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Found our list of Learning Management Software (LMS) helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

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  1. What is the Learning Management Software?
  2. What is Online Learning Management System?
  3. Features of Learning Management Software
  4. The Benefits of Learning Management System
  5. Things to Consider When Purchasing LMS Software
  6. Learning Management System Software Trends
  7. Top 5 Learning Management Software

What is the Learning Management Software?

A learning management system known as LMS is a software application that expedites the schools, colleges, and other educational institutions in the documentation, administration, tracking and reporting. In today’s age of computerization, institutions must look forward to automation or software solutions for the resultant management of all processes and functions.

A best learning management system software incorporates all automation needs ranging from application forms to the issue of certificates to the students. Other aspects include management of students, attendance, classes, exams, staff, payroll, inventory, campus, financial accounting, transportation, Record keeping, or documentation is also one of the most tedious tasks that can be efficiently carried out with a competent learning management software.

LMS Software is an online training solution for labor training, corporate learning, virtual classes, online course management. This learning management system software also helps in the healthcare and education industries most.

What is Online Learning Management System?

LMS software is used in the field of training and development for students and employees. While for students it is the LMS for school or LMS in education; and for the employees, there is a separate platform called corporate LMS software.

Learning management system software provides different educational materials such as videos, training materials and online courses at a single platform. Aside from a range of lesson formats, a user can also take advantage of other LMS learning management system features, such as grade books, test creators and discussion forums. On-premise or cloud-based learning management systems are all in one educational model integrated with online testing, live and on-demand virtual classroom sessions, course management, and content sharing.

Features of Learning Management Software

Best features of learning managment software system for mall businessStudent Registration and Administration

The process cycle starts with student registration and admissions. The issue of application forms, receiving and maintaining accurate info is very important. The admission processes and flow is defined with this feature in the learning management software. Student administration is a crucial process that can be well managed with a sound LMS.

Course Management

Order management, pre-order and course assigning can be achieved through learning management solutions. A user can be assured of collaborative plug-ins and add-ons such as live online training events, virtual classrooms or webinars to ensure organized course management.

Attendance Management System

Attendance of students and staff can be captured with the integrated biometric machines or simply can be marked in the automated system. This feature helps to track and to control absenteeism among the students and staff. Leaves can be requested and approved with this feature as well.

Fee and Accounting

To effectively achieve the financial gains and profitability in the institutions, LMS offers Fee & Accounting features that let the institutions carry out the fee collection, fee status tracking, and various accounting operations readily.

Competency Management

Assess the areas of strength of your team members and fit them to the goals of your business requirements. The centralized learning mechanism with advanced streamlined training processes and simplified learning tools helps improve the productivity of trainees, students, users, etc.

Learning Paths

Whether a user is using learning management software for its full online course period or a limited period, the opportunity to explore multiple resources in multiple languages from one single platform creates a focused learning path for such users.

Blended Learning

Learning management system software helps store, track, record and assess offline learning events/classes as there are different learning solutions that also provide offline access advantage.

Student Feedback

You have to be assured that the LMS platforms so diligently selected by you is offering full utility to students. Some of the best LMS e-learning system solutions have an integrated feedback system so that teachers and trainers can individually give feedback to their students.

Class Management Solution

This feature allows the institutions to create classes/ batches with or without sections. The students are allotted their respective classes and class teachers, or in-charges are assigned.

Files Repository

With a learning management system solution, files are neatly organized and stored in one single location saving trainers and such professionals from the hassle of managing multiple folders. The learning content is stored at one single location that also has an accessible and easy to search format.

Course Calendar

Course calendars are used for streamlining activities pertaining to a course or study module. The all in one calendar is meant for sending reminders, managing course registration and managing activities related to the course.

Online Exams

Software with a performance tracker and an assessment feature would go incomplete without a system designed to conduct online exams. Create online exams with neat marking options, numbering and time tracker to conduct fair online exams/mock tests on your dashboard.

Student Enrollment and Refunds

Not just the files but also a database of new admissions, continuing students, fees paid/refunded are all safely secured as well as stored by learning management software for e-learning.

Staff Management System

Staff details, roles, and profiles are defined pre-hand as the foremost activity. Membership management software helped for Tasks assigned, and performance status can be effortlessly captured so as to take effective decisions in retaining or relieving the staff members and deciding about the extended roles as well as appraisals.

Payroll Solution

All payroll operations ranging from pay structuring to payslip generations considering the leaves and relevant deductions can be readily performed flawlessly.

Parent Portal

A learning management system must provide a parent portal to facilitate the parents track all the activities in the school such as attendance, events, results in et al. With the trending use of technology, SMS and email integration is much needed to keep the parents updated.

Performance Assessment

Any educational program is incomplete without an assessment and evaluation module. LMS portals offer reliable inbuilt assessment mechanisms to track a student’s progress or learning.

Messaging and Notifications

You can customize messaging/notification features as per your convenience. Personalize them even if you want to access it in a language of your choice. Click on the multilingual button to select a language based on your preference.

