JioMeet App – How to Download and Use Made in India Video Conferencing App

| Created on July 7, 2020

Updated on January 27, 2021

JioMeet video conferencing app


Reliance Jio has unveiled JioMeet video conferencing app to build on the pressing sentiment to use India made apps across the country. With its JioMeet app, Reliance has now placed itself in the same league with big players such as Google meet and Zoom video conferencing app. Since Jio is already a popular cellular network company, the company aims to pull in large crowds through its made-in-India video conferencing app i.e. JioMeet app.

Made in India video conferencing app

JioMeet App Download- Unlimited Free Indian Video Conferencing App

Since coronavirus has forced people to stay inside and work from home, online conferencing apps have become quite popular. For the past few months, the Indian workforce has been using Zoom video conferencing app, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet app for their office meetings.

Over time, there was a growing sentiment for an Indian video conferencing app that ensures the same level of ease in remote collaboration while being more sensitive towards the confidentiality of data. That demand now seems to be fulfilled with the arrival of the JioMeet conferencing app.

JioMeet app is currently available for download for Android and iOS mobile devices. JioMeet is a free video conferencing app, which means you don’t have to pay any subscription fee to sign up for its services. The web version of the app- JioMeet web is currently in development and it is speculated that JioMeet app download for PC and JioMeet for laptop would be available in the coming time.

How to Download & Use JioMeet Video Conferencing App

  • Go to the respective app store of your Android or iOS device
  • In the search option, type ‘JioMeet video conferencing app’ to download JioMeet.
  • Once the search results appear on the screen, click on the app and install it.
Download Jio Meet App

A few days after its launch, JioMeet video conferencing app become one of the most downloaded video call apps. Not only Android and iOS devices, the number of JioMeet app downloads for PC have also substantially increased. Here we tell you how you can use the video chat app for holding high quality video calls for official or personal use.

Step 1: On your Android or iOS device, tap the icon of JioMeet video conferencing app. The icon of JioMeet for Windows 10 users will appear on the home screen.

Step 2: You will see a login and sign up option after doing JioMeet app download for PCand mobile phones. If you have an existing account on the JioMeet app, you can enter your credentials and login. First time users should select the signup option after they download JioMeet for Windows and other operating systems.

Step 3: Once you select the signup option, JoiMeet app will ask you to enter your details such as username, phone number and email id.

Step 4: The JioMeet app will then send an OTP on the phone number you just entered. Once you enter the OTP, the JioMeet PC app will verify it. After the verification is complete, you are successfully signed in and can start using the JioMeet for laptop app.

Step 5: Download JioMeet for Windows 10 and you can also log onto a call with the ‘Join a meeting’ option without having an account on the JioMeet app.

Jio Meet Free Video Conferencing App – How it Works

This made in India video conferencing app is laced with the following features:

  • Option of multiple users joining a video call with JioMeet Software

In its current version, the JioMeet app supports up to 100 people to join on a video call. You can also utilize the JioMeet recording option to keep a record of live meetings.

  • HD video calling with JioMeet for PC

Using JioMeet video conferencing app, users can start and participate in high definition video calls. With JioMeet software, the HD feature is extended to audio calls also.

  • Share screen after JioMeet App Download

JioMeet video calling app provides the feature for sharing your screen with your team members. This comes handy for several team members to collaborate on the same project.

  • Password protected conference sessions even with JioMeet demo

This free video conferencing JioMeet for PC app provides password protected video call sessions, which ensure that unauthorized people don’t have access to confidential information and sessions with JioMeet for Windows PC version.

  • Safe Driving mode available in JioMeet App for Laptop

JioMeet video conferencing app has the feature of safe driving mode which makes it easy to attend video call sessions while driving. However, for your safety, it is advised that you don’t use mobile devices while driving a vehicle.

  • Multi Device support provided by JioMeet app for laptop Windows 7

Using this Indian video conferencing app, you can create accounts for five devices and switch between them during a video call without any issues. This is why we suggest JioMeet download in laptop, desktop and mobile devices.

JioMeet PC and Mobile Calling App Vs Zoom Video Calling App – Which One is Better

Ever since its launch, people have been comparing JioMeet vs Zoom video conferencing app based on their features and functionalities.

Category JioMeet Zoom
Cost JioMeet pricing is free Free
Maximum video call time allowed for free users 24 hours 40 minutes
Availability of a paid plan Not declared yet Yes
Quality of video call Supports video calling even at lower bandwidths Video quality might suffer due to poor network
Encryption High grade encryption
No threat of data extraction by another country
End to end encryption.
Security features for free users Yes No
Safe driving mode Yes No
Multi-device login support Yes, up to 5 devices No

We tell you which one is better, JioMeet vs Zoom, for your personal as well as professional use.

