Coaching Management Software

What is coaching institute management software?

Coaching software helps with effective communication between parents and faculty regarding a student’s performance. It automates routine processes in a coaching institute like attendance, syllabus and curriculum creation and documentation. It also helps with task management & other operational req. Read Buyer’s Guideimg

Top 5 Coaching Software in 2024

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Best Coaching Software

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Brand: TopologyPro Technologies Private Limited


4.9 out of 5

(32 user reviews)

InstitutePro is a cloud-based institute management and administrative software that has been specifically designed to manage colleges and schools. Further... Read More About InstitutePro img

₹100 Student/Yearly

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Brand: Bunch Microtechnologies


4.6 out of 5

(23 user reviews)

Classplus is India’s renowned B2B ed-tech startup designed to help teachers and the people associated with the content creation industry scale their onli... Read More About Classplus read review arrow

₹13,999 User/Year

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Brand: Geeklabs Software


4.6 out of 5

(5 user reviews)

Classpro is a Learning Management Software that is predominantly used by the coaching classes in India. It does a 360 degree round up work for your coachi... Read More About Classpro img

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Class Matrix

Class Matrix

Brand: Class Matrix


4.8 out of 5

(8 user reviews)

Class Matrix is a coaching and school management software for interactive classes, online exams, student CRM, practice tests, etc. It is specially designe... Read More About Class Matrix img

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Brand: Compugraphs

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Educare is a cloud-based School management software for all types of schools, colleges, training institutes and vocational centers. The software offers a... Read More About Educare img

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Kumudy Coaching/Institute Management Software

Kumudy Coaching/Institute Management Software

Brand: KUMUDY IT Solution

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Kumudy coaching/institute management software is for coaching and other educational institutes. It helps in automating a lot of non-academic activities th... Read More About Kumudy Coaching/Institute Management Software img

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NAMISITE My Coaching Online

NAMISITE My Coaching Online



4.5 out of 5

(0 user reviews)

... Read More About NAMISITE My Coaching Online img

₹6,500 /Lifetime

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Eduroan Institute Management software

Eduroan Institute Management software

Brand: Codaura

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Eduroan Institute Management software is a complete Coaching Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Coaching Software for Web-B... Read More About Eduroan Institute Management software img

Price On Request

Brand: Viha It solutions

Be the first to review is a complete Coaching Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Coaching Software for Web-Based has a simple inte... Read More About img

Price On Request

GiS Institute Management Software

GiS Institute Management Software

Brand: Global Intelligence Software Limited

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GiS Institute Management Software is a complete Coaching Software designed to serve Startups, SMBs, SMEs and Agencies. This Coaching Software for Web-Based... Read More About GiS Institute Management Software img

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Last Updated on : 01 Mar, 2024

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Best Coaching Software FAQ’s

Software questions,

You should look for a coaching management software which provides suitable features depending on whether you want to coach students, employees or sports players. The best coaching software for your institute should help in automating administrative tasks along with designing the personalized coaching curriculum.  

The best coaching institute management software that is popularly used for managing coaching classes, sports teams, employees training programs and more:  Classpro  Conduct Exam  Webedify  SchoolMate  Bizzflo  Bookible 

Coaching Software Reviews




“Best and standard solution for my school management especially admin, principal, and teachers roles, perfectly dressed as we were preferred. Good luck with future co...”

- Narendra Soni

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“The team is really helpful with solving our problems. The ease of creating & storing content/study material on the platform.”

- Ashish Vidyarthi

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“They suggested several good matches for the solution I was looking for and followed up. I will certainly use their service again. ”

- Surendra Charde

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Class Matrix


“The fact that it is appropriate for both elementary and secondary grades together is what I like the most.”

- shashank ganugupati

See all Class Matrix reviewsimg

Coaching Software Price List In India

Coaching Software Cost
Top Coaching Software Starting Price Rating
InstitutePro₹100.00 Student/Yearly4.9
Classplus₹13999.00 User/Year4.6
NAMISITE My Coaching Online₹6500.00 /Lifetime4.5

Buyer's Guide for Top Coaching Software

Found our list of Coaching Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

  • What is Coaching Management Software?
  • Features of best Coaching Class Management Software 
  • Benefits of Coaching Management Software
  • Types of Coaching Software 

What is Coaching Management Software?

Coaching software offers inbuilt functionalities for doing computerized assessment and evaluations, attendance tracking, generating performance reports, invoicing and online fee payment. The platform with its integrated coaching portal aids in inquiry management and parent-teacher communication. Coaching class management software further helps with class scheduling, curriculum creation and progress tracking.

Coaching management software has been designed to aid coaching institutes in organizing their information systems and digitizing the key management practices. The software has been crucial in helping coaching businesses conduct online classes and exams.

