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Best Employee Management Software in 2024

What is Employee Management Software?

Employee is the backbone of any business and employment management software has been designed to streamline processes essential for managing these employees. Such processes could be training and orientation to performance evaluation, employee engagement, payroll, etc. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Top 5 Employee Management Software in 2024

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  • top product arrowPeopleCart
  • top product arrowOfficeTimer
  • top product arrowVayak Staff Care
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Best Employee Management Software

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Trackolap Employee Efficiency

Trackolap Employee Efficiency

Brand: Trackolap


4.5 out of 5

(4 user reviews)

TrackOlap Employee Efficiency is an employee monitoring software that is designed to help organizations track, monitor, and analyze their remote and hybri... Read More About Trackolap Employee Efficiency img

₹200 User/Month



Brand: Peoplecart


4.8 out of 5

(6 user reviews)

PeopleCart is an employee rewards and recognition software that allows organizations to socially appreciate/ recognize/ reward employee contribution and d... Read More About PeopleCart img

Price On Request



Brand: InfoTimer

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OfficeTimer is an online time tracking software and a free project cost and revenue that helps office owners track their employees’ attendance, leave, a... Read More About OfficeTimer img

₹315 /User/Month

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Vayak Staff Care

Vayak Staff Care

Brand: Vayak

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The software provides the following functions that help the user to cut off administrative costs. Track Attendance: Your admin staff can track the live GP... Read More About Vayak Staff Care img

Price On Request



Brand: Heptagon Technologies

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Digidesk is a cloud-based HR software which eliminates manual documentation procedure, replacing it with an electronic management protocol. The software i... Read More About Digidesk img

Price On Request

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Assistplus for Offices

Assistplus for Offices

Brand: Pinmicro

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Assistplus for Offices is GPS-enabled employee management software to track the movement of your employees for higher security and productivity. The softw... Read More About Assistplus for Offices img

Price On Request




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Emplify Employee Engagement Software is a complete Employee Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Employee Manageme... Read More About Emplify img

Price On Request

dayTrack App

dayTrack App

Brand: dayTrack


4.6 out of 5

(3 user reviews)

dayTrack is an employee tracking system for sales force automation workflows. Organizations can use dayTrack to increase their sales output and efficient... Read More About dayTrack App img


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Employee Tracking System

Employee Tracking System

Brand: Locate365

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Employee Tracking System by Locate365 helps improve the efficiency and reliability of field force automation teams. It allows organizations to conduct at... Read More About Employee Tracking System img

Price On Request

People Gauge Employee Engagement

People Gauge Employee Engagement

Brand: People Gauge

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People Gauge is a cloud-based software solution, providing engagement surveys for businesses, organisations and schools who want to really understand how a... Read More About People Gauge Employee Engagement img

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Last Updated on : 16 Apr, 2024

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Best Employee Management Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

Employee management software offers various management tools for looking after employee performance, information, attendance, engagement & more.

The best free employee management software solutions contribute towards higher employee productivity, engagement, and performance. BambooHR, WebHR, OrangeHRM, CangarooHR, Teamdeck, and Humi are some popular free employee management software that you can try.

Remote employee management software provides workforce management tools for remotely managing the teams and ensuring better collaboration, performance and productivity.

Employee management system includes various modules for monitoring and assessing the employee attendance, leaves, work hours, database and more.

The main objective of the employee management system is to manage all information related to your employees and drive valuable insights to improve their productivity.

The purpose of an employee management system is to provide detailed insights about employees that could be used by team leads for planning the work hours and achieving higher work output.

The best way to monitor employees remotely is by deploying remote employee monitoring software tools. The software supports better collaboration, attendance tracking, leave management and time tracking.

Employee Management Software Reviews


Trackolap Employee Efficiency


“Very useful tool! Trackolap helped us alot to understand time spent by employees at the time of field or WFH scenarios also how prodctivity is getting hampered and c...”

- Ridhi Arora

See all Trackolap Employee Efficiency reviewsimg



“Work closely and provide needed information as well as consider requests as per requirements.”

- Ridhi Arora

See all PeopleCart reviewsimg



“The PeopleCart is a web-based application that is really easy to use and you can set up any type of reward program you can think of.”

- Ronak

See all PeopleCart reviewsimg



“PeopleCart allows organizations to reward and recognize employee contributions through various social and digital channels.”

- Shreya

See all PeopleCart reviewsimg

Employee Management Software Price List In India

Employee Management Software Cost
Top Employee Management Software Starting Price Rating
Trackolap Employee Efficiency₹200.00 User/Month4.5
dayTrack App₹897.00 4.6

Buyer's Guide for Top Employee Management Software

Found our list of Employee Management Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Employee Management Software?
  • How Employee Management Software Helps Organizations?
  • Most Common Features of Employee Management Software
  • Benefits of Using Employee Management Software
  • How Does Employee Management Software Work
  • Why You Should Use Staff Management Software?
  • How Much Does Employee Management Software Cost
  • How to Get the Best Software For Employee Management for Your Business?

