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Ways MCQ Online Exam - Desktop Application

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MCQ ONLINE is a software for conducting paperless examinations. It has the potential to raise the knowledge of students at par with international standards. The software renders examination-work efficiently, transparently, instantly and economically for examination-conducting authorities like schools, colleges and universities.

Product Features:
  • Any full question or short note can be fragmented into a number of small MCQs
  • The administrator has the full rights for creating question bank like creating test questions and admin can also decide whether to allow negative marking or not.
  • Helps you set the question paper on the basis of random selection of questions so that every candidate will get a different set of questions.
  • Sets the question paper instantly (duration and number of questions can be predefined by the examiner) at the time of examination, when the candidate will click start test button.
  • Helps generate question paper randomly that includes 20 easy questions, 60 medium questions and 20 hard questions from the database, for each candidate (for 100 questions) thus maintaining equal difficulty level for all candidates.
  • By adjusting the percentage of easy, medium and hard questions, examiners can determine the mode of overall examination standard i.e. easy question paper, medium question paper or hard question paper.
  • At the end of an examination, results will be declared right after the exam ends (No procedure for paper checking, no delay in result declaration)
  • Question paper attended by each candidate from every computer in the network (LAN) will be reported back to the server for storage. In the case of doubt (rechecking) any candidate will be able to see the question paper with his answers and marks obtained for individual questions.
  • Provides sufficient database of MCQ from which the computer randomly selects the questions according to the syllabus (No chance of out-of-syllabus questions)
  • Storage of exam papers and other records related to examination are on the computer (and then on CD) so, it will be easier to preserve and maintain all records for future references.
  • No answer books. Hence, it will save money in terms of millions of rupees thus preventing loss of papers
  • The computer will carry out assessments. No examiner bias, no errors in paper checking, no chance of undue favours by examiners thus making the system transparent.
  • Due to the absence of paper setting and paper checking, frequent assessment i.e. test exams (as advocated by AICTE and UGC) will be possible, during each academic year.
  • Helps generate reports like class wise and student wise mark-statements, student wise history of exams given for checking their progress etc. This arrangement will make it possible to declare exam results without delay (same-day result) and errors.
  • The MCQ program have the additional facility to process marks and results in accordance with gracing rules of institutes
  • Provides practice to the students for appearing in higher examinations like GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, TSE, FPGEE, NAPLEX, BET and GATE etc.
  • Enhancement of knowledge of students by providing thorough trial tests
  • Helps upgrade and update the knowledge of teachers in concerned subject

About the Company:
Ways Software was founded in 1998 with the vision to enable viable, flexible and broad possibilities for businesses through technology. The company has been working on most of the horizontal and vertical solutions to satisfy general and industry specific requirements for software systems. A broad spectrum of products and services includes ready to use general software systems for personnel and small to medium sized enterprises and customized software systems for large enterprises.

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