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iXpert ERP Solution

Sold by : Metier Technologies

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About iXpert ERP Solution

What is iXpert ERP?

iXpert ERP is an enterprise management system that facilitates efficient resource planning for any organization. The solution has a customizable design that allows different businesses to use it as per their requirements. It can be integrated with your existing systems to manage multiple functional areas of business. iXpert ERP can process all types of accounting transactions that affect regular and special journals. The ERP software offers inventory management features. It consistently tacks and keeps the record of goods with the help of their SKUs. 

iXpert ERP has integrated HR and payroll functions for seamless employee management. It helps with every business process be it hiring, performance evaluation, appraisal, training, increment, rewards or payroll calculation. Organizations can conduct attendance from this software to get a cumulative attendance report of the entire workforce on monthly or bi-monthly basis. 

Its financial accounting module assists with statutory reporting, GST filings and returns, reconciliation with multiple banks, etc. 

Why companies should use iXpert ERP? 

iXpert ERP software is designed to work effortlessly in Indian markets. It is developed by a team of functional and technical consultants with over 20 years of experience. The solution enhances the way companies handle their sales, purchases, inventory and distribution. Companies can manage their logistical work efficiently through this software. It is capable of handling: 

  1. Inter branch transfers
  2. Stock requisition from branch 
  3. Stock transferring to branch 
  4. Stock receiving from branch 
  5. Adjustment in inventory 
  6. Shortage and excesses 
  7. Internal consumption 
  8. Multiple pricelists and unit of measure 

Plus, iXpert ERP has a CRM module that allows companies to manage business relationships with their vendors and sellers. It helps with lead generation and assignment, follow-ups, sales invoice & sales order, customer details and grouping, among others. 

What features foe iXpert ERP? 

Here are some of the features offered by iXpert ERP: 

  1. Financial accounting 
  2. Human resource management 
  3. Customer relationship management 
  4. Payroll calculation 
  5. Multi-price support 
  6. Sales and purchase handling 
  7. Quotation creator 
  8. Delivery note
  9. Sales order with variance levels 

What is the price of iXpert ERP? 

iXpert ERP is available in three plans at Techjockey, these are: 

  1. iXpert Plus – ₹ 19,999/- 
  2. iXpert Xtra – ₹ 39,999/- 
  3. iXpert Professional – ₹ 1,99,999/-

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Sold By : Metier Technologies

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iXpert ERP Solution Features

The software can track revenue and expenses from all fronts and manage it for efficient financial bookkeeping.
The software allows users to keep an accurate record of credit and debit notes and stay on track with their pending payments and receivals.
This ERP software offers different invoice templates for business owners to pick and choose from.
Business owners can keep a record of their daily cash inflow and outflow through its daybook feature.
iXpert ERP can generate automated accounts payable and receivable statements for all the active business bank accounts.
The ERP software provides detailed reports that allow users to write their personalized observations with regards to their work. 
Businesses can use iXpert ERP for managing the functions across multiple branches.
The software generates bank reconciliation statements automatically.
The software’s financial accounting module generates series fiscal documents for financial health assessment of your business including P&L statement document.
iXpert ERP generates an accurate balance sheet by considering the expenses and revenue of your business in a financial year.
Companies can manage their inventory and monitor the movement of goods in real-time.
The software helps generate purchase invoices for all the goods and services provided by the supplier.
The software helps in creating quotations and managing orders from both, supply and purchase end in real-time.
Logistics and distribution teams can generate a challan, or a delivery note as a proof of delivery.
Business owners can setup their return policy in the software and operate accordingly.
Managers can assign work to their employees directly from the software.
The software generates separate goods/material receipt notes for every individual product.
You can manage job cards for different business processes and assign them to the best available employees with iXpert software.
Business owners can use this software for cost analysis of goods produced in the manufacturing plant.
The HRMS module of iXpert ERP allows companies to analyse the performance of their workforce based on shifts and machine usage.
This ERP software allows users to assess the manpower usage of a company and optimize its utilization for higher output.
Managers can create new projects and track their progress through iXpert ERP.
Business owners can create their quotations with the help of proper market information provided by the software.
Users can handle the procurement from multiple vendors by processing quotations, manging contacts, etc. through this software.
Companies can keep track of their budget and record their expenses effectively.
The cost analysis module of iXpert ERP examines all the expenses that will be involved in the project including labour and material to get a rough idea of the expenditure.
The software analyses the profit accumulated based on individual projects.
iXpert ERP automatically creates bills on the information and status of every transaction.
This feature allows users to design and operate the warehouse and distribution channels efficiently.
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iXpert ERP Solution Specifications


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iXpert ERP Solution FAQs

A. IXpert ERP is the best ERP Software company in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Kerala, Delhi and UAE. This is the perfect ERP solution for project management, manufacturing management, distribution management, retail, small and medium business, garment and footwear retail industry. CRM, Financial, Payroll & HR, Inventory is the main key modules.
A. Techjockey provides an online demo before purchase for iXpert ERP. Please request a call to get your demo scheduled.
A. iXpert ERP is a web-application which can be accessed through any internet browser.
A. iXpert ERP save all the information on the cloud storage service.
A. Yes, iXpert ERP ensures complete compliance with any statutory regulations in tax and other laws.
A. iXpert ERP conducts attendance by integrating with biometric devices.
A. Employees are provided with a self-service portal, which they can use to file and check for their leaves.

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