What is Employee Management Software?

Employee management software has been designed to streamline processes essential for managing the employees' information, performance and engagement. Organisations often deploy employee management tools for identifying key performance trends that can help in enhancing employee engagement and business scale-up opportunities. Goal setting, reporting, shift management and database management are some of the notable features of staff management software solutions.

How Employee Management Software Helps Organizations?

The employee management software is helping both employers and employees by ensuring that channels of communication between them are always open. The best employee management apps and software is a must-have for growing businesses to manage these functions:

  • Employee scheduling software also helps with shift scheduling mechanisms to undo the possibility of any kind of clash in work schedules.
  • Another important module of employee management software is performance review. The software allows sharing feedback with employees through messaging as well as configurable dashboards.
  • Managers can also come up with appraisal reports based on the performance and improvement of every employee.
  • The employee performance management software makes the yearly reviewing process more productive for the workforce.
  • There are these obvious functions that employee relationship management tools perform such as attendance and leave management.
  • Calculating expenses too has never been so easy. Just an uploaded receipt or scanned photograph is enough to do expense management.
  • The software's employee database management solutions deserve a mention here as these have helped businesses and organizations save a lot of time spent on paperwork.
  • Employee management software stores key information about employees, which can be used for managing payrolls and generating rewards.

Most Common Features of Employee Management Software

Small, Mid-sized and large companies can deploy employee management tools for their documentation and payroll processing capabilities. Most of these platforms also help employers with HR data so that scheduling, attendance/leave management, and workflow analytics is never an issue. Some such other key features of the software are:

  • Employee attendance management: Employee attendance management software is beneficial to both employers and employees. The software generates employee timesheets that can be accessed by employers for payroll processes thus helping them save a lot of time spent otherwise in calculating attendance manually. Employees too can keep a log of work hours for employee attendance management software. Those businesses doing remote operations especially find this software handy in managing the attendance of their employees.
  • Employee leaves management: Leave management software provides all the necessary details to your workforce about the company's leave policies, time off requests, and national/state holidays. Employees can plan their leaves accordingly and employers can manage leave requests through automated notifications. Leave management software categorizes these leaves as emergencies, office travel, and holidays for easy approval by the bosses.
  • Employee database management: A secure source for storing information of a company's workforce. Name, contact details, emergency numbers, or birth date, all can be stored using the employee database management system. Organizations use this feature to track more details about an employee such as time offs, skill sets, and benefits.
  • Employee self-service portal: Scheduling issues or requests for time offs, employees a self-service portal is a critical tool for looking after functions that fall within the purview of the human resources department. Secondly, with the help of self-service portals, employees find it easy to update their official information such as bank details, addresses, and such other information every time the need arises.
  • Employee performance management: Employees need motivation and honest feedback goes a long way in strengthening the ties the employees have with their organization. Employee performance management software helps automate employee retention, engagement, feedback, performance reviews and talent data for generating comprehensive performance reports. Companies also use the platform for customizing appraisal forms and initiating appraisal cycles to manage employees' performance ranking and reviewing process.
  • Employee relationship management: Employee relationship management tools are used for making employees feel involved. Staff management software helps send survey forms immediately after meetings, presentations, or discussions to gather their feedback and suggestions about the latest or ongoing issues. Secondly, most companies use this system for updating current employees about all company's policies so that again they feel involved and are also well equipped for training new appointees.
  • Shift management: Roster management is of great use to businesses that work round the clock such as airlines, hospitals, hotels, and call centers. Creating shift rosters on a monthly basis or even daily becomes hassle with shift management applications. Such solutions once installed help not just with the rescheduling of shifts but also importing these into any file format of your choice. Viewing, changing and updating of shift roster plan is streamlined with shift management software.
  • Instant reports: Analysing the HR data, employee turnover, and PTO usage are no longer time-consuming as the employee relationship management tool is here to help your business with automated systems in place to look after the above tasks.
  • Succession management:This is one feature that ensures no work is ever hampered just because an employee had to leave for certain reasons. Hence you can check for succession reporting tools and a 9-box talent matrix within employee management software solutions to ensure that the work continues irrespective of any retirement or resignation.

Benefits of Using Employee Management Software

Working as an HR professional is not as easy as it seems. They are tasked with hiring new employees, managing compliance work, and making sure that everyone gets paid on time. But that's not the only work they have to do because they also have to develop strategies to improve engagement and retention rates and do the tedious administrative work. This is where an employee management system comes to the forefront. Thanks to the automated system and unique features, employee management turns into a seamless experience for HR professionals. If you are still wondering if it would be a wise investment, then check out the below-mentioned ways in which it can help your organization.