Event Management System

Various events and activities can be planned in the academic year and corresponding notifications can be generated in this regard. The calendar events and activities are considered while scheduling the curriculum duration and timetable.

The Benefits of Learning Management System

best learning management softare for teachers and studentsEngaging Multimedia Lectures

LMS software ensures an interactive collaboration between instructors and teachers through various chat forums and online platforms. Instructors and trainers use such multimedia options as images, videos, texts, and audios to educate their students/audience.

Streamlined Training Processes

A learning management system efficiently manages administrative tasks, communication processes, and automation of course management systems. These are highly advantageous to teachers, learners, educators, students and trainers alike.

Make Learning Sessions Simplified and Engaging

Learning management system LMS software offers simplified solutions because the information is available under a single platform. It is equally engaging as learning or training management systems include calendars, archives, courses, and evaluations and makes the learning more audience/student based and contextual.

Advanced Tracking and Reporting Functions

With a learning management system, you can create, track and personalize detailed reports that highlight a student's progress, time is taken to complete a task, group performance, etc.

Reduced Time and Cost

Cost is greatly reduced through learning management system software because trainers/instructors do not need to undergo the hassle of traveling frequently or staying in hotels at distant places for lecture purposes. Online classes can be managed by an educator from any location and such classes can be accessed by any trainee or student from any region.

Ensuring Learning Anytime from Anywhere

Online learning management systems provide to its user, student or audience unlimited access to educational materials at just one click of a mouse from any part of the world. You can use smartphones and tablets also to access these even in case your next schedule involves traveling.

Things to Consider When Purchasing LMS Software

Make a list of priorities

Identify the requirements and priorities of your organization and then select learning management solutions with features that best suit these requirements.

Vendor search

Thoroughly research on the vendors offering software for e-learning and fix an appointment with them for scenario demonstration.

Customer feedback

In case the learning management system is available for free trial or demo, do try it. Next, go through the customer feedback for deeper insights.

Budgeting needs

Selecting the right elearning software would be incomplete without going through the cost that fits your budget. After selecting a learning management solution, go ahead for LMS integration and administration.

Learning Management System Software Trends

Bite-sized information

Information in e-learning platforms these days is available through interactive infographics, quiz activities, videos and games to engage learners in a more collaborative teaching-learning process.

Upgraded L&D processes

Multichannel learning is on the rise as today's generation is more and more tech-savvy. Businesses thus are constantly upgrading the L&D (learning and development) framework for keeping pace with fast-evolving technological challenges.


A shift from the learning management system (LMS) to learning experiences platform (LXP) in order to make teaching-learning process interactive and engaging.

Personalized learning experience

Learning systems try to provide a more personalized learning experience through deep analytics, micro-level reporting, peer sharing, and quality content curation.

Learner behavior

Easy access to learning behavior and an in-depth understanding of the effects of learning on the performance of a business has been a recent trend.

Top 5 Learning Management Software

  1. Adobe Captivate
  2. Abara LMS
  3. TBS Learning Management Software
  4. Knowledgesmart
  5. Chegg free trial


Author: Kalpana Arya

Best Learning Management Software (LMS) in 2023

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By Teachmint Technologies

4.9 (130 reviews) Write a Review

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Teachmint is a smart learning management system, helping schools and individual educators transform their knowledge sha... Read More About Teachmint



By Ed4All Limited

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Ed4All™ is a world-class skill and learning platform for K-12, Higher Education and Enterprises. We are partnering wit... Read More About Ed4All™



By Sorting Hat Technologies Pvt Ltd

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Graphy is an LMS platform that aids online educators and coaches build and launch courses through their own websites an... Read More About Graphy

Editor's Choice
Early Steps Academy

Early Steps Academy

By Early Steps Academy

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Early Steps Academy is an online learning platform providing live online classes to learners between 8 to 18. The onlin... Read More About Early Steps Academy

Free & open-source learning management system for teachers and business Moodle Medevel Forma YourTrianingGedge Paradiso Solutions Educational Technology Formals Chamilo Schoology Sakai Docebo Open edx

Absorb Learning Management System LMS Camtasia LMS Canvas education software Chamilo Laerning Software Coassemble LMS Easy LMS Eleap LMS Eliademy LMS Gcube lms Ispring Learn LMS Lectora LMS Lessonly LMS Lessonly Scorm Litmos Sap Software Microsoft Learning Management System LMS Adoo LMS Paradiso LMS Scorm Compliant LMS Software Skyprep LMS Talentlms Ecommerce Totara Software

VS academic LMS system provide e-learning solutions for teaching at school and university level, unlike corporate LMS software that is used for training employees in an organisation. Some examples for the best learning management systems are: Moodle Lessonly Mindflash SAP Litmos Adobe Captivate Prime Asentia LMS Schoology Edmodo

In order to estimate the cost, it is necessary to find out whether it is pay per user, pay per use or just the licensing fee. Pay per user method charges for each member that gets herself or himself registered into the learning management system. Pay per use is based on costs charged from a user for using the LMS software for a limited period of time. Then there is license fee which is varied for varied learning management software. All in all, the average learning management software cost varies for each learning management solution. Paid learning management systems also provide usage of their tools for free on trial basis for a limited period.

