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What is Eklavvya? Eklavvya is a cloud-based online examination management system for schools, training institutes, companies and single educators. The software can be used for making exam-related activities easy. These activities include making exam forms with question banks, scheduling test times, objective/ subjective question patterns and more. Institutes can conduct a wide variety of exams using Eklavvya, like the olympiad, basic semester exams, hiring evaluations, and more. The remote proctoring services offered by Eklavvya, eliminates unauthorized activities offering a secured exam environment. Organizations also get access to detailed result-driven analytics and can evaluate the performance of individuals in real-time. What are the different types of online assessments that can be conducted by Eklavvya? Aptitude test - The software can be used to conduct detailed aptitude tests of individuals to judge their time management skills, problem-solving, and analytical abilities. Academic exams- The AI-driven proctoring feature of Eklavvya help in conducting MCQ and objective tests. Educators can also accept answers in audio mode. Hiring assessment - The platform can be used to assess applicants in order to decide on their reliability, capability and potential, in relevance to the offered position. Companies can assess the personality, logical reasoning skills and leadership qualities of individual candidates. Competitive exam custom test- Eklavvya can be used to manage multiple steps related to competitive exams, downloading forms, registration, fee payment, exam center management, generation of hall tickets and analyzing results. Psychometric test- With Eklavvya, educational institutes and companies can conduct psychometric tests of students and new hires, to get detailed knowledge about the nature of the person apart from the skill sets or academic achievements possessed by them. Pricing of Eklavvya The pricing of Eklavvya assesment software is available on request. You can request a callback to get more information about the product. Our experts will get back to you at a convenient time. Benefits of Eklavvya Analysis- The software offers detailed analytical reports based on percentile, questions, performance levels of an individual batch, and more. All-rounder Solution- Eklavvya can be used to conduct academic exams, Olympiad exams, simplify the hiring process by evaluating the skills of an individual candidate besides facilitating training and assessment as well. Eklavvya is a cloud-based online examination management system for schools, training institutes, companies and single e... Read More About Eklavvya
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What is ePravesh? ePravesh is one of the best campus management software in India for online admission and fee collection, ePravesh is here for smacking up against the traditional paper-based admission process. e-Pravesh login makes the entire admission process paperless and efficient. It integrates with leading payment gateway and has a payment management system. the e-Pravesh portal has gained domain and process knowledge of critical processes like examination process, examination result processing, admission processes. It is the best app for competitive exams and fee collection software, digital admission process, seat allocation during centralized admission from college, digital fee collection, entrance exam management system, merit list generation, admission documents management. ePravesh online admission portal makes it easy to target students from around the globe. It provides ease of communication over email, SMS with prospective students. With ePravesh, there will be a reduction in resources required for the admission process. Now there will be a reduction in errors of application data analysis. It encourages a simplified online admission procedure. It is a great tool for Institutes leveraging or creating brand using tools such as online advertisement, advanced features including blogs, discussion forums etc. ePravesh Price in India: In case you wish to buy, you can avail the demo of ePravesh. Since we have discounts and offers running around the year, we, therefore, request you to kindly get in touch with us immediately through chat/ phone call/ email or request a call back to avail the best price and discount running at the moment. Our sales experts will be happy to help you make an informed decision. ePravesh Features: ePravesh portal is suitable for all small, medium and large educational institutes. This campus management software is used by organisations like SMEs, enterprise, educational institution, etc. ePravesh is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface that can integrate with the existent technology, and doesn’t require any special training to use. ePravesh is one of the best campus management software in India for online admission and fee collection, ePravesh is he... Read More About ePravesh
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Last Updated on : 21 Jun, 2021