7 Best College ERP Software in India 2024

7 Best College ERP Software in India 2024-feature image
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In India, there is a plethora of educational institutions who’ve got hundreds of lakhs of students enrolled in them. Educationists are always looking for ways to manage and efficiently take care of various activities related to their institutions.

This is where college ERP system steps in which helps take care of intricate and other essential functions needed to run an educational institution like a well-oiled machine. We have assessed the best college ERP system which you can find in the Indian market with you all.

What is a College ERP System?

A College ERP System is a type of software used for storing, managing, and analyzing data. It assists in streamlining operations and improving internal communications. Some features you get with a college ERP include fees management, attendance tracking, staff supervision, exams management, and so on.

Why Do You Need College ERP Software?

College ERP software can help manage everyday operations of your college. It is designed to help you run every operation of your college smoothly. Some other reasons to use college ERP system are:

  • Streamlines the student enrollment procedure
  • Helps manage online fee payments
  • Records and tracks students’ attendance
  • Streamlines communication with teachers and parents
  • Manages students and college data securely
  • Measures and evaluates students’ performance

Must Have Features in ERP for Colleges

College ERP comes with features like exam and staff management, attendance monitoring, etc., to streamline college operations. Some other must have features in ERP for colleges include:

  • Fees Management and Accounting: Managing students’ fees and accounting is a tiresome task for colleges. However, with this module, they can easily manage students’ fees and maintain track of all incomes and expenses.
  • Attendance Management: With this feature, you can track, monitor, and compile all student’s attendance in a single database. This will help you in finding the details of students who are falling short of attendance.
  • Timetable and Schedule Management: This is another important feature of college ERP where you can create and share timetables and schedules with teachers and students.
  • Library Management: The library management feature helps in maintaining the track of your college books. This will let you identify the student or teacher who has borrowed a book or whether they have returned on the due date or not.
  • Staff Management: Under this feature, you can track and manage all the activities related to the staff. These activities might include payroll management, staff attendance, class schedules, and so on. It will also let you know about the lectures allocated to a specific faculty member and the lectures delivered.
  • Exams Management: The college ERP system comes with the exam management feature to manage exams and conduct evaluations. It also lets you manage the exam schedule and keep question papers secure.
  • SMS WhatsApp or Email Alerts: College ERP software can be used to notify students, teachers, and parents about important announcements via SMS, email, or WhatsApp. The software can be configured to send notifications about low attendance, late fees, marks obtained, and so on.

List of Best College ERP System in India 2024

Best College ERP Software in India

ERP college management software integrates all possible features and functionalities to help modern-day educational setups leverage the power of technology. Let’s read about some of the best ERP software for colleges in detail.

  • Birlamedisoft Medical College Campus Management Software

One of the top-rated medical college management software that helps manage medical colleges and the hospitals attached to them. Birlamedisoft Medical College Campus Management Software ERP for college management provides a campus wide integrated system that automates and assimilates the diverse resources, operations and management of an educational institution.

It comes embedded with several rich modules, such as:

  • Admission management
  • Student fee instalments
  • Attendance tracking
  • Leave management
  • Examination management

Birlamedisoft Medical College Campus Management Software Pricing

Pricing details are available on request on its official website.

Birlamedisoft Medical College Campus Management Software Specifications

  • Free Trial: Available
  • Free Version: Available
  • Operating System: Windows

Pros and Cons of Birlamedisoft

  • You can also manage the schedule of your college staff with this software.
  • It also helps manage the score of your students.
  • It takes a lot of time to transport students’ data.
  • Swastin Cloud ERP – School & College

By using Swastin Cloud ERP, you can manage several different functions of an educational institution. Functions such as the various admission procedures, transportation system, conduct annual examinations, students’ progress report cards, create student ID cards. Also, educational institutions can maintain a record of daily attendance of students.

Modules of Swastin

  • Student academic records
  • Fees Collection & instalment payment reminders
  • Route wise transport management
  • Birthday SMS to students and parents
  • Fees dues tracking
  • Defaulters list creation

Swastin Cloud ERP Pricing

Swastin Cloud ERP pricing details are available on request on its official website

Specifications of Swastin Cloud ERP

  • Free Trial: Not available
  • Free Version: Not Available
  • Operating System: Windows, Android, and iOS

Pros and Cons of Swastin

  • It can be used for managing all the finances of your college
  • You can also keep track of student attendance with this ERP.
  • Limited options available to customize the software.
  • Rushda College Management Software

Boasting a highly integrated module structure, Rushda College Management Software is a unique college ERP software. This ERP college management system offers a user defined password scheme enabling each college institution to customize its security features. Furthermore, you can generate reports at your convenience with its easy to use and intuitive interface.

Features of Rushda College Management Software

  • Registration management
  • Admission process
  • Fee & other dues
  • Payroll processing
  • Library management
  • Accounting & bookkeeping
  • Store Keeping
  • Transport management
  • Hostel administration
  • Scholarship detail

Rushda College Management Software Pricing

Rushda College Management Software pricing details are available on request on its official website.

Specifications of Rushda College Management Software

  • Free Trial: Not available
  • Free Version: Not Available
  • Operating System: Cloud based and it supports all major operating systems

Pros and Cons of Rushda

  • The software is very easy to use and navigate.
  • The payroll processing of this college ERP is very quick.
  • Its data loading speed is very low.
  • Qualsoft eCollege

And we shouldn’t forget one of the India’s best college ERP software, Qualsoft eCollege since it has been designed and developed by a collegium of technical and management professionals. This ERP for college has been completed after numerous consultations with various college heads and educationists.

