GreytHR HRMS: Software Review, Pricing & More

| March 27, 2018

updated on July 18, 2021 at 10:52 am

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For HR associates, managing the day to day workings of an organisation’s employees is a tough task. From payroll handling to attendance management, there are multiple segments to take care of and very little room for errors. In this scenario, moving over manual processes seems a viable option.

greythr software

The HRMS market has become competitive, with new players coming in and the bigwigs striving hard to retain their hold on customers. greytHR software, a cloud based HRMS, is one such system that promises to make people operations easier. Let’s see if it stays true to the promise!

Making Employee Lives Easier

greytHR is fairly comprehensive when it comes to HR functions. This app for HR departments can handle payroll functions, leaves and attendance management, and document and employee management, among others.

greythr software

It works great as an employee management tool which captures all employee data, manages employee lifecycle and maintains their complete work history. There are separate employee information management modules and communication modules, each contributes in making the overall process smoother. It also comes with a compatible Employee Self-Service (ESS) module which employees can use to access their data, apply for leaves, view employment report, etc. Functional managers can view their employee’s data anytime.

The system’s user interface and user experience are well thought-out and designed. It has visual tools and dashboards that provides for easier management and in-depth analytics.

Its employee management modules are fairly comprehensive and easy-to-navigate. One of the key advantages is that employees don’t need to approach the HR to resolve issues that can be solved quickly through ESS. That saves a lot of time for the HR.

A Fully Capable Payroll Module

Payroll is one of the best elements of greytHR. Its payroll processing module is easy and comprehensive. For first time users or those who want to review and verify data while processing payroll, there is a guided system in place which helps users manoeuvre around without much trouble.

greythr software

The module also provides extensive reconciliation tools which HR people can use to compare current and previous month’s payroll, and customise salary register and payroll statements as per the need. While the payroll module is statutory compliant, the software is designed for the global market. As a result, it’s integration with Indian tax laws and UPI needs a little more work.

The payroll function of greytHR is flexible and capable of handling an array of salary structures. It’s integration with leave management system and attendance management system makes the job a lot easier for payroll professionals. It’s certainly a time-saving and productivity enhancing software.

What Does It Cost?

greytHR pricing comes in four different plans: Bantam, Welter, Super and Cruiser, each applicable for up to 25 employees. Each additional employee is charged extra, which varies as per the plan. Bantam is the lowest plan (Rs 995/month) and includes core HR management, payroll and leave management. Welter charges Rs 1495/month and comes with ESS and all the features of Bantam. Super and Cruiser are priced at Rs 2495/month and 4995/month. They come with all the features of the Welter as well as attendance management, expense claim management and enterprise features (enterprise is only available with the Cruiser package).

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What Works?

  • greytHR provides end-to-end solutions for payroll, leave and HR management.
  • It’s simple to learn and use. It’s UX and UI are user-friendly.
  • It’s entirely cloud-based so no hardware installation required. Also, there’s no need to invest in servers.
  • greytHR has an automatic daily backup feature to keep data secure.
  • Multi-location organisations can benefit from centralized payroll processing.
  • Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal for better communication, standardised processes, faster turnaround time and transparency.
  • It comes with an employee portal app for mobile phones. Using the app, employees can apply and review leaves and claims, access income tax-related information, view payslips, apply for and approve or reject attendance regularisations and use the Help Desk to log in trouble tickets.

What Doesn’t Work?

  • Supports single language use (English)
  • More suited to SMEs and Agencies
  • Cost is higher, given the target customer base
  • Some could see the UX as too basic in terms of design

Final Thoughts

greytHR is a well thought out HRMS system for companies that need comprehensive payroll and ESS modules. It is scalable, cloud-hosted, mobile-integrated and feature-rich. The payroll module is its best feature and even clients vouch for that. For example, Kiran from a retail company had this to say about greytHR, “When we started up, we were not worried about paydays because of real bootstrapping. With the passage of time, as our company grew, the need for a payroll system arose.

We met a few consultants for registrations, got to know how complicated payroll is and the problems that occur if statutory provisions are not met. Today, my finance manager uses greytHR to manage payroll end-to-end. I would say it was a wise decision to buy greytHR and it’s worth buying. It’s a simple software and does not require much training to master the software. Trial period is enough to learn about its different features.”

If you’re looking for an HRMS tool that can ease payroll, attendance and employee functions, greytHR is a good solution to go with.


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