Features of best Coaching Class Management Software 

Coaching management software is a flexible tool for student, fees and information management. It is widely used by coaching institutes for: 

Inquiry management: The module helps manage bulk and single enquiries as well as feed information of students for maintaining data sheets and records. You don’t need to manually enter information as the feature automatically streamlines all processes related to student enquiries and admissions.

Financial summary & reports: Coaching management software helps eliminate errors associated with accounting and provides advanced financial management capabilities. The module also makes it easy to channelize the bill and payment collection processes. The best coaching management tools ar compliant with government regulations and is ideal for undertaking budget planning.

Faculty/student timetable: Create a timetable for students and teachers and let them access it. Accordingly, everyone can stick to the coaching institute's schedule. The feature can also be used for setting proxy periods and parents get full access to their ward's timetable.

Human resource management: Coaching management software is an all-in-one solution for handling processes like employee leaves, attendance, salary slips, compliance reports, holiday calendar and more.

Lesson planning: Lesson planning helps educators set weekly targets of what needs to be covered. The lesson planning feature of coaching class management software can be used by the educators for preparing lectures on specific topics and assigning them a set number of days for timely completion. You can also use this feature for tracking the progress in terms of the curriculum.

Parent & student dashboard: Coaching management software provides a simple and user-friendly dashboard for parents and teachers. Parents through this dashboard can check the performance and attendance of their ward. Students also can use the dashboard for tracking performance, curriculum status, timetable, etc.

Inventory management: Inventory management module is essential for keeping a track of the stock like books, uniforms and stationery in an institute. You can use coaching management software for creating a list of items procured from different vendors.

Asset tracking: You can track your assets in terms of their allocation and maintenance need. It also helps manage the depreciation value, asset status and their total value. Coaching management software also provides time and date wise history logs.

Video library of classroom sessions: Coaching software provides a video library where all recorded sessions and tutorials can be stored. The same can be used when taking up revision batches. The video uploading process is simple and videos can be categorized batch/topic/subject-wise.

Benefits of Coaching Management Software

Teaching online or conducting exams online, all is easy with a coaching management software. The other ways in which the software helps coaching institutes are:

Secured financial data: You can assign user rights to those who can access financial information within your organization. The software also helps record and analyse all types of financial data that is vital for your organization’s growth.

Managed inventory & assets: Purchases that you make for your inventory can be managed through coaching software. The platform also lets you create lists of assets and manage their maintenance. You get to manage the stock through item wise purchase summaries. The feature is also capable of handling book returns, late fine and other records.

Interactive video classroom: Coaching management software supports video integration for live interactive classes. Also, available is the option for recording such sessions and initiating live chats.

Better fee management: Managing fees with coaching management software is hassle-free as the software helps track fee instalments. Bulk discounts, scholarships and financial assistance too can be handled using coaching management software.

Reduced paperwork: All your coaching management processes will be automated, reducing the dependancy on paperwork. The software allows coaches and training staff to focus on their core competencies. It is also helpful in automating administrative tasks like enquiry management, feel collection and more.

Types of Coaching Software 

Coaching software is ideal for effective communication, classroom scheduling, performance tracking, feel collection, and more. Different types of coaching software are used in different setups, such as:

1. Sports Coaching Software

Sports software is a powerful tool in the hands of coaches for organizing their training activities. It is often used by elite sports teams for football, rugby, cricket and more. Sports coaching software helps track the performance of every player and assessing their strengths and weaknesses.

The sports coaching software helps with activities like:

Team selection- Information like player line-ups, timing and appearance is collated for selecting the best team.

Uploading videos- Uploading coaching videos is of great help for the players who can learn about different tactics anytime.

Squad register- This online register gives regular updates regarding a player's fitness status and the overall wellbeing.

2. Employee Coaching Software

Employee coaching software supports an intuitive interface and actionable insights for training employees. It helps in setting benchmarks like job performance, expectations and the current action plan. It is a great tool for supporting leaders and team leads to plan and track the learning of their team members.

Here is how you can use the software:

Administering assessments- Administering assessments and surveys to check the level of engagement of every team member.

2-way conversations- Actionable feedback and constructive criticism and encouraging employees to perform well.

Training plan- You can prepare personalized employee training plans with the software's AI-powered listings and recommendations.

Reporting tools- Employee coaching software provides reporting tools for measuring team insights, trends and progression.

3. Coaching Class Management Software

Coaching class management software is of great help to coaching and training institutes. It helps the staff in managing various administrative and teaching-related processes. The software helps in conducting live classes and tracking student information, assessment, attendance, etc. It also supports modules for effective lesson planning, parental communication, library management, fee receipts, inquiry resolution and more.

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