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Empower your educational institute with the power of Career Book ERP. Developed by D' Katia Software Technologies, it is a comprehensive solution that helps institutions digitise their various functional verticals. This includes Academic tasks, administration, HR, Payroll, Accounts & Inventory, Library, Hostel and Asset Management. It simplifies the functioning of an institution and ensures that accuracy and efficiency are maintained across verticals. Make your institute function faster and better with Career Book ERP.


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About D'Katia

Founded in the year 2009, d'Katia Software Technologies is a software development company that primarily develops enterprise resource planning solutions for businesses. The R&D wing of the company operates out of Cochin, Kerala. Within a short period of time, d'Katia has expanded in several countries such as New Zealand, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, etc
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Features of d'Katia Career Book ERP

Whether it’s the enrollment of a new student or calculation of salary for the staff, our Education ERP solution provides you a fully integrated end-to-end solution to manage all the functions and activities required for your education institution. It ensures that offices, faculty and students have access to timely and up-to-date information. It manages high volumes of critical information with hundred percent of accuracy helping you to run your institution more smoothly and efficiently. It creates a foundation for new processes that can yield significant returns on investment.
Our Education ERP solution is designed on an N-Tier architecture allowing multiple users to work simultaneously from multiple locations on a single database. This helps in sharing information between different departments and users on a real-time basis.
Automation helps staff to work out things well in time helping them to give more time to take care of the other issues and problems. Our solution helps organizations to handle the same amount of work by less staff thereby allowing the rest of the man power to be deputed in other productive works.
Automation of various critical tasks such as fee collection, salary management etc saves a lot of man hours that directly reflects to expenditure of the organization.
Our ERP solution offers zero redundancy of data for managing the various aspects of your educational business needs. For example, you just need to add the name of student only once and it will automatically appear in rest of the modules like Fee, Courses, Examination, Promotion etc.
Interfaces of software play an important role to make it successful and a popular solution. Our solution is designed with easy to use, interactive and user friendly interfaces that help non-expert users to perform complex functions without any difficulty.
Organizations around the world consider effective reporting system as a vehicle for evaluating and enhancing the performance of the entire system. Thus reports have become the most vital part of any application software. What so ever new features there may be in an application, the end user evaluates the quality of software by its quality of reports. Our ERP solution offers a powerful mechanism to generate accurate and robust reports with a great deal of flexibility. Whether you want a report for a single student or for the entire institute, it gives you plenty of options and flexibility to generate reports at multiple levels helping you to enhance the performance and productivity of your institution
Our advance printing options gives you the freedom to generate printouts on any size of paper that reduces printing expenses to a great extent.
Data Security is also an important factor while designing an ERP solution. Our Education ERP ensures complete security of data. We make sure that the data isn’t in the direct access of the users. Various security measures have been implemented to tighten the security at the database level as well as at the application level.

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Career Book ERP


  • End-to-End solution
  • N-Tier Architecture
  • Streamlines Educational process
  • Automates important functions
  • Increases productivity and efficiency of the staff
  • Saves lot of Man hours that directly means saving of a lot of money
  • Reduces paper work
  • Strengthens relationship between different user entities
  • Completely organizes data with no redundancy
  • User Friendly Interfaces
  • Comprehensive Reporting System
  • Advance Printing Options
  • Ensures Data Security
  • Easy Centralized Backup Options

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Hemant Chansoriya

Nice software


9th January, 2019

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • Prompts a good service with excellent features. It is quiet user friendly.
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  • No Cons


Highly recommend Techjockey


17th May, 2018

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • A fast reliable service. Everything has worked perfectly from day one .Excellent value for money.
  • Cons -
  • No Cons


thanks for the assistance


10th May, 2018

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • I really appreciate what Techjockey does, and the idea behind their service. My initial conversation with the representative, was really helpful, and they asked in-depth questions to best match us with a software/service that could help.
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  • No Cons

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