12 Best Webinar Software for Online Audience [Free & Paid]

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Webinar software is used for recording and sharing high quality audio/video for selling products, connecting with clients and hosting informative talks. This platform is a popular tool for engaging with new prospects from the comfort of your home especially now when COVID-19 has made social distancing a strong precautionary measure for keeping oneself safe.

However, online webinar platforms help connect with your audience virtually and convey your messages and ideas convincingly. 

What are the Benefits of Using Best Webinar Software

Webinar software has greater benefits especially at the time when every business model is operating with a remote workforce to some extent. Webinar solutions don’t just help improve your online presence but also allows you to an create online branding content that can be reused at different stages to connect with your customers.

  • Best Webinar Software for Educations

Teachers find webinar software as one of the best online teaching tools. It helps them arrange interactive classroom sessions, where students can ask questions and show higher engagement. All teachers need is a webinar platform to connect with their students outside the traditional classroom setup to facilitate their learning.

  • Best Webinar Platforms for Training

Webinars create one of the most engaging relationship with your attendees through Q7A, chat, feedback, etc. So, it is rapidly becoming an alternative to offline product demo sessions. You can update your customers about new product features or even train your remote workforce to help them be on the same page.

  • Best Webinar Software Solution for Business

Whenever you organize a webinar, you get a chance to interact with hundreds of people in a cost-effective manner. This is quite important in creating a brand recall. Make sure that your webinar was informative and conveyed interactively. So, the next time they think about your category of products, they think about your brand.  

  • Best Webinar Tools for Marketing

Marketers find it worth to invest in best webinar tools than to spend extravagantly on their travel and stay to a convention happening in another corner of the world. Just with a webinar software and decent list of attendees, marketers can generate qualified sales leads. You can also collect responses from attendees to your webinar and derive valuable information about their interests.

How to Find the Best Webinar Platforms That Serves Your Purpose

While selecting the best webinar software solution for your organizational needs, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Define Your Goals: Whether you want the software for sales purposes, trainings, teaching or to have online meetings with a group.
  • Compare Different Webinar Software: Check them for their pros & cons and decide on the one which suite your needs the most
  • Check their prices: Also, you should ask for annual maintenance charges, etc.
  • What installation type you prefer; while some webinar software solutions runs in your browser itself, others need to be properly downloaded and installed.
  • What features you will get: How many attendees can join a webinar session? How many hosts are allowed in a session? Can you share content through audio & videos during the webinar? Is there the feature to chat with attendees, etc.
  • Most importantly, check for security features: The data of your attendees is confidential and should never go in the wrong hands.

List of 12 Best Webinar Software Platform India in 2020

You can use advanced chat feature of webinar hosting platforms with private messages toolbar and moderators for quick communication with clients and prospects. Here, we have listed the best webinar software in to help connect with a larger audience online:

  1. WebinarJam
  2. GoToWebinar
  3. Adobe Connect Webinar
  4. Zoho Meeting
  5. EverWebinar
  6. WebinarNinja
  7. WebEx
  8. GetResponse
  9. ClickMeeting
  10. Google+ Hangouts
  11. TokBox
  12. ezTalks Webinar
  • WebinarJam

WebinarJam webinar software

WebinarJam webinar software is a broadcasting technology used for connecting with a large mass of audience in a single presentation. Easily broadcast webcam, PowerPoint presentation or screenshare through this webinar tool. The video webinar software, WebinarJam can be used on any device be it laptop, table, phone or desktop. 

Key features of WebinarJam:

  • Pixel quality format
  • Live chat
  • Stick announcements
  • Recurring series
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Attendee on screen
  • Page builder
  • Drawing board

WebinarJam Pros and Cons

  • Replica replays
  • Automated recording
  • Lack of third-party integration
  • Delayed sound/video quality

Bottom Line: With WebinarJam, you can easily import the presentation file into the webinar platform and run the same for your audience in high definition. 

