15 Best Free and Open Source Task Management Software

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March 27, 2024 25 Min read

When it comes to small businesses and start-ups, it important to understand the value of open source task management software from the beginning. However, the price of most of these tools can be expensive for small businesses and start-ups.

However, the good news is that there are various free project tracking software available in the market which are free. These come with all the necessary functionalities required for businesses to manage and plan their work efficiently.

Project managers and supervisors of small businesses often use spreadsheets to track tasks assigned to the team. This is otherwise, quite a cumbersome and time-consuming process for both managers as well as the team members.

Instead, they can use a free task management system that will not only automate their task tracking but also help in visualising specific tasks individually. The solutions often come with tools such as built-in schedulers and calendars which are much more effective than spreadsheets.

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Why Do You Need a Task Management Software?

Start-ups and small businesses, need a mechanism to ensure that their projects are well aligned. Various teams are involved in the success of a project.

Also, with increasing work pressure as the company grows, not using the best task management software for projects can become quite challenging. Managing an organisation as well as the customers can prove to be quite a challenge and need to be performed in an impeccably organised manner.

So, here are some reasons why you should rely on task management tools for a productive and efficient workplace ecosystem.

  • Ease of Planning

Project planning is one of the most cumbersome of all the processes as it takes an elaborate flowchart to be mapped out. From role division to work synchronisation, everything needs to be planned before the execution of individual tasks.

Also, here the task management software provides the bandwidth to establish tasks in a hierarchical manner for smooth and efficient transition between tasks.

  • Efficient Task Management

Every project maintains a systematic, step-by-step strategy that needs to be completed within a set timeframe. Moreover, keeping a record of what the team members are doing is tedious and requires constant vigilance. Especially, when it comes to projects that might take a long time to complete.

This is where best free task management software comes into play. Also, with the help of the software, tasks can be assigned to the designated person who is able to view and update the progress made in real-time. With the help of efficient task management, teams are able to work in harmony, therefore, achieving fruitful results.

  • Shared Documents, Calendars and Contacts

Task management tools also play a vital role in sharing, storage and organisation of documents. This extends their roles from being a planner and organiser to a carrier.

By using the centralised document storage feature, team members can easily access, edit and share documents; especially in the cases where the work has been outsourced to a different agency, individual or team. It becomes much more convenient to share documents without the hassle of sending a chain of mails back and forth.

Benefits of Using Open Source & Free Task Management Software

What are the advantages of online task and top project management tools? The answer is simple and has a lot to do with the very essence of new technologies. If you still aren’t clear, here are the benefits of a project tracking software:

  1. It allows task management from any computer or mobile device.
  2. The open source task management software for task management promotes better communication among the members of a team on specific aspects of a task.
  3. It helps in managing tasks with agility through aspects such as reminders, deadlines and data sharing.
  4. Additionally, the best task management software allows the incorporation of documents, which can be shared with all the team members who are working on the project.
  5. Task management tools helps in the documentation of new ideas that are shared during team meetings, by directly posting on the platform.
  6. Task manager helps the team prioritise and focus only on the task that is priority thereby improving productivity.
  7. Also, project management software allows evaluating the management of tasks and projects, and the degree of participation of members of a team, thanks to the option of making reports that the software incorporates.
  8. It helps in knowing the degree of execution of a task in real-time.
  9. Useful both for internal management and for the coordination of web actions. In the same way, this type of tool is the best option for monitoring and developing a digital marketing campaign.

How Does a Free Task Management Software Work?

Companies that haven’t integrated a task management system in their operations are likely to execute unnecessary tasks and wasting their valuable time which could be utilised more effectively. However, if these tasks are completed quickly and efficiently, the team members would have more time to employ on important tasks.

