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About Employee Engagement Software

People Gauge is a cloud-based software solution, providing engagement surveys for businesses, organisations and schools who want to really understand how actively engaged their employees, students or parents are. Engaged Employees are more productive and make a positive impact on the performance and revenue of organisations. Based on the principles of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, our employee engagement surveys are designed to be user friendly, intuitive and flexible.

Sold By : People Gauge

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Employee Engagement Software Features

People Gauge is the UK’s most innovative and intuitive employee engagement survey and measurement tool for business, allowing you to accurately analyse levels of employee engagement. It is a cloud-based software solution that gauges what your people think and feel about working for you. Using the results means you can highlight great performance and identify any areas of your business that may be ‘in the dark’ when it comes to getting the best out of your people. People Gauge provides you with the insight for a better and more productive workplace.
Improved productivity and revenue results. Increased retention. Reduced employee absenteeism. A more positive and effective working environment.
The People Gauge Partner Programme means you can take your Employee Engagement offering to a deeper and more measurable level for your clients. It provides you with the perfect tool to use alongside your employee engagement consultancy work. You’ll get training and support to get you started and a whole raft of marketing materials and knowledge sharing to help you become just as passionate about Employee Engagement as we are!
To establish a base line, so that they can measure the impact of all subsequent training. To help evidence the need for training interventions or targeted coaching. To help HR departments provide evidence that what they are doing is contributing to the organisation. To help Head Teachers understand the engagement levels of learners, staff or parents within their schools. As a sense check prior to IIP or Ofsted inspections. As the basis for developing on-going engagement solution for an organisation.
How do you evidence that your children are actively engaged with your school? Can you prove you proactively engage with parents and your wider community? Combined with the staff-focused People Gauge, these surveys complement your existing academic quality controls and provide you with tangible evidence of your engagement levels across the whole school community. We’re the ideal tool for schools given you can use the surveys for your parents, your students and your staff. Often overlooked, yet parent engagement levels are one of the strongest indicators of how well a school is functioning. Rather than waiting for the Ofsted survey to find out how they are feeling, or a collection of feedback from staff via parents’ evenings, People Gauge anonymously and gently takes them through a series of questions that will provide you with critical information for improving the productivity and engagement levels within your school.

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