Pricing: The software is available in three plans and the upgraded one that is the enterprise version is available for Rs 75,864 on yearly basis. For more information, contact the platform’s official website.

  • GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar online webinar platform

GoToWebinar online webinar platform is used for creating webinars for presentation purposes. You can also generate leads, sell your products, and engage with new customers through this webinar tool. It is used for not only event management but also generating effective demands through product guides and tutorial videos. 

Key features of GoToWebinar:

  • Network security
  • HDFaces video conferencing
  • Real time analytics
  • Lead management
  • Audience interaction
  • Custom URL
  • Video embedding
  • Customisable branding
  • Source tracking

GoToWebinar Pros and Cons

  • Desktop sharing
  • Handouts mobile support
  • Customer service can be improved further
  • Software installation requires expert assistance

Bottom Line: The webinar tool provides data for attendees and better performance aside from videos, polls and screen sharing to increase engagement.

Pricing: This webinar hosting platform is available as a free webinar tool on trial basis for seven days. Aside from being available as a free webinar platform, the software has two other versions available. The Pro version costs around Rs 15,033/year. Pricing details for the enterprise version can be arranged by contacting the official website.

  • Adobe Connect Webinar

Adobe Connect Webinar

Adobe Connect Webinar is a webinar hosting platform that provides powerful analytics and reporting for optimising and measuring digital experiences. You can create interesting pages for registration besides easily automating reminders, follow ups and invitations. The webinar platform also offers a collaborative backstage area to its presenters.

Key features of Adobe Connect Webinar:

  • Attendee management
  • Recording meetings
  • Whiteboard
  • Annotations
  • Chat
  • Sharing links
  • Setting room layouts

Adobe Content Pros and Cons

  • Add telephone connection
  • Polling and Q&A features
  • Browser compatibility is an issue.
  • Formatting issues in chatlogs.

Bottom Line: The HD multimedia and video support helps in optimising events for identifying leads, thus increasing the potential for return of investment (ROI). 

Pricing: Adobe Connect online webinar platform is available on yearly basis for a price of Rs 95,006.

  • Zoho Meeting

best webinar software

Zoho Meeting is one of the best webinar software available in the market for engaging and educating your business prospects about your offerings. Zoho webinar software India broadcasts screen, launches polls and conducts question answer sessions in real time. Use the tool as an online webinar platform for recording, watching and sharing webinars online. You can further use it for analysing reports in order to identify and convert leads into customers.

Key features of Zoho Meeting:

  • Screen sharing
  • Dial in numbers
  • Polls & surveys
  • Switch presenter
  • Registrant report
  • Follow up emails

Zoho Meeting Pros and Cons

  • Performance report
  • Moderate attendees with block/allow access
  • Need to add the whiteboard functionality.
  • Images get blurry sometimes.

Bottom Line: The switch presenter feature of Zoom Meeting as one of best webinar tools lets a participant share her or his views by sharing screen with everyone.

Pricing: Zoho Meeting is available for Rs 1074 on monthly basis. For more details, feel free to connect with us.

  • EverWebinar

automated webinar solution

EverWebinar is an automated webinar solution used for planning live events. You can take advantage of the instant download option for sharing files. End users also depend upon the Analytics feature to determine the performance of their content as per its popularity.

Key features of EverWebinar:

  • Automated webinars
  • Social media integration
  • Event analytics
  • Attendee reports
  • Role based access

EverWebinar Pros and Cons

  • Pre-made landing pages
  • Advanced simulation tools
  • It ensures an intuitive experience for users
  • Streaming issues occasionally
  • There are transmission issues at times

Bottom Line: Live chat auto responders for providing optional participant support. 

Pricing: You can receive information regarding pricing details by contacting the software’s official website.

  • WebinarNinja

Webinar Ninja

Webinar Ninja is one of the best webinar software along with inbuilt marketing tools such as out of the box, sign up and thank you to create quick webinars in simple steps. Through this webinar platform, it is possible to interact live with the audience and present to them live demos or videos. 