There are a number of free online task manager available in the market to choose from, which will suit your project management requirements. You must prioritise your requirements before choosing a task management software. So, here are some of the aspects that each project tracking software focuses on:

  1. Collaboration

When managing a project, all the members of a team are assigned specific tasks. In order to ensure that everyone is in the same page, a best task management software helps in collaboration and coordination. For instance, if a member has some queries, they can get the correct and timely response through communication with the help of the software. This saves them time and efforts that they had to spend in looking for the solutions elsewhere.

  1. Scheduling and Planning

Without a systematic approach and a set of defined guidelines, it can be difficult for the team to complete their tasks efficiently and on time. However, a lot of time can be saved if schedules with designated tasks are prepared beforehand. It helps in increasing the team’s productivity. Choosing the best free task management software which enables teams to manage their time and meet their deadlines helps in the completion of projects in time.

  1. Budget Management

The objective of a company isn’t just the completion of a project in a set time. It is also important that the project’s cost is curtailed so that the profits could be maximised. One of the most important roles of a project manager is to keep the costs at the minimum so that the profits can be maximised. Hence, just creating and managing an Excel spreadsheet won’t be enough. Some of the free task management software provide tools which can help in effective budgeting of the project.

List of Best Free and Open Source Task Management Software in 2024

Task management software open source integrates task hierarchy and project objectives amongst all the factors required for the completion of tasks, while also making them more versatile. Why? Because the software can synchronise their goals, optimise processes, and help in collaboration even from geographically remote points.

Hence, bring you a list of 15 best free task management software options that you should keep in mind when managing your tasks. Teams and project managers must take advantage of the technological and communicative advantages that these tools provide, in order to make your processes more agile.

  • OpenProject

OpenProject is one of the leading open source project management software which allows all members of a team to share their progress and timelines. With shared timelines, one can unleash the creativity and expertise of the team in an enhanced manner, thus supporting better collaboration.

OpenProject Image

Features of OpenProject

  • Detailed project planning

This best task management software lets you plan the schedule of project deliverables

  • Project roadmap

Additionally, this feature of OpenProject open source task management software shares project progress with stakeholders and collects their feedback.

  • Suitable for quick completion of projects

This to do list software provides tools such as scrum for quick completion of projects as well as recording user feedback in quick fashion.

  •  Bug recognition

The best free task management software helps QA teams and testers to efficiently identify bugs present in the source code.

  • Creation of custom reports

Also, this best task management software creates custom reports detailing project insights, resources allocated to a project etc.

Premium features: OpenProject premium version offers features such as hosting of cloud services on your servers, intelligent workflows and powerful search options.

Premium pricing: The price of OpenProject’s premium version starts from ₹439.19 per user per month.


  1. OpenProject is a visual best offers you tools such as the Gantt chart to organise your projects.
  2. You can manage your tasks as well as share documents and reports from this open source task management software.
  3. Also, the software provides step-by-step assistance throughout the course of projects from conception and initiation to project closure.

Cons: Some users might find the open source software lacking in functions and tools.

  • Nozbe

Nozbe has been one of the leaders in providing task management solutions to organisations and professionals. Moreover, it provides nearly all the major tools for task management, such as sharing projects and updates with the team, delegating tasks, attach comments and documents to tasks etc.

Nozbe Image

Features of Nozbe

  • Multi device access

Nozbe tool can be accessed from different devices such as desktop, tablets and mobile phones

  • Supports collaboration

Nozbe free task management software allows collaboration between different team members through shared project lists and with guest users.

  • Integration with third party apps

Moreover, this open source task management software supports integration with third party apps such as Google calendar, Drive, Dropbox etc.

  • Enhanced communication between team members

With Nozbe task management system, team members can effectively communicate with one another through integrated chat and email.

  • Improved support services

This task management tool provides round the clock customer support available via email.

Premium Features: Premium version of Nozbe is available. Additionally, it offers the option of adding accounts for upto 100 people and unlimited storage.

Nozbe Premium Pricing: The price of Nozbe project tracking software starts from ₹2169.24 per month.


