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This application usefull for any staff go to in field as, marketing, service and site supervisor can submit report Attendance, visit, expence, collection ,order, sales, inquiry and leave to manager and owner.And also manager and owner see all staff location and reports in his mobile and laptop using this Vayak Staffcare mobile application




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About Vayak

VAYAK is one of the great IT companies in India in the field of computer Software Development since 1995. It is an International IT Products Development and Services providing company, provides solutions to varieties of fields like Co-Operative, Staff Management, Education etc. ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company VAYAK has got two awards for best performance in co-op. sector. At presently VAYAK group is  working in 14 states of India.
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  • Last Location of all field staff can be seen on map with time by Manager or admin in his mobile or on website.
  • Company can assign emergency work based on current location of staff.
  • In case of kidnaping, theft or accident last location of staff is very useful.
  • Travelling route of staff with time, can be seen by Manager or admin in his mobile and on website.
  • Admin can see that staff reached in field on time and work as per planning or not, when he leave the field.
  • Manager can know approximately air distance travel by staff in km.
  • Field staff attendance can be entered by Start/End Day with Date, Time, Location and Details of work done.
  • Monthly date wise report will be available on website.
  • Staff can also see on which day he has visited in which area with in-out time and detail.
  • For each Visit, staff will make one visit entry in mobile with party name, person name, work done, photograph and other detail with next followup date etc. and location, date and time will be auto captured.
  • So all visited parties data is saved and full detail of whole day work is available on line with detail.
  • Many reports and analysis will be available on admin website based on visit entry.

Daily expense of Bus/train Fair, food, Hotel, etc. can be entered by staff in his mobile with photographs. Due to that false expenses will be decreased.

Client's Payment Collection:- Payment collection from party can be entered with detail of cash/cheque. Payment hand over to office or deposited in bank or with him can also be entered. 

Complain / Inquiry / Follow up Management:- Office staff can enter new complain/inquiry, that can be handover to specific field staff by manager. Field Staff can view with address in his mobile.

Stock Taking

  • Generally FMCG companies collect closing stock information of their stockist, distributors, dealers and retailer with the help of their maketing executives.
  • With this app marketing executive can enter party's stock item wise information in their mobile.

Staff can apply for leave online from his mobile with Types of Leave, Reason, Date and for how many days.

Staff is doing all entries of work done in his mobile. Data entered can be filtered date-wise, staff-wise and type-wise. Data can be viewed in detail or it can be summarized date-wise, staff-wise and many other ways. Admin can view his and sub Staff’s all kind of reports online in mobile and check their performance and mistakes. All reports can be export to Excel, PDF and Word. 

  • This option is for Site engineers and Supervisor. He has to enter work progress of site with photos and comments, after every 1 or 2 hours, as a part of site live reporting.
  • The progress on site is visible at office, in photos and detail given by supervisor.
  • Site engineer has to present at site full day, to take live photos and online reporting. His location is auto tracked by app.

Plans and Pricing


Staff Care

Rs. 360.00 ( Per User Per Month )

  • Registration Charges Per Person Once:- Rs. 1000
  • Staff Location
  • Staff Route
  • Staff Attendance
  • Visit Entry
  • Expense Entry
  • Client's Payment Collection
  • Order Taking
  • Complain / Inquiry / Follow up Management
  • Stock Taking
  • Future Route Plan
  • Leave management
  • Sales Entry
  • Party Detail Online
  • Pending Recovery Collection
  • M.I.S. Reports and Analysis


Vayak Staff Care Introduction


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Below are some frequently asked questions for Vayak Staff Care

Q. What is the procedure to start this application for my staff ?

First of all you have to register your company in VAYAK & recharge Vayak application for required no. of staff. After that you have to generate user id & password for staff in admin panel. That user Id & passwords are required at the time of application registration in staff mobile. Than staff can use this application

Q. As a Management or / Manager how I can see all staff activity ?

You can see the Staff's Locations, Reports etc. on your mobile or in Computer on website

Q. Which type of mobile required to start this application ?

Android base mobile having Android Version 3.0 with GPS and minimum 2G internet facility is required to use this application. In old version some latest feature may not work, but now a day this type of mobile is available starting from 3,500. Today most of the staff already have this type of android base mobile.

Q. Internet is required for this or not ?

Every five minutes the data is sync from staff's mobile to web server which required the Internet. But, In remote area where internet is not available their also staff can work in application & when he came in coverage automatically his data will sync. to web server & management can see it. but this apps required 200 mb to 400 mb internet use in a month depending on your usage..

Q. If Staff member change his mobile device / new staff came / Resign than what ?

This application will run simultaneously in the no. of mobiles depend on your recharge. If staff change the mobile than, in new mobile he can re-register the application using his user name & password. If Staff resigns & new staff came than remove old user & to new staff give new user name & Password.


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Anuj Bhatia

Techjockey is a good place to go

5th November, 2018

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

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Anuj Bhatia

Techjockey is a good place to go

5th November, 2018

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • Three of the five recommended vendors were viable
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