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About GoToMeeting LogMein

What is GoToMeeting LogMeIn?

GoToMeeting is a web-hosting solution offered by LogMeIn. The software allows users to host online meetings, make video conferences, share individual computer screens and even record meetings and store them in the cloud. With the software, users can start hosting online meetings with a single click. It provides affordable and out-of-the-box solutions to its users, enabling them to create meeting spaces within a few minutes. The Video conference software offers scalable features, thus allowing administrators to transform their online events into a more engaging experience with ease.

How is GoToMeeting LogMein beneficial for the administrators?

By using GoToMeeting LogMein as an administrator, you can give your team a secure and reliable conferencing experience. Here are some of the benefits offered by this web-hosting webinar software -

  1. Automated Provisioning: As an administrator, you can connect your database with the software and start managing large numbers of meetings with ease.
  2. Admin Center: You can manage and control all your staff’s access and run reports to track the problematic areas within a specific session.
  3. Seamless Access: The software offers multiple ways for single sign-on, enabling employees to access it with their familiar company credentials.
  4. In-room kit: Using this software, users can get access to a simple but professional looking in-room kit. It is ideal for all small and medium-sized rooms.

Pricing of GoToMeeting LogMein

The software is available in three different plans -

  1. Professional: Rs.914.88/- per organizer/per month, allows 150 participants.
  2. Business: Rs.1219.84/- per organizer/per month, allows 250 participants.
  3. Enterprise: The price of this plan is available as per the customers’ requirements. It allows up to 3000 participants.

Interested buyers can make a callback request. Our experts will provide assistance with activation key, license renewal and more.

The Latest Version of GoToMeeting LogMein

The latest version of the software is V2.3, which was launched on 9th April 2020. Let’s have a look at some of its unique features -

  1. The software has GoToMeeting Lightning Component embedded within it.
  2. The makers of the software have included the smart notes feature in the post-session meeting details.
  3. The latest version of the software automatically syncs details of the meeting with the subject file.

Compatible Platforms of GoToMeeting LogMein

The software is compatible with:

  1. Windows 7 and 10
  2. Mac OS X 10.9 (or Mavericks), Mac OS X 10.15 (or Catalina)
  3. Linux/Ubuntu (web application only)
  4. Google Chrome OS (web application only)
  5. iOS 11 or higher till iOS 13
  6. Android OS 5 (Lollipop) or higher till Android 10

Benefits of using GoToMeeting LogMein

The software provides multiple features and services that are beneficiary for the user:

  1. Instant One-Click Meetings: Users can join, manage or host online meetings from a fixed meeting room or any remote location with just a click. The software allows them to use their Mac, PC or any other Android or iOS supported mobile device.
  2. Quality based reports: The software allows users to get an in-depth view of their performance, based on the reports it provides.
  3. Advanced security policies: It offers advanced security options like SAML and SSO login, enabling users to conduct web conferences and meetings with ease.
  4. Cloud Recording: This software helps users record their entire meeting on the cloud.
  5. Commuter Mode: By using this software, users can attend meetings and get access to a reliable and distraction-free experience.

Sold By : LogMeIn

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GoToMeeting LogMein Features

The Online screen sharing feature of the software allows users to share their own computer screen with other team members, remote employees and clients. It acts as a useful tool for communication where visuals have to be presented.
The software’s online conference call service enables users to conduct audio and video conference calls with their team members via any device with ease.
GoToMeeting LogMein has multiple audio options embedded within it. It allows users to join audio meetings even in the absence of an internet connection.
 The software has a ‘call me’ feature that offers an entirely secure and toll-free number option to its users so that they can skip the whole process of dialling.
The software is fully compatible with all Android and iOS platforms, thus allowing users to join and host conference meetings from anywhere with ease.
 GoToMeeting LogMein provides advanced but straightforward drawing tools, enabling users to annotate and attract their clients’ attention while making essential presentations.
The software has an inbuilt recorder that enables users to record an entire meeting. It also has “smart meeting assistance” that transcribes the words that were said so that the user can focus more on the session.
The software seamlessly integrates with other online platforms like Microsoft and Google Calendar, Office 365, Microsoft Outlook and more. Users can manage and join meetings with ease.
The software provides chart-based analytics and reports to its users for all the meeting sessions hosted by them. Users can also make customised reports based on specific sessions as per their requirements.
With this meeting software, users can pass on their presenter control to other members of their team. This helps in increasing the level of collaboration within the team members.
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GoToMeeting LogMein Specifications


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GoToMeeting LogMein FAQs

A. No, you do not need a GoToMeeting account to attend a session but to be able to make direct audio or video calls you need to have a GoToMeeting account.
A. Yes, GoToMeeting does provide customer support. You can either call on their toll-free number 1800 419 6989 or fill in your details at www.gotomeeting.com to let the customer service executive reach you within 24 hours.
A. The software provides a full screen and single application sharing option to its users.
A. The software seamlessly integrates with online platforms like Microsoft and Google Calendars. It automatically adds all the conferencing information to the user’s calendar with just a push of a button.
A. You can get an online demo of this software with techjockey. You simply need to send in a demo request and for your preferred time and date.
A. GoToMeeting LogMein is a web-based software and for using it, you need to have: ? Google Chrome v57 or a later version ? Microsoft Edge v77 or a later version ? GoToMeeting desktop app ? GoToMeeting web App and screen sharing extension
A. It is a web-based software and can be accessed from any device via a web browser.

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