10 Best Free Task Management Software for Project Managers

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When it comes to small businesses and start-ups, it important to understand the value of project management tools from the beginning. However, the price of most of these tools can be expensive for small businesses and start-ups.

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The good news is that there are various tools available in the market which are free and come with all the necessary functionalities required for businesses to manage and plan their work efficiently.

Project managers and supervisors of small businesses often use spreadsheets to track tasks assigned to the team. This is otherwise, quite a cumbersome and time-consuming process for both managers as well as the team members.

Instead, they can use a free task management software that will not only automate their task tracking but also help in visualising specific tasks individually. The solutions often come with tools such as built-in schedulers and calendars which are much more effective than spreadsheets.

Why Do You Need a Task Management Software

Start-ups and small businesses, need a mechanism to ensure that their projects are well aligned. Various teams are involved in the success of a project. With increasing work pressure as the company grows, not using a management system for projects can become quite challenging. Managing an organisation as well as the customers can prove to be quite a challenge and need to be performed in an impeccably organised manner.

Here are some reasons why you should rely on task management tools for a productive and efficient workplace ecosystem.

  • Ease of Planning

Project planning is one of the most cumbersome of all the processes as it takes an elaborate flowchart to be mapped out. From role division to work synchronisation, everything needs to be planned before the execution of individual tasks. Here, the task management software provides the bandwidth to establish tasks in a hierarchical manner for smooth and efficient transition between tasks.

  • Efficient Task Management

Every project maintains a systematic, step-by-step strategy that needs to be completed within a set timeframe. Keeping a record of what the team members are doing is tedious and requires constant vigilance. Especially, when it comes to projects that might take a long time to complete.

This is where task management software comes into play. With the help of the software, tasks can be assigned to the designated person who is able to view and update the progress made in real-time. With the help of efficient task management, teams are able to work in harmony, therefore, achieving fruitful results.

  • Shared Documents, Calendars and Contacts

Task management tools also play a vital role in sharing, storage and organisation of documents. This extends their roles from being a planner and organiser to a carrier. By using the centralised document storage feature, team members can easily access, edit and share documents; especially in the cases where the work has been outsourced to a different agency, individual or team. It becomes much more convenient to share documents without the hassle of sending a chain of mails back and forth.

Benefits of Task Management Software

What are the advantages of online task and project management tools? The answer is simple and has a lot to do with the very essence of new technologies. If you still aren’t clear, here are the benefits of a task management software:

  • It allows task management from any computer or mobile device.
  • The software for task management promotes better communication among the members of a team on specific aspects of a task.
  • It helps in managing tasks with agility through aspects such as reminders, deadlines and data sharing.
  • Task management software allows the incorporation of documents, which can be shared with all the team members who are working on the project.
  • The software helps in the documentation of new ideas that are shared during team meetings, by directly posting on the platform.
  • It helps the team prioritise and focus only on the task that is priority thereby improving productivity.
  • The software allows evaluating the management of tasks and projects, and the degree of participation of members of a team, thanks to the option of making reports that the software incorporates.
  • It helps in knowing the degree of execution of a task in real-time.
  • Useful both for internal management and for the coordination of web actions. In the same way, this type of tool is the best option for monitoring and developing a digital marketing campaign.

How Does a Task Management Software Work

Companies that haven’t integrated a task management software in their operations are likely to execute unnecessary tasks and wasting their valuable time which could be utilised more effectively. If these tasks are completed quickly and efficiently, the team members would have more time to employ on important tasks.

There are a number of free online task management software available in the market to choose from, which will suit your project management requirements. You must prioritise your requirements before choosing a task management software. Here are some of the aspects that each task management software focuses on:

1. Collaboration
When managing a project, all the members of a team are assigned specific tasks. In order to ensure that everyone is in the same page, a best task management software helps in collaboration and coordination. For instance, if a member has some queries, they can get the correct and timely response through communication with the help of the software. This saves them time and efforts that they had to spend in looking for the solutions elsewhere.

2. Scheduling and Planning

Without a systematic approach and a set of defined guidelines, it can be difficult for the team to complete their tasks efficiently and on time. A lot of time can be saved if schedules with designated tasks are prepared beforehand. It helps in increasing the team’s productivity. Choosing a task management software which enables teams to manage their time and meet their deadlines helps in the completion of projects in time.

3. Budget Management

The objective of a company isn’t just the completion of a project in a set time. It is also important that the project’s cost is curtailed so that the profits could be maximised. One of the most important roles of a project manager is to keep the costs at the minimum so that the profits can be maximised. Hence, just creating and managing an Excel spreadsheet won’t be enough. Some of the free task management software provide tools which can help in effective budgeting of the project.

List of Best Free and Open Source Task Management Software in 2019

  • Nozbe
  • Do It Tomorrow
  • Toodledo
  • Podio
  • OmniPlan
  • Asana
  • Assembla
  • OpenProject
  • Wunderlist
  • Hibox

Task management software open source integrates task hierarchy and project objectives amongst all the factors required for the completion of tasks, while also making them more versatile. Why? Because the software can synchronise their goals, optimise processes, and help in collaboration even from geographically remote points.

Hence, bring you a list of 10 best free task management software options that you should keep in mind when managing your tasks. Teams and project managers must take advantage of the technological and communicative advantages that these tools provide, in order to make your processes more agile.

  1. Nozbe

Nozbe Image

Nozbe has been one of the leaders in providing task management solutions to organisations and professionals for the last 10 years. It provides nearly all the major tools for task management, such as sharing projects and updates with the team, delegating tasks, attach comments and documents to tasks etc.

