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About GoToWebinar

What is GoToWebinar?

GoToWebinar provides an online platform to its users, enabling them to deliver online video conferences and webinars to several attendees at a time. The video conferencing software offers multiple features and tools, using which users can extend their business to the target audience. The software sends automatic invitations and follow-up emails to the attendees on behalf of the user. According to marketing leaders, GoToWebinar offers effective lead generating tactics that have a success rate of 73 percent. The software is trusted by 50K users around the globe.

How can you bring in more attendees with the help of GoToWebinar?

The GoToWebinar is one of the best webinar software, which allows users to record and reuse their events so that they can attract more attendees to their webinars. With this webinar management software, you can even record and share your webinar on any online platform. You can pre-record webinars and telecast them as live events. It allows users to integrate with various CRM and marketing automation software in order to manage everything within a single platform.

Pricing of GoToWebinar

The software is available in four different plans. These are:

  1. Starter: Rs. 6812.06/- per month, allows 100 participants.
  2. Pro: Rs. 15,231.46/- per month, allows 500 participants.
  3. Plus: Rs. 32,853.66/- per month, allows 1000 participants.
  4. Enterprise Plan: Price available as per customer requirements. It allows up to 5000 participants.

Interested buyers can request us for a callback. We also provide support regarding activation key and license renewal.

Latest Version of GoToWebinar

The latest version of the webinar software was launched on 27th February 2020. Some of its features are -

  1. It allows users to accept payments on webinars.
  2. Users can display their logo on various materials used in the webinar and provide certificates to the attendees.
  3. With the latest version, users can add fields and questions in the form as per their requirements.
  4. Users can create awareness on the business video platforms for various professionals.
  5. The latest version of the software also allows users to pre-record their webinars and present them as per their needs.

Compatible Platforms of GoToWebinar

The software is compatible with -

  1. Windows 7 and higher till Windows 10
  2. MacOS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and higher till MacOS 10.15 (Catalina)
  3. Android Devices
  4. iOS Devices

What are the benefits of using GoToWebinar?

The software offers various features that are beneficial for its users:

  1. Audience Preview: By using the software, users get a preview of the content that is visible to their audience.
  2. Channel Page: Users can publish webinars in their own online hub along with providing customized links of their own.
  3. Custom Controls: The software allows users to break out, expand and move controls as per their need.
  4. Dual Screen Support: Users get access to dual monitors. One helps to manage their content for presentation and another is for managing attendees.
  5. GDPR Compliant: The software is compliant with EU rules and ensures complete protection of the user’s data.
  6. Download Option: GoToWebinar allows users to share downloadable files with their attendees during any live event.

Sold By : LogMeIn

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GoToWebinar Features

By using GoToWebinar, users can easily generate reports based on various parameters and key metrics.
The software offers a GoToWebinar element with advanced features like search, authentication and normalised APIs. Users can connect this element with social clouds and other marketing services through the uniform APIs of the software.
With GoToWebinar, users can display the logo of their brand on various webinar materials.
The software allows users to share their screen with the attendees during a webinar.
With GoToWebinar’s highlighter pen and tools, users get to illustrate their points on the screen.
Users can promote their webinar by using customized webinar invitations, automated email reminders and registration pages provided by the software.
The software provides an engagement dashboard with which you can track the attendance level of your audience. You can also schedule and edit webinars.
GoToWebinar allows users to schedule one-time live events or multiple series of events on a fixed date.
GoToWebinar enables users to seamlessly integrate with various CRM and marketing automation software so that they can manage everything through a single platform.
The software has a dedicated mobile app, which allows the users to present or join webinars with ease.
GoToWebinar offers options to its users, allowing them to answer their attendees’ questions, either in private or in public.
The software follows strict TLS protocols and AES encryption to ensure complete security to your events.
The software enables users to engage their audience with slide-in questions and live results from various surveys.
GoToWebinar allows users to skip certain steps and use settings from past webinars.
With this software, users can generate customized registration pages and monitor them from time to time. They can even create reports based on them.
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GoToWebinar Specifications


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GoToWebinar FAQs

A. Yes, the software offers detailed reports to its users, giving them meaningful insights about the attendees of the webinar.
A. With this software, users can let their webinar attendees speak out their minds by allowing them to take a turn on a webcam or mic.
A. Yes, you can get an online demo for GoToWebinar with Techjockey. Just send us a demo request and our team of experts will connect with you at your scheduled time and date.
A. Web browser: ? Google Chrome v57 or a later version ? Apple Safari v10 or a later version ? Mozilla Firefox v52 or a later version ? Microsoft Edge v12 or a later version ? Internet Explorer v10 or a later version Hardware: ? 2GB of RAM ? Webcam for HDFaces ? Microphone and speakers
A. GoToWebinar has a dedicated mobile app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

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