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Assessment data reporting and the practice of data-driven decision making (DDDM) have always been at the core of eDoctrina.  Now, robust assessment-building capabilities have been added to the mix.

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About eDoctrina

In the fall of 2004, an administrator in Buffalo, N.Y. wanted a way for teachers to be able to quickly collect and report on assessment data.  At the time he could not find an affordable tool to do this so decided to create it, thus, eDoctrina was born. Since then, the software has evolved into a suite of web-based educational tools that include: standards-based lesson and unit planners, an assessment builder (for both online and traditional, paper-based assessments), a parent/student portal, several unique data reports, a Student goal tracking tool, a PBIS tool, online courses (SOLe), teacher professional development (PD30), a teacher observation module and Student Learning Objectives management tools.
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Features of eDoctrina Assessment and Data Reporting

Users have the option of creating paper-based or online assessments from scratch or simply generating an answer key to be used with an existing assessment. Either way, eDoctrina’s ease-of-use makes these processes simple. Create online formative assessments with animated gifs or even audio/video. Putting together a traditional, paper assessment? No problem. eDoctrina allows for multiple-choice and true/false questions as well as open-response items (essays, matching). And, our unique Passage Editor tool makes the creation of multiple questions that relate back to one diagram, map or writing passage a snap. eDoctrina users can pull assessment questions from a pre-populated bank or create their own. Every time a new question is written by a user, it is automatically entered into a school/district-specific item bank that grows as more folks use it.
These aren’t your grandparents’ “bubble sheets!” Every eDoctrina answer sheet is printed out by users after its corresponding assessment is built, meaning every answer sheet is unique and does not need to be purchased. Each downloads as a PDF and can be printed on any standard, black-and-white laser printer.
Our unique scanning process DOES NOT REQUIRE the purchase of additional equipment. We work with school and district staff members to turn your networked copy machines into scanners. Teachers just load their bubble sheets into the machine, press the “send” button and our team takes it from there. We are firmly committed to turning around assessment data as fast as possible. In fact, the foundation of eDoctrina, DDDM, requires data to be in the hands of educators as quickly as possible in order for them to properly target their instruction. While turnaround times vary due to system-wide use, data is available in a matter of hours, most often between 1-3 hours.
eDoctrina also supports online assessments which can be accessed using a PC, laptop, iPad, android tablet, smart-phone or a variety of other computing devices. The online assessment tool has been developed to be very student-friendly and is applauded by our customers for ease of use. Online assessments are assigned to students by their teacher and can be reassigned multiple times if desired. Online assessments can be used to deliver traditional classroom assessments, benchmarks or simply to deliver homework assignments. Our online assessments can deliver Technology Enhanced Items like those found on PARCC and Smarter Balanced Assessments.

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  • Assessment Building
  • Online Assessments
  • Paper-Based Assessments
  • WeBCAM / Mobile Phone Assessment-Grading
  • Copier Assessment-Grading
  • Performance Based Assessments
  • Data Reporting
  • RTI/MTSS Tracker
  • Student Forms

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eDoctrina Assessment and data reporting

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eDoctrina Assessment and Data Reporting Faqs

Below are some frequently asked questions for eDoctrina Assessment and Data Reporting

Q. How can eDoctrina help?

The beauty of eDoctrina lies in our data reporting. eDoctrina saves teachers time by eliminating hand correcting and allows them to teach more effectively by having data readily available to guide instruction. Administrators benefit from reporting that highlights progress at the district, building, grade, class and even individual student level. All students (K-12) will benefit from targeted instruction. Also, eDoctrina includes functionality based on Assessment for Learning (AFL) principles, allowing youths to become more engaged in the learning process.

Q. Will eDoctrina work at charter or private schools?

Absolutely. As long as a district has teachers and students, eDoctrina can help.

Q. Can I sign up for eDoctrina as an individual teacher or do I need my whole school and/or district to take part?

eDoctrina was designed to support teachers and administrators, and its benefits are best utilized when implemented at the school or district level. If your school/district is exploring a program to help manage curriculum for more than a single grade level/classroom we would be more than happy to set up a time to discuss how eDoctrina best fits your needs!

Q. Does eDoctrina include my state’s standards?

Yes! And if they are not, our team will work with you to make them so. Custom standard sets and skills — utilized by schools/districts with their own specific emphases — can also be created/uploaded.

Q. How does eDoctrina support Response to Intervention (RTI) practices?

Comprehensive reporting offers educators real-time snapshots of what’s happening in their classroom. Used with formative assessments, eDoctrina shines a bright light on successes and failures, allowing teachers to know exactly which students are falling behind and what subject material they are struggling with.

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