Here are some of the features that Nozbe provides:

  • Nozbe makes it easy for you to synchronise your tasks from your Dropbox, Google Calendar and Evernote accounts.
  • It lets you attach files by task, create groups etc.
  • This online task management tool helps in dealing with incoming tasks, prioritising, managing, and get them done on time and effectively.
  • Nozbe account can be synced with Google Calendar or Evernote Reminders
  1. Do It Tomorrow

Do It Tomorrow Image

If you need a simple online to-dio list, then Do It Tomorrow is the task management for you. With just two panels, one for today and the other for tomorrow; it is the perfect tool to manage personal tasks and resolve daily checklists.

Some of the features of Do It Tomorrow are:

  • It is one of the most basic and easy to understand task managers.
  • Do It Tomorrow can schedule your tasks on daily basis.
  • It is optimal for personal use and managing your own tasks.
  • It isn’t as complicated as other planners in the market and works perfectly for managing simple tasks.
  1. Toodledo

Toodledo Image

Toodledo is one of the most popular online task management tools available in the market. With Toodledo, you will be able to manage your work list, insert notes, monitor habits, and organise ideas with the help of lists.

Have a look at some of the Toodledo features:

  • Tootdledo provides an estimated execution time for each task.
  • It allows you to create your checklist for your team in order of importance or priority.
  • You can use folders to keep track of different projects, or keep work-related tasks separate from personal items.
  • It offers a paid as well as a free version.
  1. Podio

Podio Image

Podio, as a digital tool has an intuitive and friendly interface for its use that allows you to manage personal and professional tasks seamlessly.

Given below are some of Podio's salient features:

  • You can integrate it with Evernote, Google Drive, among others.
  • It adapts to large companies and growing companies. It offers chats, data visualization, calendars, project management and clients.
  • This task tracking software allows you to share files easily.
  • It also lets you unify contents and conversations of the members of your team.
  1. OmniPlan

OmniPlan Image

OmniPlan is one of the most interactive task management tools with more than a hundred tools to assist teams and individuals. It provides a 14-day free trial after which its standard and professional features can be unlocked with the help on an in-app purchase.

Listed below are some of the features that OmniPlan provides:

  • OmniPlan is a very graphical tool that allows you to manage projects from the IOS environment and mobile devices.
  • In it you can export documents, perform intelligent task scheduling, filtering according to priorities.
  • It provides a number of tools which make the work of project members easier, such as Microsoft Project Support, Resource Load Sharing, Auto-Effort Estimation, Publish & Subscribe Actions and Multitasking.
  • Although it focusses on IOS environment, it also works on other devices.
  1. Asana

Asana Image

Asana is one of the largest project management and team task management software. It helps teams stay focused on tasks at hand, and is disrupting the complications of age-old project management systems.

Given below are some of the salient features of Asana:

  • It allows managers to communicate in real time with their team.
  • You can add tasks and categorise each task depending on the level of progress that has been made.
  • It helps you search for your projects and set the estimated execution times.
  • This online task management tool also allows you to visualize the objectives of the project and offers a simple interface.
  • It offers you three plans; free, premium and business.
  1. Assembla

Assembla Image

Assembla is known to be one of the most secure project management platforms.

Here are some of the most unique features that Assembla:

  • Assembla offers you the possibility of integrating your social network profiles.
  • It also helps you manage collaborative work among team members and give your clients access to integrate through user permissions.
  • It allows you to organize your agenda according to the urgency or complexity of the tasks.
  • This task management software is particularly recommended for development projects.
  1. OpenProject

OpenProject Image

OpenProject is one of the leading open source project management software which provides all members of a team to share progress and timelines. With shared timelines, one can unleash the creativity and expertise of the entire team to collaborate.

Some of its features are as follows:

  • OpenProject is a visual best task management software that offers you tools such as the Gantt chart to organise your projects.
  • You can manage your tasks as well as share documents and reports from this open source task management software.
  • The software provides step-by-step assistance throughout the course of projects from conception and initiation to project closure.
  1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist Image

Wunderlist is one of the easiest ways to plan and get work done on time. From planning a holiday to managing work projects, Wunderlist helps you manage all the personal and professional objectives.

Here are some of features provided by Wunderlist:

  • Wunderlist offers you the possibility of delegating tasks among the members of your team, facilitating collaborative work.
  • Its interface is friendly and customizable.
  • Wunderlist is free; however, there are additional collaboration features available in Wunderlist Pro.
  1. Hibox

Hibox Image

Hibox helps you and your team be attentive and focus on the small nuances of project management. With Hibox, one can assign tasks effortlessly, along with setting deadlines so that everyone is aware about what is to be done next.

Some of the features of Hibox are:

  • Hibox offers you all the usual tasks of an organiser.
  • One of its competitive advantages is that you can communicate with the members of your team through chat or video chat.
  • In addition to sharing comments in real time this online task management tool also lets you verify progress in the execution of a campaign.


Task Management software is a multi-faceted and essential tool for managers, teams, and departments to plan, coordinate, track-and-time, and share documents ensuring a uniform method towards completion of projects. A seamless open source task management system keeps track of the time spent on assigned tasks and uses it to provide project insights and efficient task management.

It is important to choose the best free task management software that helps in efficient work distribution and saves time by managing documents and bringing work progress report; everything under one roof. It also empowers project managers and supervisors to maximize productivity through parallel real-time monitoring and work-sharing. Nowadays, many of these task management solutions provide free trials in the favour of small businesses and start-ups. So, it’s time to choose a software that suits you and your team’s task management needs.


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