracker



Likely to recommend : 9/10 thumb

Apr 22 2020

Namrata Saluja

Position: User

Overall Rating

Ease of Use

Value for Money



Efficient collaboration between team members



Likely to recommend : 9/10 thumb

May 11 2020

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Troop Messenger FAQs

Step by Step guide for use Troop messenger. 1- Login on Techjockey.com and find the Troop messenger and click. 2-Contact us For 7 Day Free Trial Verison or Direct pay ?75 for the premium version for one month. 3- After download app and open web version now you can use this app as the other message and chat app.
Open the software and go to the top left side and click on “Dashboard.” • Upon clicking, you will be directed towards the home admin page. • Click on “Shortcuts” and then on “Add.” You will see the “Employees” section. • Click on it and start adding employees.
Yes, you can grant admin privileges to any of your employees. Here is how you do it: 1. Open the messenger page and open the dashboard on top left side. 2. Open the dashboard and click “Admin” 3. Enter the details of the employee and set them as an admin.
Techjockey provides an online demo for Troop Messenger. Please request a call to get yours scheduled.
An “Orange Member” is an access portal for external communication that includes out of the office individuals such as interns, customers, and vendors.
You can add unlimited number of users in both Premium and Enterprise plans of Troop Messenger.

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