Key features of Webinar Ninja:

  • Live host
  • Chat
  • Series webinars
  • Timed offers
  • Hybrid live events

Webinar Ninja Pros and Cons

  • Recorded videos
  • Upload slides
  • Difficult to set up webinar automation feature
  • Sometimes there are voice delay issues

Bottom Line: Take advantage of the multiple sessions option in order to run together multiples sessions, workshops, meetings and summits. 

Pricing: Webinar Ninja’s monthly plan is available for Rs 3477.

  • WebEx

WebEx webinar tool

WebEx webinar tool is used for organising presentations and web conferences for running distributed workforce meetings and selling products to clients. Whether you are planning to teach some course or connect with new customers, use WebEx as your webinar hosting platform. 

Key features of WebEx:

  • Cognitive collaboration
  • Cloud calling
  • Contact center
  • Video conferencing

WebEx Pros and Cons

  • Can be easily integrated with Integration existing VC/TP room devices
  • Call me features saves the hassle of putting passcodes for the meeting every time
  • Call quality goes down in low internet bandwidth
  • Provides limited marketing options

Bottom Line: As one of the best webinar platforms, the Cisco WebEx software’s unique selling point is WebEx board that is comprised of wireless presentation screen, whiteboard and video conferencing tools for efficient team collaboration. 

Pricing: For details regarding pricing details, please request a callback from us.

  • GetResponse

webinar management platform

GetResponse is a webinar management platform that provides extended support for creating webinars to help marketers with the promotion of their product. Described also as a pre-recorded webinar software, it is possible to allow the audience an access to pre-recorded webinars for generating leads and engaging with the audience. 

Key features of GetResponse:

  • Marketing automation
  • Auto funnel
  • Landing pages
  • Responsive email design
  • Inbox preview
  • Automated single Opt-in-imports
  • Landing page A/B Testing

GetResponse Pros and Cons

  • Autoresponders
  • Email marketing
  • PHP error occurs sometimes
  • reporting & analytics functions can be improved further

Bottom Line: GetResponse is among the best webinar platforms that provides advanced API for easy integration with multiple platforms. You will get featured into the software’s integration directory once you integrate GetResponse with another platform. 

Pricing:  GetResponse is priced at Rs 858 per year. If you need more details, feel free to contact us.

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  • ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting webinar software

ClickMeeting best webinar tool is used for scheduling live meetings and users can easily track the history of past webinars in the overview section. The user-friendly interface provides step by step installation guidance with full switch to WebRTC+HTML5. It allows you to connect with thousands of people in one go through webinars on different interesting topics.

Key features of ClickMeeting:

  • Web conferencing
  • Tests and surveys
  • Webinar statistics
  • Subaccounts
  • Customised invitations
  • Chat moderation
  • Custom branding

ClickMeeting Pros and Cons

  • Provides integration with YouTube
  • Supports multiple platforms and devices
  • Absence of breakout sessions
  • Desktop sharing feature is limited to Windows/Mac users.

Bottom Line: ClickMeeting is one of the best webinar platforms which is used by businesses for analysing live events in order to determine the latest trends and make accurate predictions. 

Pricing: A monthly plan of Rs 3094 is available for the software. More details can be accessed by getting in touch with ClickMeeting’s official website. 

Best Free Webinar Software for Online Meetings and Presentations 

Webinars are meant for connecting with diverse audiences worldwide. Some of the best free webinar software for online meetings and presentations are:

  • Google+ Hangouts

free webinar software

Google+ Hangouts is a free webinar software used for sharing videos, images as well as chatting through text messages. The Hangouts on Air is the particular option used for broadcasting videos, audios and other discussion material through Google+. You can access this free webinar tool through Gmail, application or Google+ websites. 

Key features of Google+ Hangouts:

  • Location sharing
  • Custom control
  • Voice/video calls
  • Intelligent muting
  • Group conferencing

Google+ Hangouts Pros and Cons

  • Sharing emoticons
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • Google account compulsory for taking part in active sessions.
  • Marketing features unavailable.

