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About ClickMeeting

What is ClickMeeting?

ClickMeeting is a webinar software that helps cater to the needs of your leads, customers, and team members. It helps in marketing as well as showcasing product demos where you can sell your products by sharing their USPs. Additionally, the software provides help to the teachers as well who can teach their students from anywhere through online courses and training sessions. Furthermore, ClickMeeting aids businesses in conducting business meetings and collaboration with clients. By scaling up your webinars, you can reach thousands of people across the globe through this software.

Benefits of ClickMeeting Webinar Software?

With this webinar software, you can reach out to your audience for teaching, inspiring or selling purposes. Some of the places of applicability of Webinar Room are:

  1. Collaboration and Online Business Meetings: The software helps speed up your projects and make them more efficient. It allows your team members, customers and business partners from around the globe to meet at a single place online. This enables you to work collaboratively through a video conferencing room. You can also share slides with them for effective analysis.
  2. Online Training Sessions: Teachers can share their invaluable knowledge with students through this webinar room feature. This helps them give students a thorough grasp of the complex topics as well. Users can display their educational materials or conduct polls for tests and examinations. This enables them to teach and train their audience effortlessly.
  3. Marketing: This allows users to deliver the session and cover topics based on their target audience. You may also generate more leads with on-demand and automated webinars and follow them up with unique and advanced content.
  4. Online Events: You can conduct online events and save a huge amount of time and money. You can gather presenters and attendees online for virtual networking. This allows you to convey your message to leads, customers and employees all over the world.
  5. Stream Live: The software allows users to stream their webinars on Facebook Live or YouTube.

Pricing of ClickMeeting

There are 4 pricing plans available for ClickMeeting. These are:

  1. Free Trial: This plan is totally free for a period of 7 days.
  2. Live: This plan comes for Rs. 1900 per month.
  3. Automated: This plan is valued at Rs. 3040 on a monthly basis.
  4. Enterprise: This plan is totally customizable and is available on request by customers. Please contact our customer care team through the “request a callback” option on our website.

Our experts will help you with all kinds of post-purchase support including the activation and license keys, renewal of your chosen plan and all other doubts that you may have.

The Latest Version of ClickMeeting

The latest version of ClickMeeting is 4.2.1 for Android users. Some of its features are:

  1. Q&A Session can be organized by users whilst holding their webinars.
  2. You do not need to swipe screens to view presentations anymore, and it consumes less energy of our phones as well.
  3. The software comes equipped with intuitive UX design in its latest version.
  4. It gives easier access to events and allows one to share videos or webinars on any social networking site.
  5. ClickMeeting comes inbuilt with a responsive room layout and produces stunning quality audios and videos.
  6. CTA Button to maximize lead conversions and integration with files stored over the cloud.

Compatibility of ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting runs on both mobile and desktop devices and supports Windows 8 and above, Mac OS 10.13, Linux and Chrome OS.

Sold By : Clickmeeting

Get ClickMeeting support 34 Chatting right now

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ClickMeeting Features

By using the Discussion Mode of the software, you can turn your meeting into a virtual conference room. Users can host presentations and brainstorming sessions for up to 25 attendees, thus increasing the engagement rates.
This feature allows your co-workers to log in to the software with multi-user accounts. This helps avoid confusion over credentials and also reduces the overall cost.
The software comes with a special webinar storage feature with which you can keep your presentation files, recordings and chat logs in an organized manner so that it is available any time. You can also upload files without any hassle through the inbuilt drag and drop tool.
You can share your video screen with your viewers to increase audience engagement, maximize resources, and thereby improve productivity through ClickMeeting.
To communicate better with your attendees, the software comes equipped with HD audio and video. The software allows attendees to dial-in more people to participate in your webinar.
The presentation tool allows users to engage with their audience through the content displayed for a better presentation. You can also use your documents as slides to support your presentation to demonstrate your point clearly.
The whiteboard in ClickMeeting allows users to present effectively and also engage collaboratively with their webinar attendees. You can also use text boxes, drawing tools, etc. to illustrate your ideas and enrich your content.
Users can run polls and surveys on any topic during their webinars to gather insights, opinions and feedback from the audience.
You can give your audience a way to interact through Q&A sessions. You can let them leave feedback for you through chat. You can also store the chat history for future usage.
You can schedule different types of webinars and broadcast them through this software. Furthermore, users can schedule their webinars in the account panel as ad-hoc, permanent or time-scheduled events.
Users can add their own logos and brand colours to their webinar and waiting rooms to get a total brand experience. By customizing them, you can create a greater impact on your viewers. Users can also create their own CTA buttons to motivate their audience to make the final click through ClickMeeting.
One can post his or her webinar invitation on social media accounts to attract a sizable number of audience. This helps users expand their reach and increase brand awareness.
The software comes integrated with Zapier, which allows users to connect ClickMeeting with over 2000 apps to automate their work and increase productivity.
You can choose an appropriate date and time for your meeting from the drop-down calendar present in the software. By selecting the time zone option at the bottom, you can make sure that everyone is available for your webinar. The date and time is displayed on the registration page for the viewers.
By using PayPal integration, users can easily sell the access of their webinars, which leads to the monetization of their expertise. The software allows users to manage all the payments from a single place.
he webinar and attendee statistics provided by the software helps users view and export the detailed information regarding a particular webinar. They can also derive handy trends and predictions by generating key reports based on them.

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ClickMeeting FAQs

A. Yes, you can get an online demo of ClickMeeting with Techjockey, based on your chosen date and time.
A. On-demand webinars help build your lead base in a fast and unique way, thus increasing your expertise.
A. The minimum system requirements needed for the installation of ClickMeeting are: ? Processor: 2 GHz Dual-Core Processor or Higher. (4 GHz is preferable) ? RAM: 2 GB minimum (4 GB is recommended) ? Operating System: Windows 8 or Higher and for MacOS users, it should be minimum 10.13.
A. This is primarily aimed at keeping your audience engaged with a specific agenda before the virtual meeting starts. This helps them to get a better understanding of the topic and the presenter. You can also share important files with your viewers while they are waiting.
A. Since the software supports iOS platforms, users can easily get the app version on their smartphones.

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