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  1. What is a Student Information System?
  2. What are the Different Kinds of SIS Software?
  3. Key Features of Student Information System
  4. How Does a Student Information System Work?
  5. Why Use SIS Software?
  6. Who Can Benefit from Student Information System?
  7. Latest Trends Related to Student Information Management System
  8. Examples of Student Information Systems
  9. 10 Best Student Information Systems for Higher Education and Small Schools

What is a Student Information System?

Educational institutions use a student information system to track and record their student's information, attendance, performance, fees, etc. Student information software is a wonderful way to record students' information on a single platform. Further, it helps you to communicate easily with the students and staff.

You no longer need to struggle to maintain your school's data manually. SIS software will help you to perform all the school operations efficiently. All your important data will be secure and easily accessed by the staff, students, and parents hassle-free and conveniently.

What are the Different Kinds of SIS Software?

SIS software can be divided into two main groups, K-12 students and higher education students. Target demographics differ between the two. Despite sharing many core functions, the major difference between the two subsets lies in including parental access features in K-12 SIS solutions.

Key Features of Student Information System

Suitable student management software contains numerous features to help educational institutes easily manage their core operations. Here are some of the common features in the student information management system.

  1. Digitized Work: The main purpose of using a student database management system is to help institutions manage all their operations online. The system minimises paperwork in the student's enrollment procedure through online portal.
  2. Student Record Online: Tracking and maintaining performance the performance of every student manually leads to errors. However, a student information portal allows institutions to save all student details online, such as contact number, address, academic performance, and more, within the system.
  3. Convenient Fee Payment Option: Student data software allows students and parents to pay the institution fee online through the portal. Once the payment is completed, a confirmation message is sent to the registered email address or phone number.
  4. Constant Alerts and Notifications: The SIS system comes with a feature that helps schools and institutions to communicate with the staff and students in a better way. The management can instantly send notifications and messages regarding exams or any other event to students simply through the software.
  5. Online Registration: The student information system eases students' registration and admission procedure. They can easily enrol in a particular institution by simply registering themselves through its online student management system.
  6. Account Management Feature: With the account management feature, institutions can easily manage accounting and financial operations efficiently and promptly. The system helps institutions track the payments, generate receipts, and notify the students and staff members of any outstanding fee payments.
  7. Examination Schedule Option: One of the foremost features of SIS software is that it allows the teachers to provide examination schedules to the students. The teachers can easily update exam schedules, syllabus, timings, and other information on the system. This helps teachers and students easily access information on a centralised platform.

How Does a Student Information System Work?

The Student Information Software helps educational organisations perform management tasks more conveniently than they would have without the software.

From student enrollment to assessment, grades, attendance, and fee collection, these are only a few tasks that can be completed conveniently with student information software. Therefore a smarter way to perform multiple school operations in a short span and to maintain the institution's data accurately.

Why Use SIS Software?

Do you wonder whether you should implement a student information system or not? Here are some benefits of using student information management system for your educational institution that might help you decide.

  1. Boosts Work Efficiency: The SIS software eliminates the need for maintaining the records manually by storing them digitally, thereby increasing the data accuracy of the institution. It helps the administration to concentrate on the core activities of the institution.
  2. Better Communication: The software allows teachers, students, and parents to communicate smoothly. The schools can store all the vital data useful for students on the portal that everyone can access. This eliminates any communication issues between the administration and students.
  3. Streamlines all Business Operations: Managing multiple business operations separately is time-consuming. The student information system helps schools and educational institutions to streamline all their operations within SIS system.
  4. Minimizes Workload and Human Labour: Employing a workforce to manually maintain all records and school activities is costly for institutions. However, the SIS system reduces human labour as everything is done digitally on the SIS portal. Therefore, teachers and administration staff could spend more time on core school activities.
  5. Transparency: The SIS software helps maintain transparency among parents, teachers, and students. With the help of student information software, parents can easily track their children's performance periodically, helping them to measure their academic progress from time to time.
  6. Lower Chances of Data Theft: Good student information software allows educational institutions to digitally store all the essential information and data related to students and management. Therefore, it reduces the chances of data theft as the data is stored safely and remains confidential.
  7. Maintaining the Timetable Easily: One of the foremost benefits of using the SIS system is that it helps update and maintain the timetable, making it convenient for students to check their class schedules. Its user-friendly interface allows teachers to update the class timing per their schedule requirements.

Who Can Benefit from Student Information System?

The right student data software can prove to be beneficial for multiple academic institutions. It could meet the needs and requirements of various institutions with its smart features. The software has been developed to simplify many complex operational and management tasks of any institute working in the education industry.