It helps create a learning ecosystem and promotes social learning. Leveraging the power of modern technology, it promotes learning through videos, audio and chat in virtual classrooms.

Features of Qualsoft eCollege

  • Fee management
  • Exams information
  • Admission form
  • Admission register
  • Prevents work duplication
  • Helps track fraud and malpractices
  • Reduced operating costs with a paperless structure
  • Ensures better communication between departments.

Qualsoft eCollege Pricing

Qualsoft eCollege pricing details are available on request at its official website.

Specifications of Qualsoft eCollege

  • Free Trial: Not available
  • Free Version: Not Available
  • Operating System: Cloud-based and supports all major operating systems

Pros and Cons of Qualsoft

  • It can also be used for managing the college inventory items.
  • The library module helps in maintaining the track of lost and borrowed books.
  • Users find it difficult to customize the software as per requirements.
  • Augurs College Management

EduAUG or Augurs College Management solution is counted among as one of the best college ERP software. This ERP college management system provides access to students’ academic and personal profiles and teachers’ profiles and ensures hassle-free information sharing.

It is also a great tool for managing HR and payroll functions and ensures clear communication between teachers, students and parents. Additionally, EduAUG helps with administrative functions like finance, payroll attendance and inventory management.

EduAUG Features

  • Fee management
  • Library management
  • Attendance management
  • Payroll management
  • Hostel management
  • Store management
  • Accounting

Pricing of Augurs College Management Solution

Augurs College Management solution pricing info is available on request on its website.

Augurs College Management solution Specifications

  • Free Trial: Not available
  • Free Version: Not Available
  • Operating System: Web based and supports all major operating systems

Pros and Cons of Augurs

  • It can also be used to manage the transportation data of any college
  • It can come in handy in tracking and managing college inventory
  • It takes time to track students’ attendance in real time
  • Sonet College ERP

Sonet College ERP software comes with 30 plus inbuilt modules to manage activities like fees & admission, examination, inventory, timetable, HR & payroll, and more.

The ERP software for college also provides an improved reporting system, which helps track the performance of different educational and non-educational processes. Also, you can export the reports in all popular formats, such as, .html, .pdf, .xls, .csv etc.

Sonet College ERP Software Provides Exhaustive Modules

  • Managing Admission forms & Document submission
  • Managing numerous academic batches & divisions
  • Maintaining students’ and Parents’ profiles
  • Assignment assessment & lesson plan module
  • Generating exam timetable and result analysis report

Sonet College ERP Pricing

The pricing of Sonet ERP software for college is available on request on its website.

Sonet College ERP Specifications

  • Free Trial: Not available
  • Free Version: Not Available
  • Operating System: Cloud-based and supports all major operating systems

Pros and Cons of Sonet

  • Sonet College ERP can also be used for managing students and teachers’ timetables.
  • You can also use it for vehicle routing.
  • It does not fetch the right data when generating students’ college IDs.
  • EduSys College ERP

EduSys college ERP software is designed to automate different administrative functions, such as vehicle tracking, attendance management, e-payment, online examination, certificate generation, etc.

This ERP for college is widely used in colleges, academics and coaching institutes to automate administrative and education responsibilities. It helps reduce operating costs by streamlining every activity at the end of parents, teachers, staff and students.

Benefits of EduSys College ERP for Academic Management

  • Curriculum & classroom management
  • Examination and grading
  • Placement & alumnus management
  • Admission & onboarding
  • Finance management in terms of fees, salary & expenses.

EduSys College ERP Pricing

You need to contact the website to know about the software pricing.

EduSys College ERP Specifications

  • Free Trial: Available
  • Free Version: Not Available
  • Operating System: It is web-based and can be used on any OS

Pros and Cons of EduSys

  • You can use the student fee collection module even in the offline mode.
  • It can also be used to maintain the record of college alumni.
  • Sharing important announcements with students in bulk may slow down the system.

Important Add-ons Every ERP for Colleges Must Have

In addition to these features, here are some important add ons that must be there in the ERP for colleges you are planning to buy.

  • Cloud Based Availability: To manage your school properly, you must be able to access all the features and modules from anywhere anytime. Therefore, it is better if your ERP system is cloud-based so that you can access it through the internet from anywhere and anytime.
  • Integration with Online Classroom Software: As more and more colleges are adopting online learning; it is important that the ERP software you are planning to buy for your college integrates with online classes software. This will help you in conducting classes online directly from the software.
  • Quizzes and Polls for Online Lectures: Keeping students engaged during lectures is important so that they do not lose interest in the class. The best way to do it is by generating quizzes and polls during the lecture. Hence, ERP for colleges lets you create quizzes and polls for students to make the class interesting and engaging.
  • Ticketing and Scoring System for Students’ Performance Tracking: Maintaining all the data related to students might be a tedious task. Therefore, college ERP software must be able to automate procedures like scoring and ticketing all students based on their performance.

Key Takeaways

College ERP software will help in automating several tedious and time-consuming tasks to make things easier for college management.

From admission management to library management and students’ performance monitoring, everything can be automated with the ERP for colleges. Before choosing any ERP, make sure it offers all the features required by your college administration.

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