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Zoom Meetings
Zoom Meetings
Zoom Meetings
Zoom Meetings
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Zoom Meetings

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About Zoom Meetings

What is Zoom Meetings? 

Zoom Meetings is a top of the line video conference software that has an in-built real-time messaging function. Users can also share files during live conferencing. Zoom Meetings is one of the most well-recommended live conferencing software in the industry as it enables participants to join the conference from any device. The software boasts unparalleled usability because of its quick adoption with meeting capabilities for instant start, join, and collaboration from any device. 

Zoom Meetings supports real-time HD video conferencing and allows up to 1000 participants to join. It enables users to share all the files with regards to the topic of the conference for better communication. The software offers various other collaboration tools for users to work cohesively like it enables screen sharing and user-focused annotations for participants to highlight important points of their meeting. Zoom Meetings also saves the entire meeting for users to run it back for recollection and review the meeting as per their convenience. 

What features does Zoom Meetings offer? 

Here is a quick overview of the features offered by Zoom Meetings: 

  1. In-built collaboration tool
  2. HD audio and video 
  3. Meet securely 
  4. Recording and transcription of conferences 
  5. Streamline calendaring 
  6. Group and interpersonal chat
  7. One-click joining 
  8. Online workspace 
  9. Participant engagement 
  10. Feedback for meetings 

 Why companies use Zoom Meetings? 

Zoom Meetings is designed for companies to enhance their live conference engagement. The software results in a subsequent increase in: 

  1. Employee performance 
  2. Improved trust among clients 
  3. Engagement 
  4. Video usage 

This live conferencing software allows offices with a work from home setup to work seamlessly. Users with different types of devices can join the live conference. Zoom Meetings streamlines both mobile and PC users on one platform and works seamlessly without causing any inconvenience. The software provides an automated text-to-speech feature that automatically generates a transcript for the conference. Plus, users can search for the live conference through transcripts.

What is the price of Zoom Meetings? 

Zoom Meetings is available in three different plans, these are: 

  1. Zoom Meetings Pro – Rs. 1300/- per month 
  2. Zoom Meetings Business – Rs. 1800/- per month 
  3. Zoom Meetings Enterprise – Rs. 1800/- per month 

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Zoom Meetings Features

This live conference software is designed for users to collaborate and conduct live meetings with clients and employees from remote locations.
Zoom Meetings uses an end-to-end security encryption program to protect all the meetings. In addition to that, it also utilizes role-based access, password protection, and waiting rooms feature to ensure complete data security.
The software stores all the live conferences for future reviewing. 
Companies can integrate a variety of calendar tools for instant scheduling of meetings. The in-built messenger allows users to confirm the date and time for meeting on an interpersonal level. 
Zoom Meetings provides mobile application for both Android and iPhone platforms. 
The software offers an in-built chat messenger, which users can utilize to communicate in a group chat or interpersonal way. 
This live conferencing solution allows users and clients from remote areas to connect effortlessly. 
Users can access dashboard to check their live conferencing data in real-time. It provides detailed insights on topics discussed, time period of meetings, and assessment of its impact.
The software facilitates quick integration with a wide variety of online extensions, plugins, and APIs for seamless working. 
The solution uses high level data security measures to ensure confidentiality of all the organizational user data. 
Zoom Meetings uses the best in class workflow reporting system to facilitate task management for employees working from remote locations or from a home setup. 
Companies can create self-service user portals with restrictive data and feature access to work through Zoom Meetings. 
Admin accounts/portals have the ability to create self-service portals for their staff and monitor the workflow from the system. 
Zoom Meetings allows users to design the software according to their requirements. E.g., they can add their logo, make changes in the outlook, etc. 
The software offers an in-built cloud integration Zoom Cloud, otherwise users can integrate their personalized cloud service as well. 
The live conference solution can be used for making attractive sales announcements and provide offers and discounts to attract new customers. 
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Zoom Meetings FAQs

A. Zoom Meetings is equipped with all the features that are required to conduct a webinar.
A. During the live conferencing click “Share” in your meeting and choose the screen that you would like to share.
A. Zoom Meetings save local recordings to “My documents” folder in your PC. For Cloud recordings go to “recording to page” of Zoom cloud portal.
A. Copy the URL of your live conference and send it through email. Or, send a meeting invitation directly from Zoom Meetings.
A. Yes, Zoom Meetings is available for a demo before purchase. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled.

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