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7 Best OMR Software in 2021

What is OMR Software?

OMR software or Optical Mark Recognition software automatically extracts data from forms fields like checkboxes, MCQs and fill-in the fields. One can check test papers or admission forms, answer sheets, psychometric tests, and even feedback forms.

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Addmen OMR-OCR-ICR Solution
Addmen OMR software Modules has a popular OMR and Assessment combos which are OMR Answer Sheet Checker and OMR Form Read... Read More About Addmen OMR-OCR-ICR Solution
OMR Sheet Reader MCQ Test Scoring with Basic Reporting Feedback and Survey Analysis +8 More
Qualsoft OMR

Qualsoft OMR

By QualSoft

(2 reviews)


Read or evaluate any kind of OMR sheet that is, it may be admission form or test paper answer sheet or psychometric test... Read More About Qualsoft OMR
Forms Management Student Details Reports +2 More
DMRS eVal OMR is one of the best Assessment Software in India. It is state-of-the-art OMR software for capturing and ana... Read More About DMRS eVal OMR
Accurate User Friendly Templates +5 More
Verificare OMR Software

Verificare OMR Software

By OMR Home


Verificare OMR Software is a complete OMR Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This OMR Softwar... Read More About Verificare OMR Software
OMR Sheet designer Scanners Unlimited no. of sets +6 More

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Remark Office OMR Software

Remark Office OMR Software

By Gravic


Remark Office OMR Software is a complete OMR Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This OMR Soft... Read More About Remark Office OMR Software
Use your own forms Form Duplication Multipage form Support +10 More
OMR Guru

OMR Guru

By OMR Guru


OMR Guru is a complete OMR Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This OMR Software for Web-Based... Read More About OMR Guru
Templates Multiple Pages Processing Get Images +5 More
Softlogic OMR Software
Softlogic OMR Software is a complete OMR Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This OMR Software... Read More About Softlogic OMR Software
User Friendly OMR Sheet Reader OMR Sheet designer +3 More

Last Updated on : 24 Oct, 2021

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Buyer's Guide for Top OMR Software

Found our list of OMR Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

What is OMR Software?

OMR software or Optical Mark Recognition software automatically extracts data from forms fields like checkboxes, MCQs and fill-in the fields. One can check test papers or admission forms, answer sheets, psychometric tests, and even feedback forms. It captures data from the sheets with the help of an image scanner. EOMR software can be used in schools, colleges, and even organizations to examine the performance of teams and different individuals.

Most Common Features Of Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) Software

OMR Sheet Scanner: OMR sheet scanner is included in OMR software. It is a device that is used to detect and read pencil marks in OMR sheets. It detects bubbles marked with HB pencil or a black pen. OMR sheet scanner helps convert normal forms into OMR pattern forms. It helps interpret large data sets and convert them into statistical data.

OMR Sheet Checker: One can easily check the filled OMR sheets with the help of OMR sheet checker. You can easily check content of surveys, product evaluations, test assessments, subscription forms, and much more. The data can also be interpreted and analyzed with OMR Sheet Checker as well.

Optical Mark Reader (OMR): OMR reading has become simple and cost-friendly with the help of OMR software. There is no longer a need for OMR checking machine. OMR reader software can be used as form reader and sheet checker as well.

OMR Designing: OMR design module is provided with the OMR software along with the OMR reader and OMR sheet checker. OMR sheets can be created using OMR Design Software. OMR Design Software is important because now you don’t have to look for other applications to create the OMR form.

What’s the Use of OMR Software

OMR comprise index points on four corners along with boxes and bubbles onto it to mark the answers. Optical mark reading is most useful for conducting competitive exams, collecting large data sets, getting survey results, and managing attendance sheets and ballot papers.

What are the Different OMR Types

OMR Sheets as per the Design & Printing Process

  • Two-sided OMR sheets for fitting onto one page too many questions
  • Black & White OMR sheets for test sheets and application forms
  • Coloured OMR sheets
  • Barcode sheets used in student IDs

OMR Sheets As Per their Purpose

  • OMR or MCQ test sheets
  • OMR form sheet within application forms
  • OMR attendance sheets

OMR Sheets As Per Blocks

  • OMR answer sheets with alphabetic and numeric blocks and column matching
  • Column matrix kind OMR sheets
  • Barcodes and photo block

The different types of OMR are critical for the data collection process and accurate reports generation. The different types of OMR for data collection are:

