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Beehive HRMS Software
Beehive HRMS Software
Beehive HRMS Software
Beehive HRMS Software
Beehive HRMS Software
Beehive HRMS Software
Beehive HRMS Software
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Beehive HRMS Software

Sold by : Beehive Software


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About Beehive HRMS Software

What is Beehive HRMS Software?

Beehive HRMS provides you with human resource management software; that streamlines all your employee management workflows from recruitment to exit. Beehive HRMS handles organization data efficiently to optimize the growth of the organization. Beehive employee management software reveals the variability and optimizes the operations for the highest quality result.

Beehive HR software focuses on the holistic approach to keep human resources at the top of their game. The HR management software helps you manage your requirements through a unified platform. It optimizes your workflows by automating the routinely done tasks. It can be used as a strategic tool to enhance organizational processes by continually pushing you to stay ahead of the competition. 

Beehive HRMS serves several big companies in the world some are Reznext Global Services, Maccaferri, Faber-Castell, Bharat Serums & Vaccines, Cox & Kings travels, Nippon Express, among many others.

Beehive HRMS Software Features

Beehive improves organizational functions significantly by automating routine works. It also boosts productivity in several ways, here are few features listed below: 

  1. Recruitment Management: Beehive HRMS acknowledges the need for people with the required skills in order to fulfill organizational needs. It categorizes the process into four main methods, i.e. planning, forecasting, broadcasting of job openings on web portals, tactical recruitment, and sourcing. Beehive can be used to recruit the most skilled applicants for the organization.
  2. Employee Grooming: After recruitment, Beehive HRMS software focuses on the nourishment of employees. The human resource management software identifies and nurtures talent in a way that it benefits both employee and the organization equally. 
  3. Employee Management: Beehive enables employee engagement in the organization. It involves aligning the organization’s goals with the employee’s goals. Employee management also involves the happiness quotient of the workforce. Organizations that engage their employees in tactical exercises have seen higher employee productivity, and beehive provides you that.
  4. Easy Integration: Beehive HRMS software easily integrates with complex attendance recording machines such as biometrics, facial recognition or retina scanners. Along with that, this HRMS also integrates with office ERPs to improve workflows. 

Beehive HRMS Pricing

Beehive HRMS has flexible pricing that depends on organizational demands. Please request a call and our team will get in touch with you at the earliest.

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Beehive HRMS Software vs Qandle HRMS

Sold By : Beehive Software

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Beehive HRMS Software Features

Employees enjoy control over their work profiles and tasks. They can manage their work schedule and activities to optimize performance.
Effective management of employees' time and attendance. You can keep a tab on their check-in, check-out and break time.
Complete information related to employees is maintained online.
Performance is reviewed and appraisals are given after taking KRAs, KPIs and competencies into account.
Manage grievances of employees quickly irrespective of the fact those are trivial or critical. 
Approve leaves in a single click and get complete information on leaves taken including leave balance and history.
Submit manpower requisition request, integrate with job portals, schedule interviews, and provide feedback to candidate on his/her performance.
You can allocate resources to each project considering its details and track in real-time to know the status of project.
Payroll process is automated and payslip generation, salary calculation, tax calculation are done by software.
You can define the expenses employees are eligible to claim as per their  profile and designation. Get insights into expenses on individual basis, department wise and cost centre wise.
Employees can submit documents containing their personal details, expense claiming related proof, etc. online.
You can create any loan category and approve loan request as per defined criteria.
Define claim limit and employees eligibility criteria for claim. Employees can submit the required documents online for claim approval.
From recruitment to retirement, Beehive facilitates complete employee lifecycle management.
Both iOS and Android based mobile application is available.

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Beehive HRMS Software Specifications


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Beehive HRMS Software FAQs

A. Yes. Beehive HRMs can be integrated with different attendance recording devices to collect attendance data.
A. Beehive provides you with both cloud-based and on-premise HRMS software.
A. Yes. Beehive HRMS application is available for both Android and iOS operating system based smartphone.

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Beehive HRMS Software

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