Parental Involvement: Driving Force Towards School’s High Admission Rates

It is a fact that students achieve more when their parents are involved. The role of a parent is crucial and the same has been proven in countless reports and studies. Parental involvement is linked with improved behavior of children and positive attitudes.  Additionally, being involved shows your children that you care about their schooling and education. This fact in itself makes children appreciate and value the importance of education. It helps them understand that whatever they are doing has a purpose.

  • Parental involvement results in an improved classroom behavior

Parental involvement not only increases academic performance, but also has a positive influence on the behavior and attitude of students. The involvement of parents affects the attitude of a child towards classroom conduct, absenteeism, self-esteem and motivation.

  • Parents should be involved in their child’s education from primary school through high school

Parental involvement makes a positive difference irrespective of the age of the student. It plays the most important role when the child is younger. Their involvement is also considered valuable during middle and high school. A parent can influence their child to stay in the school and not drop out unnecessarily. Also a child will think about going to college more seriously if his or her parents are involved in the process of making this decision and are involved in their academic achievements as well.

  • Schools should encourage parental involvement in multiple ways

The involvement of parents is most likely to develop only when schools find out ways to get them involved actively. Offer training programs for the parents to teach them how they can be involved in their child’s education.

The communication between schools and parents should be effective and efficient

For bridging the communication gap between the teachers and parents, schools must use a software that can help them do so. A school management software helps in effective communication with the parents and also states specific information that has to be communicated to and fro. Schools have to notify parents about all that is happening in the school. This includes school programs and student progress reports, and a school management software helps in doing just that. This software helps school convey the parents what is their school curriculum, the examinations that are conducted, and the desired student proficiency levels.

Benefits for a School

Schools with higher engagement levels with parents experience better support by the community. When the kids see this level of transparency between the school and their parents, they tend to be more attentive towards the importance of their education. This also drives more admission to their campus as parents appreciate the transparent communication with the school.

Benefits for Parents

With a school management software, a parent can build stronger relationships with his child as well as the school, which leads to clearer and effective communication between parents, teachers and children – the three parties. This gives more confidence and faith in the school’s approach of education.

Benefits for Children

Children tend to model adult behavior. When the parents are involved with their schooling, their children will learn how important education is. This also helps them understand that their schooling is a collaborative approach between them, their teachers and their parents. This approach further motivates them to work harder and succeed.


The result is, children whose parents are actively involved in their schooling are more likely to have more discipline, self-esteem, self-motivation and are more likely to achieve better results, irrespective of their gender, cast, social or economic backgrounds.

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