  1. Easy to synchronise tasks from your Dropbox, Google Calendar and Evernote accounts.
  2. It lets you attach files by task, create groups, etc.
  3. Moreover, this online task management tool helps in dealing with incoming tasks, prioritising, managing, and getting them done on time and effectively.

Cons: Sometimes, if you add a task to ‘Project’, it may not be added to the ‘Inbox’ unless you flag it as priority.

  • Do It Tomorrow

If you need a simple online to-do list, then Do It Tomorrow is the free task management software for you. Moreover, with just two panels, one for today and the other for tomorrow; it is the perfect tool to manage personal tasks and resolve daily checklists.

Do It Tomorrow Image

Features of Do It Tomorrow

  • Intuitive interface

This best task management software has an easy to use interface to schedule tasks for today and tomorrow.

  • Checking off tasks

Additionally, using this online task manager, you can check off tasks one by one as you complete them and even delete tasks.

  • Easy sync with web version

You can keep a tab on your to do list all the time by syncing it with the to do list software’s web version.

  • Widget showing remaining tasks

This best free task management software has a dedicated widget listing tasks left for today.

  • Multi device access

This best task management software works equally well on Android and iOS devices.

Premium Features: Premium features of this app are available for iPad users, which include better sync compatibility.

Premium Pricing: Premium version of this task management app incurs a one-time payment of ₹373.26.


  1. It is one of the most basic and easy to understand task managers.
  2. Do It Tomorrow can schedule your tasks daily.
  3. It is optimal for personal use and managing your own tasks.

Cons: Lack of proper customer support if the app encounters a bug.

  • Toodledo

Toodledo is one of the most popular online task management tools available in the market. Also, with Toodledo, you will be able to manage your work list, insert notes, monitor habits, and organise ideas with the help of lists.

Toodledo Image

Toodledo Features

  • Organise projects into folders

With this free task management software, you can organise your to do list into folders. You have the option of hiding your folders from other team members.

  • Automatically repeat tasks

Using this open source task management software, you can automatically repeat tasks on specific dates customized by you.

  • Notification and alerts

Additionally, this task management system gives timely reminders about pending tasks in a day through SMS, emails, pop ups, etc.

  • Setting up of goals

Using this task management tool, you can set short term and long-term goals and monitor how your daily task list helps in the achievement of these goals.

  • Free time utilization

If you have some free time and don’t know what to do, log into Toodledo project tracking software and it will tell you the best ways to use your time.

Premium features: Premium version of Toodledo is available which offers multiple collaborators, addition of unlimited items to list and full access to past tasks.

Premium pricing: Toodledo free task management software price starts from ₹223.91 per month.


  1. Toodledo app provides an estimated execution time for each task.
  2. It allows you to create the checklist for your team in order of importance or priority.
  3. You can keep work-related tasks separate from personal items.

Cons: However, some users might find the functionality of Toodledo desktop app limited compared to web app versions.

  • Podio

Podio, as a free task management software has an intuitive and friendly interface that allows you to manage personal and professional tasks seamlessly. Additionally, Podio helps managers track progress of multiple projects under one platform.

Podio Image

Features of Podio

  • Visualization and customized reports

By using this task management system, you can design the workflow as per your business need and even obtain detailed reports to track progress.

  • Integration with third party apps

Podio online task manager offers seamless integration with apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Zendesk etc.

  • Enhanced support services

Additionally, Podio to do list software provides fast paced and quality support service to all your grievances.

  • Mobile device compatibility

Podio is one of the best free task management software, which works seamlessly on Android and iOS devices.

  • Better task management

This best task management software converts complex workflows into easily manageable tasks.

Premium features: Podio offers a premium version of its free task management software, which includes features like automated workflows, interactive dashboard and no cap on external users.

Premium Pricing: Podio premium version is priced at ₹539.17 per month.


  1. This task tracking software allows you to share files easily.
  2. It also lets you unify the contents and conversations of the members of your team.
  3. Podio has an app marketplace, where users can access user friendly modules.

Cons: Some users might run into difficulties while setting up the software.