  1. Higher Education colleges
  2. Private Schools and Institutions
  3. Any academy such as sports, dance, or singing
  4. Vocational Institutions
  5. K12 Schools
  6. Training or Coaching Institutions

Latest Trends Related to Student Information Management System

Here are some latest trends related to SIS software you might find on the internet.

  1. Cloud-Based Software: Most student information software has become cloud-based nowadays. The shift to cloud-based technology has increased data security and confidentiality, helping institutions keep their data and sensitive information safe.
  2. Mobile Applications: Many SIS software has started integrating mobile applications to help parents, teachers, and students access all the features simply from their smartphones.
  3. AI Based Software: Nowadays, SIS student information system has become integrated with artificial intelligence. This helps track and analyse the student's behaviour to improve their performance.

Examples of Student Information Systems

Do you want to buy suitable SIS system that suits your institution's requirements? Here is a list of some of the best SIMS student information management systems you can buy for your institution.

  1. Gradelink: The SIS software can help you save your time with features such as grades, lesson plans, communication tools, Google classroom integration, reports, and much more.
  2. Aspen: It is a cloud-based SIS software developed to record and manage student data. It can also store health databases, grades, assessments, syllabus, monetary management, etc.
  3. Campus Café: This student record management system is used primarily by institutions for inquiries. It can also help track, and review applications, check status, content management, reporting management, and auditing.
  4. EMPOWER SIS: This cloud-based SIS software caters to the unique requirements of various universities and colleges. It helps with recruitment, enrollment, billing, auditing, students' records, etc.
  5. EduWave: This SIS system fulfils the requirements of k12 institutions, universities, and colleges. It is known for systematically managing the institute's curriculum, students' data, faculty records, and more.
  6. Alma: Alma is a student information management system designed to meet the needs of academic institutions of varied sizes. It features attendance tracking, recruitment, enrollment, managing administration, etc.

10 Best Student Information Systems for Higher Education and Small Schools

Here is the list of best SIS software in India for higher education and small schools.

Top 10 SIS Software
SIS Software Price
openSIS Free
Gradelink Student Information System Price On Request
Powerschool Price On Request
Vidyalaya School ERP Price On Request
Academia ERP Price On Request
Skyward Student Management Price On Request
Focus SIS Price On Request
FACTS SIS Price On Request
AlmaSIS Price On Request
Aeries SIS Price On Request

Author: Kalpana Arya

Best Student Information System in 2023

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Vidyalaya School ERP

Vidyalaya School ERP

By Sapphire Software Solution

4.9 (403 reviews) Write a Review

Price On Request

Vidyalaya is an integrated school management software that is tailor-made to meet the needs of all the administrative s... Read More About Vidyalaya School ERP

Academia ERP

Academia ERP

By Serosoft Solutions

5.0 (1 reviews) Write a Review

Price On Request

Academia is a campus management Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software designed for colleges and universities. Thi... Read More About Academia ERP



By QuickSchools

Write a Review

Price On Request

QucikSchools is an online school management software that facilitates the working of both academic and non-academic st... Read More About QuickSchools




Write a Review

Price On Request

Powerschool is a complete Educational Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Educational Sof... Read More About Powerschool

The Student Information System (SIS) allows educational institutions to manage student information electronically. With this type of system in place, educational institutions can run more efficiently and Effectively.

SIS Software allows you to input student data, organize, analyze, and keep track of all student activities in one place and maintaining course information and grades is easy.

Student Information Systems are designed to manage, store securely, and track student-related data. This platform allows administrators to centralize and secure academic records so parents and students can access them.

You will find two types of student information software in the market, including k12 students' information system and Higher education information system.

Skyward Student Information

Skyward Student Information


Write a Review

Price On Request

Skyward Student Management is a complete Student Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies... Read More About Skyward Student Information



By Gradelink

Write a Review

Price On Request

Gradelink is a complete Student Management Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Student Ma... Read More About Gradelink


Alma SIS

Facts SIS






By Teachmint Technologies

4.9 (130 reviews) Write a Review

Price On Request

Teachmint is a smart learning management system, helping schools and individual educators transform their knowledge sha... Read More About Teachmint

Last Updated on : 01 Feb, 2023

What is SIS Software?

The student information system (SIS) stores and tracks all student information, including grades, attendance records, etc. Educational institutions, parents, and students use SIS software to access student information, make payments, and communicate with school functionaries.

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FAQs About Student Information System

The SIS software is meant to facilitate various day to day operations of academic institutions, including enrollment, tracking student's progress, auditing, etc.

Some essential components of the student management system comprise student progress management, attendance, gradebooks, reporting, administration management, classroom schedules, etc.

Educational institutions use SIS software to give teachers, students, and parents access to all relevant information about a student’s schooling.

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