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Campus Management Software

Best software for Campus Management Software


By Talentick IT solutions


Price: 550.00 INR /user upto 1000 users

Talentick is a campus placement management software. The solution is useful for colleges and recruiters, as it helps recruiters to find right candidate and colleges to get their students placed in the leading companies. This is one of the best cam ...View More


By Sygul Technologies Private Limited


Price: 35000.00 INR /Upto 500 Students

EDUFAR University Management Software and College Management Solutions helps in augmenting everyday work at educational institutions

...View More

IWeb Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

iWeb Education Management System(EMS)

By iWeb Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Price: 300.00 INR /user/month

A cloud based education system which helps manage schools/colleges, etc. effectively. The software is one stop shop providing effortless performance enhancing solutions for all domains in an educational institute. It caters to the variou ...View More

Shahidoon SchoolTonic

By Shahidoon Software Technologies


Price: 50.00 INR /student/annum

SchoolTonic is a leading edge software that enable utmost paperless administration of the schools and other education institutions effectively. The software provid ...View More

Focus plus

By TechCruzers Software Development LLP


Price: 12999.00 INR , AMC 1800.00 INR

Focus Plus is a user-friendly web and mobile based institute management software and ERP system. The software is GST ready. The solution is developed to cater the needs of the educational sector. The software helps to systemize the all the activit ...View More

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IDLEminds Edsine



Price: 15.00 INR /student/month (min 100 student)

Educational institute management software which has been specially designed to cater to the needs of effective management and administration in schools/colleges. Hosted ...View More


Rushda College Management Software

By Rushda Software


Price: 105000.00 INR onwards

A Windows based education management software that enable colleges to administer each and every process and aspect pertaining to college operations ef ...View More

Dcsinfoway Edu Biz

By Dcs Infoway


Price: 30000.00 INR

Edubiz is a new and improved formula for all the intricacies regarding the school and college management system. Edubiz extends a helping hand by introducing a user - ...View More

Focus AIM

By Focus Softnet Pvt Ltd


Price: 150000.00 INR /10users

Focus AIM is a cutting edge software for educational institutions empowering with innovative features to address entire management concerns. The online softwa ...View More

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Aarush Eduepedia

By Aarush Systems


Price: 125000.00 INR

An online educational institute management software that ensure smooth and flawless interaction between students, parents, faculty, and management, to impart a better e ...View More

Qualsoft eCollege

By Qualsoft Systems Pvt. Ltd.


Price: 80.00 INR /student onwards

eCollege is a college management software designed and developed by a class of technical and management professionals after consultations with various col ...View More

Redox EIMS (Educational Institute Management System)

By Redox Technologies


Price: 15.00 INR Onwards /student/month

Educational Institute Management System (EIMS) is one of the best software for managing educational institutes like s ...View More

EMS CampusEntry

Nali Clock CampusEntry

By Nali Clock Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.


Price: 150.00 INR /student

One of the best online education management software helping all kind of education institutes in India and overseas. The software provides a user-friendly dashboard with login a ...View More

Shubham Software Solution

Shubham Software CollegeĀ ERP

By Shubham Software Solution


Price: 20000.00 INR

Easy to use and user friendly software helps in managing and solving the most complex tasks in educational administration. The on premise based software fulfils all entire administrative and academic requirements. It also facilitates smooth manage ...View More

Coderobotics Studio

CodeRobotics Hostel Management

By Coderobotics Infotech Private Limited


Price: 14950.00 INR

A desktop based application that help hostel authorities at campuses/universities manage all operations effectively. The regular operations such as room a ...View More

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Aarush Campuspedia-E Campus

By Aarush Systems


Price: 175000.00 INR

An online educational institute management software which is is designed for completely managing Schools, Colleges, Institutes and Universities. The sof ...View More

Hyniva EazyCollege

By Hyniva


Price: 150.00 INR /Student/Year

EazyCollege is an online ERP software for colleges that enables them to create, collaborate and succeed amongst parents, teachers, students and the college management alike. The college management software is designed to seamlessly support ev ...View More

GESCIS Web School

By GESCIS Technologies


Price: 35000.00 INR /year

A holistic software that enables the education institute to handle all the day-to-day functions in a comprehensive manner. The software is highly customizable solution having exclusive modules dedicated to effective mana ...View More

Ebullitent Jack Prodigy

By Ebullitent Info Systems


Price: 15.00 INR /student/month

Jack Prodigy is an end-to-end integrated solution for educational managementneeds. Jack Prodigy is an outstanding product that makes education management easier and more effective. It helps to enhance strong and friendly relationship amongst stude ...View More

Marvel Soft

MarvelSoft School/College Management software (EVD Lite Edition)

By MarvelSoft


Price: 14500.00 INR Onwards

School/college Management is true educational institute management software which helps maintain complete academic information of students.

...View More


Agile Labs Axpert CMS

By Agile Labs Pvt Ltd


Price: 14000.00 INR Onwards

Axpert CMS is a holistic campus management system which helps in effective and efficient management of educational institutes/campuses through a single platform. T ...View More


AAS Technosoft Attend-mSYS- Attendance Management System

By AAS Technosoft Pvt Ltd


Price: 4999.00 INR /year

Attend-mSYS, is a leading solution that allows educational institutions/offices to record the attendance of the students and facu ...View More

Techlead eTechSchoolOnline

By Techlead Software Engineering Pvt. Ltd.


Price: 38.00 INR /student/month

eTechSchool is a holistic solution that empowers the educational institutes with automated operations for each aspect that essentially needs to be managed suc ...View More

ADM School ERP

By ADM SoftTech


Price: 50000.00 INR Onwards

School management solution from ADM Softech streamlines school registration with automatic back-office administration, campus recreation and intramurals, facilities, stud ...View More

Web Era Panacea College ERP Online

By Web Era


Price: 264000.00 INR

A web based college management software on cutting edge technology of modern era. Panacea ERP Online acts as a planning tool that recommends the best way to undertake tasks in an effective and efficient manner. The software is the best suited ...View More

Dquip Education CRM

By Dquip


Price: 5000.00 INR Onwards

Education CRM is a powerful CRM to help educational institutes know and manage enquiries, course bookings, scale up admissions faster. The education CRM has been designed to cater to the needs of institutes offering educational/professional course ...View More

Augurs Hostel Management

By Augurs


Price: 5000.00 INR

Hostel Management software from AUGURS is a helpful tool for managing various activities in a hostel. A complete solution to manage functional departments of hostel, like student information, room information, room allocation details, fee det ...View More

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By Clocksoft Solutions Ltd.


Price: 200000.00 INR onwards

One of the leading School/college management software that helps manage various activities across all departments effectively and efficiently. The software is integrated with android and iOS apps and is secure and reliable enough to relieve manage ...View More

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Birlamedisoft Medical College Campus Management Software

By Birlamedisoft Pvt. Ltd


Price: 780000.00 INR

MCM is a comprehensive solution for automations needs of the medical colleges, schools and edu ...View More

iWeb Campus Management

By iWeb Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Price: 200.00 INR /student/year

iWeb’s Campus Management solution, built on Microsoft azure assists educational institutes to handle both academic and non-academic operations in a seamless ...View More

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