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  • OmniPlan

OmniPlan is one of the most interactive task management tools with more than a hundred tools to assist teams and individuals. OmniPlan free task management software provides the option of keeping certain tasks private and accessible only to you. The best task management software is available for use in multiple languages.

OmniPlan Image

Features of Omniplan

  • Tracking team members

Managers using OmniPlan free task management software can monitor performance of various team members working on different projects

  • Gantt diagram

OmniPlan provides Gantt diagram visualization feature that provides visual tools for execution of different tasks in a project.

  • Easy delegation

Using OmniPlan to do list software, managers can easily delegate tasks among team members

  • Enhanced functionalities

You can set time requirements such as due date and milestones for each project.

  • Monte Carlo simulation

Monte Carlo simulation helps you set realistic deadlines for extensive projects.

Premium features: Premium features of OmniPlan include a dashboard with multi-project functionality, Omni automation and better analysis and support.

Premium Pricing: Price of OmniPlan’s premium version starts from ₹1496.94 per month.


  1. It allows you to manage projects from the IOS environment and mobile devices.
  2. You can export documents, perform intelligent task scheduling, filtering according to priorities.
  3. It provides a number of tools which make the work of project members easier, such as Microsoft Project Support, Resource Load Sharing etc.

Cons: Use of this task management system is currently limited to Apple users.

  • Asana

Asana is one of the most popular project management and team task management software. It is preferred by companies of different sizes, handling multiple projects at once. Asana free task management system has an inbox feature that automatically stores all the updates.

Asana Image

Asana Features

  • Boards

This sticky note like feature of Asana helps you organise various tasks and track their progress at different stages

  • Task assignees

Through this task management tool, you can assign tasks or parts of it to someone, making for easy delegation.

  • Creation of custom fields

Asana project tracking software allows you to create custom fields for data privy to your workflow.

  • Work request forms

This best task management software lets you design formal forms for obtaining work requests.

  • Syncing of tasks

Repetitive tasks can be synced across projects to avoid recreation.

Premium Features: Asana’s premium version offers features such as advanced search tool, setting milestones in projects and data exportation.

Premium Pricing: Price of Asana’s premium version starts from ₹822.98 per user per month.


  1. It allows managers to communicate in real time with their team.
  2. It helps you search for your projects and set the estimated execution times.
  3. This online task management tool offers an intuitive interface.

Cons: However, setup and getting used to the software might take time for some users.

  • Assembla

Assembla is known to be one of the most secure project management software platforms. It is available for on premise as well as cloud-based use. This task management platform offers services such as cardwalls and task boards for better handling of projects.

Assembla Image

Features of Assembla

  • Secure source code

This open source task management software looks for key credentials and roots out vulnerable components of the source code.

  • Risk evaluation and mitigation

This task management system provides ways to evaluate risk and offers techniques to mitigate them.

  • Task management

Using this task management tool, you can add detailed description to a project, assign it to a team member and add deadlines.

  • Change ticket views

Additionally, you can choose to view tickets either in list form or cardwall view and even filter them according to date of creation, status etc.

  • Milestones

Set milestones for different stages of a project to better track its execution with this project tracking software.

Premium features: Premium features of this free best task management software include unlimited storage, unlimited users and hosting of users on servers.

Premium pricing: Price of Assembla premium version starts from ₹1098.56 per user per month.


  1. Assembla offers you the possibility of integrating your social network profiles.
  2. It helps you manage collaborative work among team members.
  3. It allows you to organize your agenda according to the urgency or complexity of the tasks.

Cons: Assembla mobile app is only available for iPhone users.

  • Microsoft To Do

Formally known as Wunderlist, Microsoft To Do task management tool helps plan your entire day in advance and list important tasks to be done in a day. Moreover, it supports team collaboration by enabling you to share project lists with other users.

Free task management software

Features of Microsoft To Do App

  • Access to do list anywhere

Microsoft To Do list software works well across devices and you can access your task list from anywhere.

