Top 5 Best College ERP System in India

In India, there is a plethora of educational institutions who’ve got hundreds of lakhs of students enrolled in them. Educationists are always looking for ways to manage and efficiently take care of various activities related to their institutions.

This is where college ERP system steps in which helps take care of intricate and other essential functions needed to run an educational institution like a well-oiled machine. We have assessed the best college ERP system which you can find in the Indian market with you all.

List of Best College ERP System in India

1. Birlamedisoft Medical College Campus Management Software

One of the top-rated medical college management software that helps manage medical colleges and the hospitals attached to them. Birlamedisoft Medical College Campus Management Software ERP for college management provides a campus wide integrated system that automates and assimilates the diverse resources, operations and management of an educational institution. It comes embedded with several rich modules, such as:

  • Admission management
  • Fees management
  • Attendance management
  • Leave management
  • Exam management

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2. Swastin Cloud ERP – School & College

First of all, by using Swastin Cloud ERP, you can manage several different functions of an educational institution. Functions such as the various admission procedures, transportation system, conduct annual examinations, students’ progress report cards, create student ID cards. Also, educational institutions can maintain a record of daily attendance of students. Its key modules are:

  • Student records
  • Fees Collection
  • Route wise Transport charges
  • Birthday reminder
  • Fees concession
  • Fees dues
  • Defaulters list

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3. Rushda College Management Software

Boasting a highly integrated module structure, Rushda College Management Software is a unique college ERP software. It offers user defined password scheme enabling each college institution to customize its security features. Furthermore, you can generate reports at your convenience with its easy to use and intuitive interface. This  ERP system for college management is demanded for these wonderful features:

  • Registration management
  • Admission process
  • Fee & other dues
  • Payroll processing
  • Library management
  • Accounting & bookkeeping
  • Store Keeping
  • Transport management
  • Hostel administration
  • Scholarship detail

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4. Qualsoft eCollege

And we shouldn’t forget one of the India’s best college ERP software, Qualsoft eCollege since it has been designed and developed by a collegium of technical and management professionals. This ERP for college has been completed after numerous consultations with various college heads and educationists. Most of all, it offers several essential features, such as:

  • Fee management
  • Exams information
  • Admission form
  • Admission register

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5. Augurs College Management

Augurs College Management solution is counted among as one of the best college ERP software since it comes loaded with rich features like

  • Fee management
  • Library management
  • Attendance management
  • Payroll management
  • Hostel management
  • Store management
  • Accounting

We’ve gone over a few of the best college ERP software solutions that would truly help you run your colleges and educational institutions leading to efficient management of various pertaining to students, teachers and other staff.

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