  • Single OMR sheet used for routine exams 
  • Carbon Less Duplex OMR Sheet 
  • Carbonless in Triplicate
  • OMR sheet with answer booklet
  • Folded OMR sheet
  • OMR Sheet with Variable Data Printing
  • OMR Sheet both Side Printed
  • OMR Sheet with Admin Card

What are the Functions of Optical Mark Recognition

Optical Mark Recognition scanning technology is considered most important for data aggregation purposes. The common examples of OMR scans include forms, tests, surveys, research studies, assessments and evaluations. To accurately scan these, OMR sheet readers perform the following functions:

  • Processing double-sided forms
  • Saving data to tab-delimited & excel format
  • Grading tabulated surveys and tests/exams
  • Calculating statistics and exporting reports into PDF formats
  • Supporting pre-defined templates
  • Producing reports for survey results or grades.

What's the Difference Between OCR and OMR

OMR scanner machine is mostly reserved for scanning multiple-choice surveys, forms and exams. OCR, on the other hand, can recognize characters and collect all types of information from the paper before storing the same into editable formats. 

OMR aims at finding out on a sheet the location of a mark. OCR aims at finding out what the mark means. Data tabulation and grading are the key uses of OMR technology whereas, for OCR, it is recognizing all data and avoiding re-encoding. 

The functioning of OCR and OMR scanner machine is quite different. OMR reader software scans the sheets. However, OCR prepares an image for the sheet and then recognizes every mark or character. 

Why is OMR Software Used

OMR technology is used in situations where a large data set has to be scanned. OMR scanner software conveniently scans and collects data available in tick lists for further processing. 

Quick scanning: OMR scanning is quick because up to ten thousand forms can be scanned at a time. Plus, the entire process can be performed on a single computing device. 

No transcription errors: Accurate scanning is another reason why OMR is used as it eliminates the possibility of transcription errors.

Low costs: Reduced cost is another reason for using OMR technology. And why not? Every scan can be done and saved from a central location.

Time-saving assessment process: Completing OMR sheets is less time consuming compared to writing answers.

Minimal mistakes: Chances of errors are less as there is a reduced possibility of misinterpreted responses.

Lesser space required to answer: Space needed is low on an OMR form to answer any question.

Easy implementation: Implementing the OMR scanning process is hassle-free as no special training is required, and it continues to function even on slow networks

Auto-aligner: Auto-aligner feature for correcting sheets that haven't been properly aligned.

User alerts: User alerts for reporting overmarking & double edges.

Index points visibility: OMR software helps in reading missing index points.

Log maintenance: There is no need to maintain a log of training instructions for conducting surveys and assessments.

How Do You Use OMR Scanner 

You can implement OMR software and benefit from the latest OMR technology in a few simple steps:

Step 1- Click on the SFW option on Windows
Step 2- Click on Application and go to this button, Datafile
Step 3- Keep the data files on paper feeder and then enter the ‘Press to Load’ button
Step 4- Finally, press the Scan option. To end the press, clock on Stop

Who Are the Potential Users of OMR Software

The potential users of OMR scanner are mostly professionals from the following fields:

  • Test and assessments
  • Consumer and community surveys
  • Voting and timesheets
  • Finance and insurance
  • Product and service evaluation
  • Geocoding, evaluation and feedback
  • Research and analysis

FAQ iconOMR Software FAQs

There are three software applications that are the best:

  • Addmen OMR-OCR-ICR Solution
  • DMRS eVal OMR
  • Qualsoft OMR

There are a lot of cost-effective options of OMR software available online which are even free to download. Software like FormScanner, FormRead, OMGuru and MarkReader can be used for free. But the software might not have all the functionalities that you are looking for. Hence, using a free software is not suitable for reading bulk data. Software applications like Addmen OMR-OCR-ICR Solution, DMRS eVal OMR and Qualsoft OMR should be used. They are affordable and have all the features required in an OMR software.

Open source OMR software like FormScanner and SDAPS are available to download. But they might not be enough for you since they do not give full functionalities to its users. Features like OMR reader, form designer, OMR scanner and OMR sheet checker are important and an open source eOMR software might not have them.

OMR machines are used for scanning forms, sheets and images for data aggregation purposes. The machine reads marks on paper-based forms at pre-set positions. It is used to check responses to the tick lists and questions.

Some of the disadvantages of OMR technology are the limitation in scanning the large text sets. Also, the data can be missed if OMR have not been numbered correctly. However, the advantages of OMR software are much higher. It is a cost-effective and accurate way to scan 1000 to 10,000 forms in just an hour.

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