[Infographic] Membership Engagement – What’s the Top 2018 Goal?

Membership Engagement

Membership Engagement InfographicTop 2018 Goal - Increasing Member Engagement

Organisations goals and challenges in 2018

Increase new member acquisition

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Grow membership revenue

Increase member retention

Increase member satisfaction

Grow non-subscription fee income

Top 3 key major challenges

40% - Multiple databases and silos of information

36% - Inadequate membership management system and website integration

30% - Inadequate online member self-service options

1. The sector is measuring member engagement through open rates, click-throughs and website views but it is recognized that a more defined way of measurement is needed.

2. Organisations continue to have very mixed views about the performance of their CRM system and feel it prevents them from fully meeting members’ expectations

3. Just under two-thirds of organisations have integrated their website and membership database/CRM system though, once complete, many have been left underwhelmed

4. Four in ten organisations are likely to replace their CRM system over the next 12 months

5. 42% organisations would probably recommend their CRM system and the company that supplied it

6. Sector specific news and content – Most common feature of association and membership organisation websites

7. Most organisations offer self-service facilities such as updating personal information, member joining and e-newsletter registration

8. What members expect from websites:

· value driven experience

· interactive and engaging experience

· optimised online journey

· high level of self-service

9. 93% use an email marketing tool to remind members of the value of their membership and to provide tailored content

10. 77% use social media channels to share links to blogs and news featured on their website

11. 30% now employ a dedicated person to look after social media, up 6% on last year

12. 6 - 10% of members are engaging with social media


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