  • On the JioMeet video conferencing app, 100 people can join a video call and interact without restrictions for 24 hours. For Zoom video call app, 100 people can talk on a group video call free for only 40 minutes.
  • Zoom video conferencing app offers paid service through its Zoom pro plan. This plan is efficient for large corporations employing several employees. JioMeet made in India video conferencing app has not announced any details regarding paid plans or special service for large corporations. However, its free plan is enough to host any online meeting or web conference with a larger group. Thus,JioMeet app downloads are constantly increasing.
  • Call in Zoom video calling apps are protected by end to end (E-2-E) encryption which makes it a favourable option for free as well as paid users. JioMeet video conferencing app also offers security through state-of-the-art encryption and password protection, which ensures your calls and data exchange remain private. Usage of Indian video conferencing apps such as JioMeet for Windows ensures that only those people whom you choose to attend the meeting can do so. Hence, we recommend Zoom or JioMeet download for PC for remote working.

JioMeet video conferencing app also offers security through state-of-the-art encryption and password protection, which ensures your calls and data exchange remain private. Usage of Indian video conferencing app JioMeet ensures that only those people whom you choose to attend the meeting can do so.

JioMeet Vs Zoom: The Similarities

JioMeet app

Both Zoom and JioMeet for Windows 10, android and iOS offer user experience along the same lines. Although when it comes to user interface and the chat feature, JioMeet software ranks a few notches better than Zoom app. In fact, people have been demanding upgrades from Zoom in these two sections for some time now. Therefore, due to these two reasons, we recommend you download JioMeet for Windows 10.

Both the apps, JioMeet vs Zoom, share some other features such as:

  • Scheduling sessions in advance
  • Creating a wait room and recording ongoing sessions with JioMeet recording option
  • Supports one-on-one and large group calls through JioMeet PC and mobile version
  • HD quality meetings through a simple interface and intuitive buttons provided once you download JioMeet for Windows 10.

But as more people opt for going vocal for local, JioMeet Indian video conferencing app is seeing high downloads with each passing day and is seeing more people root for it as compared to Zoom.

How JioMeet App Fares in Comparison with Google Meet

Google meet is one of the most popular online audio and video calling apps. In its latest update, you can directly access the app within your gmail app. Below we draw a comparison between Google Meet and JioMeet for Windows 10, android and iOS.

Category JioMeet Google Meet
Cost JioMeet pricing is currently free of cost. Google Meet offers a free version. The cost of the paid plan is ₹587.73 per user per month.
Maximum video call time allowed for free users 24 hours 1 hour
Availability of paid plan Not applicable Yes. Paid plans of Google Meet are categorised as Google Workspace Essentials and Enterprise

The cost of Essential plan is ₹587.73 per user per month while that of Enterprise is available on request.
Quality of video call High quality video and voice calling It also offers high quality calling experience
Encryption Offers high level encryption, which helps make video calling secure Offers transport encryption in place of end-to-end encryption
Security features for free use Yes Yes
Safe driving mode Yes No
Multi-device login support Yes upto 5 devices Yes

How JioMeet Fares in Comparison with Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft teams is another such popular remote working tool that has gained popularity during the pandemic. In addition to voice and video call, you can also connect to team members through chat. Below we compare Microsoft teams and JioMeet for Windows and other operating systems.

Category JioMeet Microsoft Teams
Cost JioMeet pricing is currently free of cost Microsoft Teams offers a free version. The paid plans are available as follows:

Microsoft 365 Business Basic- ₹150 user/month

Microsoft 365 Business Standard- ₹660 user/month 

Office 365 Business Premium ₹1320 user/month
Maximum video call time allowed for free users 24 hours 24 hours
Availability of paid plan Not applicable Yes. Paid plans of Microsoft Teams are categorised as basic, standard and E3 
Quality of video call High quality video and voice calling Microsoft Teams offers decent video and voice call experience which might see a downfall if used in the web version
Encryption Offers high level encryption for secured video calling experience Encryption available for all video calls
Security features for free use Yes Yes  
Safe driving mode Yes No
Multi-device login support Yes, up to 5 devices Yes, up to 2 devices

JioMeet Video Chat App – The Road Ahead

JioMeet video conferencing app is available for easy download on app stores. JioMeet app download can be initiated for PC and mobile devices. JioMeet for laptop is also available.

One of the most prominent persons batting for its robustness is Shri Amitabh Kant, Honorable CEO of NITI Aayog.

Through a Twitter post, Kant said that “Tried JioMeet Video Conferencing. It’s easy and simple! Better than Zoom. Meetings are encrypted and password protected. Unlimited high definition calls. All data in India. Emerges as a major technical disruptor from India. Will go places in these challenging times.”

The app developed by Reliance got a second thumbs up when chairman of the 15th Finance commission, Shri NK Singh suggested that meetings of the commission might take place on this app. This sets the record straight that in coming times, JioMeet video conferencing app might become the official platform for inter as well as intra communications held by subsidiaries of Indian Government.

Jio Meet app is already doing well across the android and iOS app markets. Reports suggest that JioMeet for PC and JioMeet web are on their way and Reliance may come out with a premium version of JioMeet soon. As for now, it can be safely said that the JioMeet video conferencing app is enjoying a grand welcome, riding high on the patriotic call for Atmanirbhar Bharat.


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