Bottom Line: This best free webinar tool offers face to face functionality for online meetings and conferences. 

Pricing: Google+ Hangouts is a free webinar platform available free of cost.

  • TokBox

TokBox free webinar platform

TokBox free webinar platform provides broadcasting options such as video sessions and group video chats. Use the video webinar software for interactive live video sessions for better customer retention and completion rates. This webinar software helps with the escalation of sales, improvement of customer support and providing reliable consultancy services. 

Key features of TokBox:

  • Video chat embeds
  • SIP interconnect
  • Recording
  • Analytics
  • Regional media zones
  • Advanced firewall control

TokBox Pros and Cons

  • Encrypted video and call recordings
  • Limited number of calling minutes.
  • Customer support options can be expanded

Bottom Line: TokBox provides the audio detection feature to control layouts of the app/display based on audio activity.

Pricing: TokBox provides an option for free trial. Pricing is based on number of calling minutes. For instance, calling for two thousand minutes is priced at Rs 755 per month. There are further plans available based on the number of calling minutes. Feel free to contact the software’s website for more details.

  • ezTalks Webinar

online webinar platform

exTalks Webinar is an online webinar platform used by enterprises big and small for hosting video conferences. You can also use the webinar tool for organising conference calls for teams and clients. You can further share instant messages, screen and whiteboard through this video webinar software.

Key features of ezTalks Webinar:

  • Custom branding
  • Registration page
  • Address book
  • Team member account
  • Invitation email
  • Multiple roles
  • Participants/register report

ezTalks Webinar Pros and Cons

  • Polls and surveys
  • Webinar cloud recording
  • The features get slow sometimes
  • Cannot share the documents directly through the app

Bottom Line: Ultra high definition sound/video quality aside from an option to customise screen layout. 

Pricing: ezTalks is one of the best webinar tools whose starter plan is available for free of cost. Professional plan can be availed on monthly basis at Rs 982 whereas for details regarding the enterprise plan, you may have to contact the software’s official website.


Emails, reminders, recordings, screen sharing, annotations, room count or real time chat simulation, the webinar software takes care of all such tasks related to hosting a webinar event. You are also offered the advantage of using interactive options such as running the presentation, whiteboarding, preloading video and audio to make the live chat session a success. Download free webinar software or the paid ones for interactive and high-quality video or audio sessions with clients, customers and audience.


  1. What is Webinar Software?

    Engage with your audience through webinar tools in a virtual environment. Share well researched topics, build your brand's image and interact with prospective clients to establish your business. It is for this reason that such tools are in today's times being used by big businesses, corporates, small medium enterprises and educational institutions.

  2. Why use webinar software?

    Webinar platforms provide not just live sessions but also marketing tools such as custom emails, auto responders, list segmentation, event sharing, AB testing and in-depth recording capabilities.

  3. How to find the best webinar software for your business?

    Go through the following pointers before finally deciding on the best webinar software India for your business. The steps are:

    Identify the audience: Young or old, you need to identify the audience. For instance, if you have more of a younger lot then chances are you would need a platform that works easily also on mobiles and tablets.
    Number of attendees: Different webinar software has different capacities for accommodating the number of attendees. So, calculate wisely the number of attendees and then choose the video broadcast tool accordingly.
    Budget: This is of course the most important part. You have to select a plan that is as per your budget.
    Recording the webinar: Many a times the audience prefers to watch recordings later at their own comfort. So, it would be wise to also record the live session and present it as a benefit of attending your webinar to the customer.
    Communication features: Not all software provide option for chat box or poll/survey. Be quick in deciding thus whether or not you would want these features.

  4. What are some must have webinar software features and capabilities?

    Poll/surveys for instant feedback, detailed reports, CRM feature, multiple presenters, screen sharing, automated/live webinar mechanism, and breakout rooms for dividing the audience.

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