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Evalbox is a free online test maker service, built to create and manage online exams (or paper exams). It is an easy to use online 24/7 testing service, trusted by thousands of worldwide professionals, which embeds advanced automatic grading tools. You just have to simply create quizzes using the random quiz maker (that will randomly pick up questions from your question banks), or manually selecting the ones that fits the most with your needs, and schedule your exams.

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About Evalbox

What we offer is a real online test maker software which answers many assessment scenarios & needs. A powerful training & assessment tool for education, a complete skill assessment system for corporations, an efficient pre-hire tests solution to screen and pre-select candidates for hiring firms and head hunters, a safe & reliable certification software for high stakes exams, diplomas and certifications.
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Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson

Business & Decision

Business & Decision

Isen & Decote

Isen & Decote



Feculte De Medicine

Feculte De Medicine

Features of Evalbox

Create and manage your question banks and your quizzes in evalbox. You can then decide at the last minute to run an online exam, a paper-based exam, or an hybrid one!

Collect filled-in exam sheets, and scan them. A common multifunction printer will be enough. Time for a coffee and… evalbox will automatically grade them!

Need a new 50 questions quiz? Use the random generation algorithm that will pick up questions from your question banks… 15 seconds… done.

Allow your students/trainees to access some of your custom quizzes in self-training mode. With flashcards or auto-evaluation modes, you’ve got a very efficient training tool!

It Allows an easy way to manage people: project team, real class with students, groups of candidates for a pre-hire test. Easy for skill assessment and follow-up.

the exam sheets are auto-archived in pdf format. Graded exam sheets (with correction) can be downloaded in one click.

Whenever you run an online exam or a paper-based exam, you can choose the same exam sheets for everyone, or if you want shuffled question & answers.

Time-out per question, behavior monitoring system to stop a “google search” during an exam, real time trainee/students monitoring, real time behavior reporting and alerts.

Grade Sheets are available through various Excel exports to allow coefficient / or calculation rules, and advanced views (per “tag” marks for example).

Students/Trainees receive their marks immediately after exam completion. But YOU decide whether to send them the graded/corrected sheets (or not).

You can add images to illustrate the question, or several others to illustrate possible answers. You can also add some videos!

Evalbox plans and pricing


Eval Box-Unlimited Usage

Rs. 199.00 ( Per Month )

  • Select a plan; with the number of students you manage annually; and build as many questions; MCQs; and exams that you need
  • Unlimited usage it the best choice for knowledge professionals who want to implement continuous assessment programs

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totally satisfied with the service


25th September, 2017

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  • Sorabh at Techjockey was very helpful in providing me with 4 suggested programs. Without his advice and suggestions we would have spent countless hours reviewing too many similar programs. He gave us a range, including very popular and not so well known. Based on some basic information and our criteria all 4 were possible candidates. He also gave us some information on evaluating both the software and the pricing structures. Great job, thanks!
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