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About Ways MCQ Online Exam Desktop Application

MCQ Online is a software for conducting paperless examinations. It has the potential to raise the knowledge of students at par with international standards. The software renders examination-work efficiently, transparently, instantly and economically for examination-conducting authorities like schools, colleges and universities.



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About Ways Software

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Administrator has the full rights for creating Question Bank. He/she can create Test as per the requirement, like creating Test of 50 Questions from selected chapters only which can be of 30 minutes duration. Admin can also decide whether to allow Negative Marking or not. 

  • Computer, on basis of random selection of questions, will set the question paper. Consequently, every candidate will get a different set of questions. This arrangement will eliminate chances of copy cases in examinations. 
  • The computer will set the question paper instantly (duration and number of questions can be predefined by an examiner) at the time of examination when the candidate will click start test button. Instant paper setting by computer at the time of starting of the exam will leave no chance of leaking of the question paper.
  • Although, every candidate will get a different set of MCQ, the difficulty level of question paper for each candidate will be the same for all candidates. To achieve this, while the database is being prepared, each MCQ will be labeled as level-1 (easy), level2 (medium) or level-3 (hard) question. At the time of conducting an examination, the examiner will specify, for example, 20 % level-1 questions, 60 % level-2 questions and 20 % level-3 questions. Thus while generating question paper, the computer will select, randomly, 20 easy questions, 60 medium questions and 20 hard questions from the database, for each candidate (for 100 questions) thus maintaining equal difficulty level for all candidates.
  • Question paper attended by each candidate from every computer in the network (LAN) will be reported back to a server for storage. In case of doubt (rechecking) any candidate will be able to see the question paper with his answers and marks obtained for individual questions. 

Storage of exam papers and other records related to examination are on the computer(and then on CD) so, it will be easy to preserve and maintain all records for future references. 

No answer books. Hence, it will save money in terms of millions of rupees (for example any university alone, spends around Rs. 1 crore on answer books each year). i.e. economically advantageous to the institute. Preventing loss of papers will also help in conserving trees i. e. the system is eco-friendly. 

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MCQ Online


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Holistic XII Vishleshan

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