Megam Education

Megam Education

By Megam Services

4.4 (1 reviews) Write a Review

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Inclusive of all taxes

Megam Education is a cloud-based ERP solution for schools, and other educational institutions. This integrated school m... Read More About Megam Education



By WizIQ

4.6 (3 reviews) Write a Review

Price On Request

WizIQ LMS is a comprehensive learning management system for educational centers and organizations. Once learning materi... Read More About WizIQ LMS

Adobe Captivate for Teams

Adobe Captivate for Teams

By Adobe

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Adobe Captivate is an intuitive learning management software, enabling its users to create comprehensive and mobile-fri... Read More About Adobe Captivate for Teams

iSpring learn LMS

iSpring learn LMS

By iSpring

4.5 (1 reviews) Write a Review

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Inclusive of all taxes

Product Training - Companies can offer real-time updates about their latest products and courses using iSpring Learn le... Read More About iSpring learn LMS

TBS Learning Management Software

TBS Learning Management Software

By TechnoBase It

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Inclusive of all taxes

TBS Learning Management Software is a learning management system that helps employees and students fill in skill gaps af... Read More About TBS Learning Management Software

iSpring Suite 9.3

iSpring Suite 9.3

By iSpring

4.8 (4 reviews) Write a Review

Price On Request

Step 1: You need to click on the dialog stimulation button within the toolbar to create a new stimulation. Step 2: Crea... Read More About iSpring Suite 9.3

Centum LearnPro

Centum LearnPro

By Centum Learning

4.9 (2 reviews) Write a Review

Price On Request

Centum LearnPro is a one of the best LMS software that can effectively manage various training sessions and conduct asse... Read More About Centum LearnPro

Edunika E-Learning Solution

Edunika E-Learning Solution

By Mgnika

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Inclusive of all taxes

Admins can generate subject wise courses and manage class schedules from the advanced dashboard offered by the software... Read More About Edunika E-Learning Solution



By Bunch Microtechnologies

4.9 (20 reviews) Write a Review

Price On Request

Classplus is a coaching institute management software designed for coaching institutes to operate online. Classplus mob... Read More About Classplus



By Talentlms

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Price On Request

TalentLMS is a cloud-based online learning management system, suitable for small and medium business sizes. The softwar... Read More About TalentLMS



By Atomi Systems

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ActivePresenter is an eLearning software with screencasting functions. Users can create interactive e-learning videos,... Read More About ActivePresenter

Campusdean Virtual Classroom

Campusdean Virtual Classroom


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Campusdean is a state-of-the-art school ERP software. It is currently providing services in more than 12 countries acro... Read More About Campusdean Virtual Classroom

Pluralsight Skills IQ

Pluralsight Skills IQ


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Inclusive of all taxes

Pluralsight Skills IQis a complete Learning Management (LMS) Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencie... Read More About Pluralsight Skills IQ

Pocket Study

Pocket Study

By Hexagon Innovations


4.9 (28 reviews) Write a Review

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Inclusive of all taxes

Pocket Study is a fully integrated live teaching mobile application from MyClassCampus. It assists in the digitization... Read More About Pocket Study

GIS E-Learning Software

GIS E-Learning Software

By Global Intelligence Software Limited

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GIS E-Learning Software is a complete Learning Management (LMS) Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agen... Read More About GIS E-Learning Software




Write a Review

Price On Request

DOKEOS is a Learning Management Software for all kinds of business organisations. Enterprises and course creators can g... Read More About DOKEOS

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What is the Learning Management System Software?

A learning management system LMS is a software application that expedites the schools, colleges, and other educational institutions in the documentation, administration, tracking and reporting. In today’s age of computerization, institutions must look forward to the automation

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review for Teachmint


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"I love how my kids I overcame their fear of expression in a group. They learnt to structure their thoughts well."

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Ravindra Jain

review for Megam Education


"Megam school management software is really useful at this time when classes are operating online. Uploading learning materials and conducting online classroom is made so simple."

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Ridhi Arora

review for iSpring learn LMS


"it is very useful, especially for product training and compliance training follow-ups. it has really saved our time and made each and every employee to be covered with ease"

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Asokan K R

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FAQs About Learning Management Software (LMS)

Online course management software is used for creating, tracking and managing e-learning courses and programs. These models come with varied licensing costs, installation charges and user fees.

Some of the LMS software or LMS websites that also provide offline access are: Cornerstone LMS cerTrax iSpring Learn Learn more Capabiliti Bebox Mobile Learning

Some of the best free LMS systems are: ELMS RomyLMS Ilias Training-Online Sakai Opigno OpenOLAT Chamilo  

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