  • Customizable themes

You can design different to-do lists using customizable themes provided by this best task management software.

  • Office 365 integration

Microsoft to do list software integrates well with Office 365 suite, especially Outlook.

  • Regular reminders

Additionally, with this task management tool, you can set reminders for one time or for recurring dates.

  • Easy sharing of lists

Microsoft To Do list facilitates easy sharing of your to do lists with family members, colleagues, friends etc.

Premium features: NA

Premium pricing: Microsoft To Do can be downloaded for free.


  1. It provides the option of uploading files in task list
  2. Its interface is friendly and customizable
  3. It is the perfect tool for setting reminders for daily important tasks such as meetings.

Cons: Microsoft To Do does not offer the option of task prioritization.

  • Hibox

Hibox helps you and your team be attentive and focus on the small nuances of project management. With Hibox, one can assign tasks effortlessly, along with setting deadlines so that everyone is aware about what is to be done next.

Hibox Image

Hibox Features

  • Secure company chat

Using this task management system, you can chat with your team members privately or publicly.

  • Group video chat

Managers using this task management tool can start group video chat with their team without needing any third-party app.

  • Personal AI assistant

Hibox offers a personal AI assistant that automates redundant processes for you, such as creation and assigning of a new task.

  • Enhanced search option

With this project tracking software’s search option, you can look for files based on their status, creation date, priority, etc.

  • File sharing

This best task management software helps you to easily share, integrate and customize files as well as other documents such as photos.

Premium features: Hibox premium features include unlimited storage, third party app integrations and audit logs.

Premium pricing: The price of Hibox’s premium version is ₹299.54 per user per month.


  1. You can create virtual meetings using Hibox
  2. Calendar view feature keeps you updated about deadlines.
  3. This online task management tool also lets you verify progress in the execution of a campaign.

Cons: Hibox may not sync with third party calendar apps such as Google Calendar.

  • Monday.com

Monday.com is a task management system that helps organizations plan complex tasks easily and finish them within deadlines. Monday.com task management tool comes with a kanban board for the monitoring of multiple projects and automated workflows.

Open source task management software

Features of Monday.com

  • Boards

Board feature of Monday.com shows you a list of your ongoing and upcoming projects to manage them better.

  • Managing team’s workload

This task management tool lets you manage your team’s workload, see who is doing what and prevent burnout.

  • Integration with third party apps

Monday.com project tracking software integrates well with third party apps to provide seamless operation.

  • Multi Device access

Monday.com is one of the best task management software that can be accessed through desktop as well as mobile phones.

  • Planning team’s schedule

Using this online task manager, you can design the working schedule of your team, set deadlines and much more.

Premium features: Premium features of Monday.com include extensive storage. longer access to activity log and embedded forms.

Premium pricing: Monday.com’s premium version is priced at ₹748.85 per user per month.


  1. Easy for beginners to add participants and monitor a project
  2. It provides the option of adding supported files and materials.
  3. Enhanced notification system which sends alerts via email.

Cons: Some users might find the app version inferior to the web-based version.

  • Paymo

Paymo is a cloud-based task management tool utilized by small and medium businesses to delegate important tasks between their team members and keep a track of their progress. Additionally, Paymo comes with an inbuilt timer and the option of sharing time reports with clients.

Task management system

Paymo Features

  • Structuring of work

Paymo project tracking software lets you assign tasks to one or more team members and group similar tasks together.

  • Set priority status

Using this best task management software, a manager can overview their own tasks as well as their team’s tasks and assign priority status.

  • Real time collaboration

Using this to do list software, you can collaborate with your team members by chatting with them in real time.

  • Notification control

This project tracking software lets you decide who receives a notification whenever you post an update.

  • Attaching files

You can attach files from drive or from your computer to ongoing projects.

Premium features: Premium features of Paymo include time tracking, in app tech support and enhanced tools such as Gantt charts.

Premium pricing: The price of Paymo’s premium version starts from ₹670.22 per user month.