1. Improves the efficiency of HR department: Using a staff management system will cut down the requirement for most of the manual work. Your HR team will be able to spend more time on important projects, instead of wasting their time and efforts on spreadsheets, emails, or phone calls. By leveraging the automated system of employee management software you can effortlessly manage the entire hiring process, capture data for payroll calculations, access company documents, or fulfill training requirements.

2. Increase Employee Engagement: You need to engage your workforce with employee engagement activities to improve their productivity, keep them happy, boost innovation or improve their retention rate. Tools such as staff management software offer you modern methods to evaluate workforce development. It'll enable you to work with them to establish their goals, develop a road map for their success, and make them feel passionate about their roles.

3. Safe and Secure Employee Information: HR professionals have to take care of large volumes of data that include bank account information, aadhar number, and personal information. Failing to protect all this data can prove costly for your organization. Investing in the right employee management software can provide you will fool proof security measures, data encryption, and multi-factor authentication to keep the information safe and secure. Moreover, as the information will be readily available all the time, your HR professionals can easily do the audits at any given time.

4. Important insights about your employees: The other important benefit of an employee management system is that your HR team can easily analyze critical data and get access to a wide variety of reports on onboarding, training, attendance, and performance. It allows your leaders to stay updated about the current development in the company and quickly address any important issues. Further, this software system also helps in getting a clear picture of your company's top, average and bad performers during the appraisal cycle.

5. Keep track of remote workers: One of the most crucial benefits of an employee database management system is that it supports the remote work of employees. They can work from any corner of the world and take care of some crucial HR-related tasks on their own. Remote workers can mark attendance, complete training requirements, apply for leaves, raise important requests, and more on a dedicated employee management portal. Moreover, it helps in keeping employees and managers on the same page by allowing managers to assign tasks, offer feedback, and give performance reviews via staff management software.

How Does Employee Management Software Work

Most business lag in the competition due to their refusal to adapt to change as per current market trends. They follow the same age-old methods of employee management which affects their efficiency and wastes a lot of time. But those who want to stay ahead of their competitors are opting for worker management software, which helps the HR department in automating daily tasks such as onboarding, offboarding, training, payroll maintenance, attendance management, and more.

The cloud-based management system can be used by both small and large organizations to manage & track their employees in a more efficient manner. This system can not only keep them engaged and productive but also make sure that they are rewarded according to their performance. It helps your company in achieving important goals and makes it easier for reporting managers to review assigned tasks and give important feedback when required.

Why You Should Use Staff Management Software?

Staff management software helps in improving employee productivity, and employee satisfaction to help an organization achieve its goals. With the help of a dedicated EMS system, HR executives can store & access important information, initiate employee engagement plans, keep track of attendance and manage payroll. It can also help in streamlining the onboarding and offboarding process.

By using workforce management software, you can assign multiple responsibilities to your HR department that includes:

  • Productivity Management
  • Investment
  • Employee engagement and Retention
  • Payroll and Benefits

How Much Does Employee Management Software Cost

The price of worker management software depends on multiple factors which include the features you choose, the number of users, add-ons, or any customization to fulfill your specific requirements. The average starting price can start from ₹210 per month, per user. However, the advanced version of the system with training, payroll, and other features can cost thousands of rupees. Some companies take money in advance or charge monthly fees for usage. While on the other hand, you can also find free software that allows you to manage simple projects for a specific number of employees.

How to Get the Best Software For Employee Management for Your Business?

Isn't it amazing that there are such solutions available that would help your business perform well and earn better profits? There are numerous other ways your business, big or small could benefit from employee management software. However, you need to be aware of key modules offered by the platform to ensure that the right software has been installed.

  • Compensation management: Compensation when paid for performing well serves as a morale booster for every employee. It is for this reason that organizations these days find it worthwhile to compensate their employees in the form of rewards and bonuses for every stringent deadline met or new deal struck. The best employment management software help with compensation planning through budgeting/reporting and payroll management.
  • Performance evaluation system: Performance assessments help companies with both short-term and long-term goals. Employee management tools provide the option of 360-degree support for collecting feedback. Once collected, the software helps review this information through the inbuilt review and self-assessment tools.
  • Goal management: Employee management software solutions offer dashboards for both setting measurable goals and tracking them. With goal management solutions in place, the task of preparing department-wise objectives is easy and organised.
  • Reporting tool: Employee management software helps employers not just with performance-related reports but also provides talent analytics and workforce analytics to identify existing inconsistencies in their performance. Reporting tools can also be used for tracking the attrition rate, succession planning, training management, etc.
  • Lifecycle management: Workforce management solutions handle the processes associated with employee’s lifecycle management. There exist a total of five stages in an employee’s lifecycle. These include recruitment, onboarding process, development, retention and finally, exit. Employment management applications provide critical analytics and data tools for measuring as well as managing these lifecycle stages.

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