  1. Paymo can be used by businesses of varying size
  2. Paymo helps to segment projects into different time sheets
  3. It generates professional and clean looking invoices

Cons: Some users might find Paymo’s interface a bit sluggish.

  • Wrike

Wrike cloud-based task management system facilitates remote teams to collaborate on a project. Wrike offers managers the workload review so that they can ensure proper management of resources. It also offers integration with different apps such as Dropbox, Salesforce, Slack, etc.

Task management tool

Wrike Features

  • Adjustable Gantt charts

Using Gantt charts offered by this task management tool, managers can view deadlines and monitor project progress in one click.

  • Burndown charts

Managers can view burndown charts to check resource utilization to prevent burnout using this online task manager.

  • Monitor multiple projects

This project tracking software allows you to track different teams working on multiple projects.

  • Dashboard and reports

Wrike offers a customizable dashboard and reports that help you study performance analytics of different teams.

  • Automated workflows

Wrike best task management software uses automated workflows and customized work forms for better completion of all your projects.

Premium features: Wrike’s premium features include branded workspace, advanced user access controls and real time reports with scheduled notification.

Premium pricing: The price of Wrike’s premium version starts from ₹733.87 per user per month.


  1. Easy to communicate with different team members
  2. User friendly and intuitive interface
  3. Wrike allows client collaboration on project

Cons: Some users might face issues while logging in or while synchronization.

  • Trello

Trello online task manager is suitable for scheduling tasks and projects. Managers can quickly assign new tasks to team members. Team members can update the status of the project on Trello to do list software.

Project tracking software

Features of Trello

  • Facilitates working with multiple teams

Trello lets you schedule projects across different teams and keep them organized under one platform.

  • Trello cards

Trello cards can be used to add comments and other information such as due date, etc.

  • Automation with butler

Butler offered by Trello free task management software automates repetitive tasks to improve your efficiency.

  • Seamless integration

Trello open source task management software easily integrates with apps already being used by your organisation.

  • Powerful syncing

Trello app syncs with multiple devices so that you can access your data from anywhere.

Premium features: Premium features of Trello include priority support, custom stickers, and advance admin controls.

Premium pricing: Price of Trello’s task management system starts from ₹748.10 per user per month.


  1. It has a simple to use and interactive interface
  2. Provides a central platform for managers to view progress
  3. Option of adding color label to cards, denoting priority

Cons: Some users might find the mobile version of Trello lacking in functionality as compared to the desktop version. To look into more options find the best trello alternatives!

  • Any.do

Any.do is a cloud-based project tracking software that lets businesses add personalized themes and monitor personal as well as professional tasks under one platform. Any.do offers the option of color coding projects to set their priorities.

Best task management software

Any.do Features

  • Seamless sync

Any.do sync across multiple devices, allowing you to monitor projects from anytime.

  • Smart reminders

Any.do to list software sends reminders available in different themes to keep you on track for project completion.

  • Works with voice activated devices

Any.do offers seamless integration with Siri and Alexa.

  • Third party calendar integration

Any.do can be integrated with google calendar to mark important dates such as deadlines.

  • Assistant in action

Any.do offers the feature of Assistant to which you can delegate less important tasks and focus on the important staff.

Premium features: Premium features of Any.do app include location-based reminders, unlimited attachments and unlimited collaboration.

Premium pricing: Any.do premium version is priced at ₹448.56 per month.


  1. The design of this project tracking software is quite user friendly
  2. You can organise tasks by grouping or tagging them
  3. Any.do shows you completed and postponed tasks at the end of the day.

Cons: Some users might demand better integration with other task management tools.


Task Management software is a multi-faceted and essential tool for managers, teams, and departments to plan, coordinate and share documents ensuring a uniform method towards completion of projects.

Additionally, it is important to choose the best free task management software that empowers project managers and supervisors to maximize productivity through parallel real-time monitoring and work-sharing.

 So, it’s time to choose a software that suits you and your team’s task management needs.

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